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  1. Please Say Fateha

    So is your sect which started the in the 18th century by you know whom..your whole sect is based on bidaah because you went against all Muslims before this time.
  2. Bomb Carnage At Karachi Prayers

    I 2nd that brother!!
  3. Bomb Carnage At Karachi Prayers

    Stickybackplastic..is it really idotic? read it again..get some knowledge then comeback and read it again and my other posts..$*^&%££ some foul stuff nearly came out but I hold back because I am a Muslim. These are my brothers who are very dear to me who have been killed/martyed..so dont come here on your high horse that you Kuffar have clean hands..first of all my finger would point to no other but you poeple because of what evil you are doing in the Muslim World today.
  4. Bomb Carnage At Karachi Prayers

    :D You are right brother Ozymandias, many are trying to cause problems/divisions..some call themsleves Muslims are also involved. I personally would not put this barbaric act past so called Muslims either..remember it was so called Muslims who commited one of the biggest treachous/evil acts against the family of our beloved Prophet Muhammed(pbuh). May Allah(swt) protect us from this kind fitna.
  5. :D Brother Musst Qalandar, where is this sword going to come from? we cant get our own houses in order, how is the sword going to help? First and foremost lets get back to actually practising Islam..then only then will be helped by Allah(swt), we are lost in this dunya bro..lost.
  6. Refuting Evolutionists

    Blind faith for people who you know..like blind faith in theories..I have dependable scripture the QURAN.
  7. :D Exaclty brother al-malabari. There are so many of us Muslims today..but how many are just called Muslims because of their name? Many of us love this World we love the dunya..new house, new car, more money these are our goals..and if you try to practice you are knocked back by either your own or are labelled extremists/terrorists by the non-Muslims. I was discussing the situation of us Muslims in the UK with some elders in my family...they came to this country to earn a better living (Money) to help their families in their home countries, but now after acheiving this we have lost our youth. Some non-Muslims once said "Let them come and earn their living here, we will give them money but in return we will take their youth"..this exactly what has happened..Ya Allah(swt) guide us and our youth to be on the straight Path, the Path of those You have blessed, not of those with anger on them, nor of the misguided..ameen.
  8. Refuting Evolutionists

    Eoin..you have not answered not one single question but just some wishy washy stuff that you are taught by liers and decievers ! lol..when was it proven to be a fact?..or is that what your brain believes it is? How come an orange did not grow out of your head? Evo's you use words to mess with peoples heads to create confusion..this is how your false proganda has been spread, why dont you simply just answer the question..you know exactly what life is. Something you might be lacking in! :D again you know exactly what this is but yet again try to create confusion..are you evo's taught this from a very early age? Can you also answer this but without the wishy washy crap..just straight talk please, I am sure you have the capacity to answer without creating confusion.
  9. Bomb Carnage At Karachi Prayers

    :D Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Rajiun. Walla'he it is a sad day for the Muslims today, the kuffar have attacked the back bone of Islaam, the Ahle Haq Ulema. They think by killing our Ulema they can silence the truth and lead us astray, how lost they are! When you venge war upon the friends of Allah azawajal, Allah will venge war on you assuredly! SubhanAllah my brothers in Islam were in the Salat of Maghrib , 12th rabiul-awwal , milad paak, some in the state of sajida, some in qayaam , some in rukoo..Ya Allah let death arive when I am in worship of you in such a state and in the gathering of those who praise our beloved Prophet Muhammed(PBUH)..ameen
  10. Bomb Carnage At Karachi Prayers

    :D Terrorists!!!! :- At least 47 people have died in a suspected suicide bombing at a ceremony to mark the anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad's birth in southern Pakistan. (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/4900402.stm"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/4900402.stm[/url]
  11. Refuting Evolutionists

    I wonder why my post which listed lots questions been ignored by the Evo's? hmm.. Anyway ok, lets for arguments sake say evolution did occur, we and billions of creatures evolved from a worm like creature. Can someone please explain were this first living cell came from? what caused it to mutate etc to form billions of creatures with perfect limbs/organs for their environment? Also where did the first seed come from for plants..which range from beautiful flowers to fruits to huge gigantic trees. Did this all happen by chance? what is chance? if it did then why have we not been able to reproduce in a controlled evironment, we can send man to the moon, even thinking about Mars, but we cannot produce a living cell from nothing, we cannot produce a seed which forms plants etc from nothing..WHY?
  12. An-nabi Sallu Alaih

    :D Here you go brother..a very beautiful voice this brother has..amazing:- (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_tv.minhaj(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/en/index.minhaj?mode=browse&id_per=56"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_tv.minhaj(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/en/index.minhaj?mode=browse&id_per=56[/url]
  13. Refuting Evolutionists

    Wow..it just amazes me how many on here believe a "theory" as being fact. We even get taught in school as this is FACT..when it is only a THEORY, they draw all these wonderfull imaginary images how man and billions of creatures on earth evolved from a worm like creature and then on top of being a theory, then there is chance. A chance????? what a great scientist basing LIFE of BILLIONS of creatures on chance..hmmmm. Some questions some of my friends and I have..maybe the genius chance based evolutionists can help me with..maybe some of them are directly related to the theory of evolution but hey if not so what? :D 1)How did plants evolve to be so structurally different from the Animals? 2)When and how did this differentiation occur? 3)If it was only coincidence that bought about life, isn’t coincidence real smart? 4)If the origins of life were so simple that in an uncontrolled environment like pre-life earth, the primordial soup gave rise too life, life can easily be created in the controlled environs of a Lab. How come, with all our technological advances, this hasn’t been done yet? 5)What about the different body organs? Let’s take just one bodily system – say the digestive system in a Human Being. It consists of multiple organs, muscle tissue, multiple processes, that must all happen in sequence. How could mere coincidence account for such a system??? What about all the other systems in a Human Body – Nervous, Reproductive, Excretory, Metabolic – just to name a few? 6)What about the various life processes in other animals? 7)How come only one animal developed an intellect? 8)How come this animal is physically the weakest? 9)How does a theory that propagates survival of the fittest account for the fact that the physically most weak animal today dominates the world?
  14. Danish Writer To Translate Koran

    Lee_Enfield, have you read the Quran? the English translated one? Because you bark alot of this and that about the Quran and what it teaches, have you actually read it? because as you say :- Then how the hell are over a billion Muslims living in peace, why are we not all like you say hate filled, violent etc because thats what the Quran teaches us hey??? if we were then you would not be here spouting hate filled crap. Actually why are you on this website..is to incite/mock etc?because by reading your posts thats exactly what you trying doing. If is to learn you got a really funny way of showing it!!! The Qualifications required to actually translate/interprete the meanings of the Arabic language are required to do this..has this Danish man got these??..thats like me saying well I will re-write maybe shakespear's books without having the quals in English.
  15. :D Brother Abu-Usaama not a bad article :D The one line that I have an issue, well not an issue but just some questions:- So why did the KSA..the Sauds invite the Kuffar (USA) to come and protect them from Saddam? did they not give them bases in their country to attack Muslims? I wonder why they have a rule different for the general masses and another for themseleves? where was the Scholars such as Bin baz etc why were there no fatwas regarding this? I wonder why we Muslims such as above have ignored Allah(swt) commands :- For the non-Muslims...well Allah(swt) says :-