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  1. Muslim Boy Name

    Salam All, I wanted to know if it's ok to name a boy 'Isaiah.' I know he isn't mentioned in the Quran, but we Muslims, do believe he was a Prophet. Sarah
  2. Need Duas

    Salam, Sorry for the late response, I hv been looking for a job and I desparately need one as I need to start sending my kids to school and etc but sending my kids to school is the most important thing right now. Please pray that I find a job very soon. I only got a call for one interview and I m still waiting to hear back from them. Jazak'Allah
  3. Need Duas

    Salam sisters and bros, Can I please request that everybody please take a moment and pray for me. InsA, Allah will reward you for your help. JazakAllah
  4. Dua

    Salamz brothers and sisters, Can you please pray for me and my husband as we really want to have kids. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sisters as this is very important to me and everytime I have asked for you guys to pray for me it has come true and i pray to God that this one does as well... Jazak'Allah Khair for all your duas. your sister in Islam, Sarah
  5. Accepting Lottery Winnings From A Third-party

    nope that won't do because the base is Haram its just like giving Charity after selling liquor...or after putting your money into the bank and getting riba on it and that money to charity...its like the source is haram.
  6. Islam in America

    Salam guyz, Man you guys make me feel old..I remember the good old MSA days...I guess since H. school gone no more MSA.........n I'm out of skool already :sl: not fair...datz true enjoy young age while it last.........newayz so um..I'm from Houston, Texas and itz like a DESI town here...btw over here its LIKE pplz are so diveresed within a muslim community....and ofcourse 90% of them are all about culture.....which is so not kool..even like your own muslim brothers and sisters think that its so unkool to wear Hijab and etc. They think its an embrassment...so u knw its really hard to acutally follow Islam unless you company is good and obviously you can't find good ccompany that easily because almost everybody is going on the same path. Most of my so called *friends* think its embrassing that I cover myself because they don't and some of the friend I have they wud pray 5 times but they go for clubbing and stuff and I was talkin to one of the gurls I knw and she go like I went clubbing to this arabic club last night and you shd have come because there were so many gurls who wore Hijab they were not dancing but sitting with their friends. I was acutally amazed at our society I duno where is this society going.....I don't wanna stereotype but mostly when a female wear Hiajb its liKE she prays and she doesn't sit or meet in those type of gatherings (atleast I wouldn't). I don't even want go to places where there are female but have music and dancing. INSHALLAH when I have kids there is going to be no culture in them........................ON Y Islam!
  7. Accepting Lottery Winnings From A Third-party

    salamz.. maybe u shd tell ur grandpa not to tell u that he won it from lottery ..lolz...btw seriously no clue...u can try and find your answere at Islamhelpline(contact admin if its a beneficial link)
  8. Parents Stopping My Firend

    keep telling him how beautiful and poefrect way of life Islam is...try to win him over again...if really believe and if Allah wills...it will happen for him..btw it might be your test as well so keep on trying and don't get frustrated...INSHALLAH..it will turn out for the best..do the best you can bro becauase converting somebody to Islam is not an opportunity we get everyday :sl: INSHALLAH you will bei n my prayers...I duno about involving parents and etc because you might not want to get into fight with his parents because just like you love your parents he/she must be his/her parents. So act paitenly..n keep on trying kepp on talkin about Islam...INSHALLAH it will happen :sl:
  9. Muslims In Western Society

    okay lets think about it this way........ If I'm in US ...I get to see so many ppl dress unappropriately (thats a sin ...if we take a 2nd look) but in SA its not like that because everybody is dressed decent they r covered...and etc...so we get to avoid those sins(n ofcourse I'm leaving countries like Pakistan....Egypt out of this because they mightbe considered Muslim countries but they don't follow Islam totally) Interest free things... Halal food (a lot of pplz eat McDonalds and etc here..even though its wrong) no drinking (did ya see a judge in SA sent 20 ppl to jail and ordered them some lashed because they were at a party were at a non-mahram gathereing and drinking... ofcourse the gatherings...they r more Islamic..as in segregated.. so I'm definitely for living in an Islamic environment...so hopefullllyy (by Allah's will)...I will move somebody...I really want to :sl:
  10. Everyone Is Made Of Plastic

    salamz, I remember going through that phase when I was in High Skool...I thought about the same stuff about if I'm dreaming...about this world.....or if everything has a meaning then why don't I know it ...and ..uptil this day sometimes it crosses my mind.............about things that happen around me ...I think what does this have to do with the world...why is this happening and etc ...so for me I think its NORMAL lolz...I just think that itz all Allah's plan and thats it I leave at that because if I get into it deep I knw its not gonna go newhere pretty.........n I don't want weird thoughts crossing my mind...(they have before when I young)..........so bro just pray and it doesn't matter what people think seriously because I have learned that most of the ppl r gonna talk one way or other![using large font size is not allowed]
  11. Culture Va. Religion

    salamz, ok this may sound funny but I acutally never came across the rules...so what are the rules btw I didnt get the rule you wrote............
  12. Remembering Our Wounded Part

  13. Culture Va. Religion

    salam guyz, ok so I 100% believe this........................ datz how I grew up.....kinda but Allhumdullilah i knw now atleast knw watz right n wrong n whatz the difference between religion n culture! (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetyoutube(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/watch?v=GT3ol-iuCGU"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetyoutube(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/watch?v=GT3ol-iuCGU[/url] Please chk this video ..this putz it in the best way out there...n u knw htis will really help teenages as he looks pretty young and you knw kids get more influence by younger ppl then older. salamz
  14. What Do I Do?

    Salamz sis, Make to ask your question in the websites mention above as those are best websites out there...........btw I tried searching for your question but I cudn't find anything online..INSHALLAH i will be asking my husband for his advice as I'm sure he knows about this matter much more then me. Also, maybe you can ask your local Imam..(if you want to)
  15. Please Remember Me In Your Prayers

    I shd expand my post a lil maybe...hehe since i got nothing to do rite now..ok so i LOVE my work environment n obv pplz don't get that all the time..but i really wanna be promoted as well....but the prob is im shy so i didnt say nething to my manager when some positions came up but eveyrbody who said it got it..so i was kinda of upset...because I think i do deserve it because I do all my work ahead of time n etc....so I just need some prayers because I believe if Allah wants it to happen it will I don't wanna request or ask somebody because I'm doing a good job at my work...u knw.......so INSHALLAH....watever is best for me either getta new job or get promoted INSHALLAH i'm hoping for one of them ..thanks