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  1. :D Perhaps most of you have already seen in TV or magazines some virtual environments and reconstructions made in 3D with the help of computers. I would like to know if it is permitted or Haraam to do that, for example, use 3D programs to make pictures of the sky, of the sea, of islands and of such things (without reconstructing anything that has a soul). :D
  2. Desperately Need Help

    Please, I don't know if this is a depression, I don't know what is this, I don't know if I should visit a doctor or something like that... I want those stupid thoughts and questions about death and everything out of my head. I couldn't even do things I like, that I would starting thinking what I was doing that for if I have to die? I know these are stupid questions, but Shaytan makes me ask them and it is so so bad... I feel so bad. I used to love my life so so much and now I think what is my life for? I don't know if I want to live or die, this is horrible. Please, I would like to hear all the advice from you, and I would like to ask you that you Pray for me, because I am needing this so so much. I am terribly afraid that one day I will lose my Faith, but even thinking about this makes me sick. I love God, He created me and without Him I would be nothing. Please... Please help me... :D Peace be upon all the believers in this Islamic Forum, Ehab Habeeb
  3. Desperately Need Help

    :D Peace to all the believers on this Islamic Forum, Once again I come here to ask for your help and Prayers... I am living again something like a storm inside me and I don't know how to deal with this, and this is why I come here again to ask for your help and Prayers. I am a Christian, I deeply believe in God and I hate so deeply the people who deny God's existence. There was a period of my life when I think that I didn't believe so much, but thanks God guided me again to the path of the believers, and increased my Faith so so much. Some time after I started learning about Islam and I saw how true are the teachings of Islam. I was so so close to revert, but I still didn't take that major step in my life. With all my Faith I was living the best times of my life. Recently something has been making me feel so bad and deeply depressed. I don't know from where these horrible thoughts came, but I have started thinking about death and I have started asking myself why am I living if one day I have to die. I have started asking myself so stupid and horrible questions such as what is my life, what is my life for, why do I want to have fun and do good things if one day I will die and forget everything, and such stupid questions. This is horrible. I think this can only be the Shaytan whispering such stupid questions and horrible thoughts in my head. I am a very influenciable person, and I was forced to study the works of the stupidiest of the atheists and to work with some who spent their time denying God (May God forgive me what I am writing). Perhaps they have influenced me, aided by the Shaytan. Even the word atheism makes me feel bad. I hate that word, I hate the atheists, even to think about them makes me sick. They make me sick, what they say makes me sick and even to think about that makes me feel so bad. I may be friends with one person, if I know that he is an atheist I only say "Good morning" and try to avoid talking to them. I cannot imagine how can they deny God, our Creator... They say about evolution, they say anyone can't deny that, but for myself I know that we couldn't come to be here where we are without being created by God. I can't believe we came to here by chance, that is not true. We must have been created by God, that is what I believe like all the believers. Even looking at the faces of the atheists make me feel bad if I know that person doesn't believe in God. I hate the atheistm, I love Faith and the Believers. I pray to God alone everyday. But I am afraid that this atheism catches me, I am terribly afraid of that. I believe in God, and in the Last Day, I believe in the Hereafter. But these stupid people deny that, and everyday I am forced to hearing the stupid things they say.
  4. Marriage Questions

    :D Thanks alot for your answers on my question. Regarding the second point, brother Aburafay... If I understood well, if the man reverts and the Christian woman does not revert, the marriage does not need to be disolved and they can continue married, right? The only case the marriage may be disolved is if the woman converts and the man does not, right? Thanks alot. :D
  5. Marriage Questions

    :D I would like to ask two questions about marriage in Islam. 1. Can a Muslim man marry a Christian woman? What does Islam say about marriages to Christian women? 2. If two Christian persons are married, and one of them (or both), but for example the husband, decide to embrace Islam, is there anything that happens to their marriage? Can they still keep married as they were? Is there anything that must be done after the conversion? Thanks alot. :D
  6. Music......................

    There is just one thing that I don't understand... If music and singing is Haraam, then why are there authenthic Ahadtih in Sahih Bukhari that narrate that Muhammed allowed musical instruments to be in his house and said to girls that were singing to keep singing but without the sentence that said that he knew what will happen tomorrow?
  7. Is Iblis A Jinn Or An Angel?

