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  1. Some Questions About The Pakistan Taliban

    Afghan Taliban ----> Real Taliban, getting their support from ISI ( no doubt ) and China ( a rough idea but huge possibility). Assistance by a group of Pakistani Taliban ( Haqqani group ) that worked very closely with ISI. Pakistani Taliban ---> there are number of groups, some backed by ISI (haqqani group ) dont have anything to do with bombings inside Pakistan, their main goal is to supply arms, men and technology to Afghna Taliban. Others, complicated , even they sometime kill each other for succession problems, enough evidence that they r funded and supported by Indian and American intelligence agencies.. The group in Swat, led by sepreate person than other led by hakimullah... And above all, Taliban from Afghan side always deny that they have anything to do with Pakistani taliban..
  2. (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetyoutube(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/watch?v=NVcaruLxLa4"]Response[/url]
  3. Afghan National Army: The Greatest Group Of Failures

    and american army is failing and dying like some wandering dogs because uts made up of ignorant, blood loving, rapists, terrorist pigs... The brave Taliban just sent u a gift today (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetkhaleejtimes(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/displayarticle.asp?xfile=data/international/2009/October/international_October1877.xml&section=international&col="]Bomb attacks in Afghan south kill 8 US troops [/url] and just to remind you, yesterday 14 americans died when 3 helicopters were down.. and you ignorant piece of mentality, afghans are known as the bravest people on earth you racist, if you eve read any history about how they kicked british and russians out, and now doing same with americans and nato... but after all you racist is a blind / ignorant blood loving terrorist, how can u see truth?
  4. Afghan National Army: The Greatest Group Of Failures

    ok this sick mind is also racist..... stupid facts of stupid mentality... mods?
  5. Afghan National Army: The Greatest Group Of Failures

    ok thats it? so you are a terrorist, any mod plz can you ban this blood loving terrorist sick mind calling for the deaths of all afghans... you sick coward blood loving terrorist... and just for your ignorant mind, the words of one of the american official... may be your ignorance and dark pathetic mentality see some light (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetcbsnews(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/stories/2009/10/27/politics/washingtonpost/main5424093.shtml"]U.S. Official Resigns over Afghan War[/url]
  6. Afghan National Army: The Greatest Group Of Failures

    foriegn jihadis? lol, Talian are 99% local Afghans... and these local afghans will be soon in power again as American and this american backed corrupt govt only bring corrption, collateral damage, increase in drugs production, human traficking of afghan poor girls to eastern europe and much more worse things... and above ( the most positive part ) all they are dying in more numbers after every year... Let m think again, army with state of the art weapons and belongs to only super power, and still losing it against some poor people living in mountains and fighting with 20 years old weapons? naaah, i dont belive this... but wait, what to do with all the news around?
  7. Obama In Trouble In Afghanistan

    It is definately a typing error.. but point is, Russia got defeat, and now its American turn.
  8. Obama In Trouble In Afghanistan

    Initially Obama planned to place additional 17 thousand troops with the Pakistani border to increase pressure on Pakistan and to increase cross border terrorist attacks on Pakistan using his terrorist army. But Thanks to the brave mujahideen of Afghanistan who turns the table around. The increasing attacks of Taliban in Kabul, and strong presence of Taliban around Kabul make pentagon to cancel what they planned and now they have to protect Kabul with these extra troops. Taliban are getting more and more powerful although Coalition increased their armed forces from 12000 to more than 70000 but shouting for MORE MORE MORE still continues. Taliban killed 70 coalition soldiers so far in the first quarter of year, highest record for a first quarter alhamdullilah. While the Mujahideen in Iraq are staying low, and most of them are now busy in Afghanistan... Muajhideen in Somalia and Afghanistan are becoming more and more stronger. The defeat is waiting for the Super power in Afghanistan... Long live Mujahideen of Afghanistan.
  9. The Event India

    Are you dumbo? Islamists kill their ownselves? did you even know what happened in Gujarat massacre? or you just wanna show here how ignorant you people are? You can see hindu mobs running in the city, burning muslims alive on different channels at that time.. and even the reports later find the MODI, the hindu minister backed that massacre.
  10. The Event India

    You really need something to cinvince? don't you have your own brain to think about this crap? They say that these people just arrived from a boat from Pakistan, and staright went to the locations and started killing.. Did you see that show that ran for 3 days? they know every single place of the bombay, someone who JUST arrived from Pakistan and standing in bombay (population of 2 crore)for the first time will do such actions with this control? and well, read latest reports. now they are blaming Bangladesh...
  11. The Event India

    Pakistanis, lol. This world is idiot, the masses are idiot, and one who believe in this crap is idiot. The attack may be funded by ISI, but if someone believe that the participants are pakistanis than He is Idiot, From Head to Toe is idiot, and nothing but Idiot.
  12. The Event India

    No way, My point is that out of 100 terrorist attacks in world today, 98 are backed by secret agency of one country or another. The Marriot bombing was done by RAW, Indian agency tried to create fear in forigners, foreign investment into Pakistan, they targeted Marriot. Pakistani ISI take their revenge today, showing a much powerful fearful show for two days, causing same affect for forigners in India, they hit their financial hub. Look at the coordination, Weapons, planning, show of power, their skills, These people killed some of the top police officials and Army personal... These are not some ordinary people who got fed up with their condition in India and picked up the gun. They were skilled, they were trained, they know how to hit, where to hit, how to display a show on media, how long to carry it, They controlled the show, And they Achieved what they want. A hit to financial hub of India, causing fear in foriegners to invest in India, showing this world how vulnerable and unsecure India is, and stop talking about that India will soon be a super power. That is what ISI wanted.
  13. Asalam Alikum, I started uploading my own videos on youtube on Iqbal's poetry, urdu speaking people can check on my channel you are not allowed to post links yetyoutube(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/iftikharalam . I feel that it is very important for all of us Pakistanis/Indians/Bangladeshis?/farsi speaking people to understand the vision and concept in Iqbal's poetry. He was the man of destiny and we need to understand his Vision. We really really need to....
  14. What You Should Except From Obama..

    It is not muslims, It is our kings, dictators, elected presidents after rigged elections who always turns to West, who sell their religion, who sell their people, who sell their sovegrinity.
  15. The Event India

    Indian RAW did Marriot Bombings in Pakistan, ISI takes revenge today.