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  1. A Letter From Michael Moore To Bush

    :D Good post! Needless to say, so sad, but so true. Do you think Bush read it? :D
  2. So What Do Yo All Think?

    Sure whoever worships Allah alone can enter Paradise, even he who commits adultery, but it's meant that the person who repents that sin and has the niah (intention) while repenting never to do it again, Allah is the Forgiver. But you can't repent and keep making the same mistakes over and over again. I mean if you ask Allah's forgiveness and you know that you you'll commit the same sin again, it kind of makes it null and void doesn't it. I think you'd be better off if your husband accepted Islam. It is forbidden for a Muslim woman to be married to a non-Muslim man, no matter how accepting he is of your religion. Allah make this clear and easy for you and bring your husband to Islam sister... Amien!
  3. Relatives In Islam.

    Ridiculing Allah is blasphemy and that is haram kabir, so I would definately ask this guy to keep his peace and I'd no longer have any associations with him. He is a "born" Muslim I gather, so it's not like he doesn't know the deen and he has chosen to leave it. Be strong in your deen and forget these ignorant people. They are worthless to you because they can't learn from you and you can't learn from them; Allah has closed their hearts.
  4. Looking After The Wife?

    Salaamualaikum A sister should have her own home (territory). No matter how sweet and pious a woman is, she is still a territorial being; it's natural in women to "nest" and it's almost impossible to do this in an extended family situation. Eventually it can cause stress with the mother-in-law or sister-in-law and no one wants that to happen. I agree with you brother, even a small one room apartment would be fine and it would give you the privacy that you both need.
  5. Looking After The Husband?

    I have a teenage daughter and she has had many proposals. She says she's not ready to marry yet and that she wants to finish her education. She could finish it while married but she is afraid of oppressing her husband if she did. Her reasons for continuing her education before marriage is that she wants to be able to take care of herself if something (Allah forbid) happened to her husband and he died or he divorced her. I think some girls are mature and ready to be married at a young age and some are not and each has her own independant reason, which should be respected.
  6. Nasheeds...

    I have to agree with you also brother. A woman's voice is awra, she should not be singing nashids in front of a mixed audience. Also, I see these men doing them on TV and I think they are starting to look like pop videos. I think if they are used to spread the word of Islam, maybe they will appeal to a non-Muslim audience and therefore draw them closer, but Quran recitation is so much more beautiful. I think we Muslims need to remember to have moderation in all things, it's ok to listen to nasheed, but it's much more important to listen to Quran.
  7. How Many Brothers...

    Brother please don't take offense because none is intended, but I can't agree with your reasoning, although you are entitled to your opinion. A friend of my accepted Islam after living with me for 3 months and she was very diligent. I was surprised and very happy with this new sister. A brother asked for her hand in marriage after she had been muslim only 7 months and then she continued to learn at his hand. It made their relationship a strong and happy one and he also got rewards for all he taught her. There are positive benefits and perhaps rewards of Jinnah for him ..... Salaamualaikum.
  8. Looking Good?

    "Cleanliness is from the faith" ... It's what the kids learn in kindergarten here and it's so true. I think cleanliness is so much more important than physical appearance. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, etc etc... But my friends always complain that I'm too clean :D and I make them look bad. Can't help it though, I always remember my mom yelling at us if thee was a dirty dish in the sink :D I don't worry much about looks, I keep myself and my home spotless and I have a nice heart (Inshallah) and I truly believe that beauty comes from the heart. I don't feel pressured, but I do want to present myself in a nice way. :D
  9. Why Learn Arabic?

    I chose number 2 because I think Quran recitation automatically falls in Islamic studies and becoming a scholar, you can't really do that without understanding Arabic I think.
  10. Tinted Car Windows?

    I think it's a good thing when we can have them like the sisters said; to ward off the glances and to be able to uncover our face. I think there are pros and cons like in any situation, but I'd have them in my car (if I had a car and could drive) :D
  11. What Would You Do

    What a sad situation. I truly believe that some people never change no matter how good a wife can be (or vice versa). So having your mother tell you that you should marry him and later you can change him could have a terrible result. Even though you're doubtful about marrying him you should still make istikarah. We should make istikarah for all things in life. It doesn't hurt and only takes a few minutes. I feel sorry for your situation but you don't have to accept. Allah make this easy for you and make it clear to your parents, amien.
  12. The Humor Of The Prophet (pbuh)

