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  1. The Man We Love Most

    Well done with the presentation brother Aburafay. Jazakallah!
  2. Memories

    I suppose you can say that. It was a short flight but i tried my best to enjoy whatever i could despite the irritating engine noise and laborious manualy controls. I remember my instructor welcoming me to the flyers club. Felt awesome, really.
  3. Memories

    Salam. My best memory to date is when i took to the skies for the first time with a PT-6 piston engine aircraft. Got a picture too. Alhamdulillah.
  4. A Counter Boycott

    Like we care..... :-|
  5. Will You Donate Your Organs?

    No i would not. Blood donation is as far as i will go. Here is an excerpt of an appeal by a donor seeking patient : "I am a 57-year-old single woman with Polycystic Kidney Disease looking for a type "O" donor (positive or negative does not matter). I began getting sick at the age of 14. After being hospitalized every 3 months, my left kidney was removed at the age of 18. I have been living a generally healthy existence with one kidney since, but knew at some point in time, I would be facing transplantation. My kidney functioning has been recently declining and I ended up on the transplant list in October of 2004. I was hospitalized over the 2004 Christmas holiday with acute renal failure." So donating a kidney to save someone else can eventually be more or less detrimental to the donor.
  6. School Countdown

    I am amazed at how seriously you take your studies! Wish you all the best in your upcoming exam.
  7. My Eyes Are Tired...

    Asalamu alaikum, 1. Splash your eyes with water vigorously for 2-3 minutes. If you do wudhoo for the 5 daily prayers, then splashing is not necessary. Even then if you do so, theres no harm. 2. After every 2-3 hours close your eyes and apply pressure on them with both of your palms gently for 40 seconds. Then release. 3. Every so often blink continuously for 20 seconds. i.e 2 blinks/sec 4. Use a shield for your monitor (sorry dont know the exact name of that device).
  8. Looking Forward To?....

    :D Very excited and also worried. But i'll keep that to myself. :D
  9. Infrared Port

    :D Its doesn't cost much. About $15-16 dollars or cheaper if you dont want extension wires...Its worth it because if you view the pictures you've taken on the computer its much better that what you see on your mobile screen.
  10. Infrared Port

    You need a USB to IrDA Adapter (or IrDA wireless bridge). Its a small wire like device, one end of which you attach to any USB port on your computer, and the other end has a device which transmitts and receives Infrared signals. This end has to be positioned in line with the IrDA transmitter on your mobile (which may be a tiny red plastic portion of your phone).
  11. Wristwatches...

    You can use high sensitive microphones to talk and give commands and also speech-to-text converter so that you can "see" what the other person says. That way your hand wont need to be moved. Also, solar power would be an added advantange......
  12. 350 Bombs Explode In Bangladesh

    :D Its now an official Guiness record; most bombs to explode in a single day.
  13. Wristwatches...

    :D I always wear my one on my left hand. I love my watch. It's got a voice recorder and telephone index and its so simple and small one cant imagine its so sophisticated. Earlier i used to have a gps/remote control watch but it was stolen from a public place......oh well....
  14. Straight As

    :D Hats off my man! Job well done :D Keep up. :D
  15. Looking Good?

    :D Alhamdulillah as a normal person i do keep myself neat and tidy but never felt any pressure to be so. However, after being in the military, i know what the term "immaculate" means very well. And i admit it is a big pressure at times to very over smart looking, spick-and-span at all times and occassions. Sometimes it makes me wonder if the military is all about dressing up and stuff..... :D