    :D Is Iblis a Jinn or an Angel? :D Ehab Habeeb
  8. Islam And The Zodiacal Signs

    :D I have always had the idea that the Zodiacal signs and things related to them were Haraam in Islam. But now I have read this verse from the Qur'an: 015.016 æóáóÞóÃú ÌóÚóáúäóÇ Ãöí ÇáÓóøãóÇÃö ÈõÑõæÌðÇ æóÒóíóøäóøÇåóÇ áöáäóøÇÙöÑöíäó 015.016 It is We Who have set out the zodiacal signs in the heavens, and made them fair-seeming to (all) beholders; Al-Qur'an, 015.016 (Al-Hijr [Al-Hijr, Stoneland, Rocky City]) So... does this mean that things related with zodiac like signs and other things are not Haraam? :D Ehab Habeeb
  9. :D I would like to know how does Islam explains the many sightings of Virgin Mary around the world. For example, here is a story about the sightings of Virgin Mary in Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt, in the 1960s. (www.)"http://touregypt/featurestories/vmary.htm"]Egypt's 1960s Remarkable Virgin Mary Sightings[/url]. Also, there are many other reports of these happenings all around the world. As you may know, Mary is one of the holiest persons of Christianity. I know that she is also a very blessed woman in Islam, but these sightings happen or happened mostly in non-Muslim countries, where Christianity is the most numerous religion. Of course there are also reports from Egypt, but anyway, I would like to know how does Islam explains these sightings. Thanks very much in advance. Ehab Habeeb
  10. The Judgement & The Meeraj

    :D I would like to ask a question about the way the Judgement will take place. It is said that God is above his Creation, and that He doesn't mix up with the Creation, although He is with us through hearing and seeing. My question is, if God doesn't mix up with the Creation, how will the Judgement take palce? Will we stand before God in the Day of Judgment? Will we see God on that Day? Will we be in His presence? Or will it be conducted in a way that God is not next to us? Also, when it is said that Muahmmed was taken to God's presence during the Meeraj, does this mean that Muhammed saw God in reality? Does this mean that he was in God's presence really? Does this mean that there was a "space" where Muhammed was taken to God's presence, or was this made "out of space" and "out of time"? :D
  11. Life In The Hereafter

    :D Is it possible that a Muslim is thrown in Hell to stay there forever? I mean, will any Muslim person be in Hell forever, or that person may be sent to there only for a few time and after that be sent to Heaven to stay there forever? Is it possible that any Muslim will be in Hell forever? Also, did Muhammed say through God's inspiration, or did God himself reveal any details about life in Heaven? Can we have an idea on how it will be? For example, can we know if will we have houses or palaces? Will we have friends? Can people in Heaven have children? Also, just a last question. After a person dies, where will the soul be taken to? Will the soul only be sent to Heaven or Hell after the Day of Judgement, or will the soul stay there or in similar places right after the moment of the death? :D
  12. Omnipresence

    :D In Christianity it is said that only God can be everywhere at the same time. No human being or other being can be at two different places at the same time. What about in Islam? Does Islam also teach that only God is omnipresent? Also, I have read that there is an angel in charge of finding and capturing the soul after it leaves the body at the time of death. Is it possible for this angel to be in two places at the same time too or there are more angels to make this task? I hope you get my point here! :D
  13. :D I would like to ask something to the male Muslim members of (www.)"http://google/search?q=Islamic+forum&sourceid=mozilla-search&start=0&start=0&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official"]Islamic Forum[/url]. I feel that I should have a Muslim friend or two with whom I could talk about Islam and hopefully learn many more things. So I would like to ask to the male Muslim members of (www.)"http://google/search?q=Islamic+forum&sourceid=mozilla-search&start=0&start=0&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official"]Islamic Forum[/url] that are interested in having me as a friend through MSN so that we can talk about Islam to PM me their MSN contact so that we can have talks about Islam. :D
  14. Free Will

    :D Thanks alot for the links you posted here. I will try to have a careful reading at them. :D
  15. Please Comment On These Anti-islamic Allegations

    :D amani and thanks alot for your answers and refutations of these anti-Islamic allegations. It is interesting that your answers and your refutations are exactly the ones I thought for myself. I thought exactly about this regarding this part of the anti-Islamic allegation. Again I thought exactly about this and this is so evident. There is just a point on your answer that I didn't understand very well. What do you mean by Can you please explain better what do you mean by this? :D