    :D This is so important. Thanks for the stories.
  13. Can’t Think Straight

    JazakAllah kheir for your edit Al Faqeer, I forgot to put blessings upon the RasulAllah (SAWS) Thank you Allah Hafiznah.
  14. Loosing Faith

    Sister be patient, we never know what Allah has in store for us and this may be a good thing for you, you just may not realize it yet. It is surely a test for you. "And he (Iblis - Satan) had no authority over them, except that We might test him who believes in the Hereafter from him who is in doubt about it. And your Lord is a Hafiz (Watchful) over everything. (All-Knower of everything i.e. He keeps records of every person as regards deeds, and then he will reward them accordingly). Surat 34 Saba' - Ayat 21 Be patient sister and you will reep your reward.
  15. Can’t Think Straight

    Sister, sometimes we are so hurt by what others have done and it seems that this pain will never go away but it does. Forgiveness is a great thing to be able to give. Sometimes it's hard, but eventually your heart will cleanse itself. Don't cut your family ties because it's a forbidden thing to do and surely Allah is testing you. I always remember the story of the martydom of Hamza r.a. When Hind went to take her shahada with the RasulAllah Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÓáã , he remembered what she had done, but here she was repenting and wanting to accept Islam. He had to accept her shahada. He did so but he could not look at her. He couldn't forget the terrible death of his uncle, but he forgave her for it. Pass your test sister (inshaAllah) and be forgiving and patient, it will make you a better person in your deen and also it will make your heart calmer.
  16. Can't Seem To Pray Jummah...

    I have to agree with the brother. Shaitan is really happy with you. Sister you can change yourself, I've seen so many people do it, and just by what you've written here shows that you really do want to change. Be strong and make your changes. Fight shaitan every step of the way and your heart will open again to Allah. I'll make duaa for you sister.
  17. Need Answer

    I wouldn't send my picture to anyone online. If he wants to marry her why doesn't he travel to her country and ask her family and do it in a proper way.
  18. The Tastiest Chicken

    I've found that Tandoori marinade for chicken is THE BEST to make chicken very, very tender. I have used it for years sometimes to actually make tandoori and sometimes just as a tenderizer. (You can wash the marinade off and use it in other recipes) I guess it must be the yogurt that does it. Especially if you leave the marinade on 24 hours (or even more).... have a try at it, it really is great.
  19. The Story Of Umar

    I remember this story and it was actually one of the first I read before accepting my Islam ..... Great reminder!
  20. An Unfortunate Slave

    :D Sorry brother, I wasn't trying to insult you. Allah give you rewards for your intention...........
  21. An Unfortunate Slave

    Salaamualaikum brother. Please be careful of "fairy tales", as said above. I have lived here in Makkah a long time and believe me there are many, many stories like the one you have stated, but so seldom are they true. I haven't heard this story here, but I will ask my friend, a sister that works in the Masjid Al Haram about it. You have to remember that Makkah inside the city limits is also considered Al Haram boundary, so even though the salat performed at the Holy Kaaba has great rewards, so does prayer in the boundaries of Al Haram. All masjids are houses of Allah. How would it be if all of them were empty? I think I would love to be able to pray every prayer at the House of Allah, but even I can't. Remember Allah knows all intentions and what is in all hearts. Allah irhamu wa ghirfilu.
  22. Salaamualaikum

    Hello my muslim brothers and sisters. I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Um Ahmad and I'm an American muslimah. I accepted my Islam 24 years ago (approx) and I have been living in Makkah for the past 15 years. I'm happy to join this forum and am hoping I can learn something more from all of you and perhaps someone can learn from me. Allah guide your paths and bless you all with knowledge. I'm looking forward to being a part of your forum. Thank you
  23. Mother In Law

    Believe me sister I have been in this situation 1000 fold. You have to leave it to Allah and do the best you can. Patience IS the key word here and I know it's a very difficult thing to be patient, but take my word, it will pay off in the long run and Allah will give you rewards that you never imagined!!! All I can suggest is that you don't burden your husband with details. He can see what's going on and I'm sure he is even more torn than you are. He needs his parents blessings but he also wants to make you happy. Be patient and be supporting of him without complaining too much. Allah knows what's best and this is a test of duniah for you ....... pass the test sister. I will make much duaa for you.
  24. Salaamualaikum

    Yes, I am very happy and blessed to know Kaneeza.