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  1. Shaytan's Name?

    :D how are you doing my brother, first of thank you for the info. Secondly, the second site you have linked up there is kind of strange. The one that speaks about Adam ( Alehee Al-Salam ). I brosed the site a bit and ...well, there is a section called "Question & Answers" and I was reading through it and found this... "Q. Is it permissible to cheat the taxman? A. This is not cheating in Islam. It is, rather, safeguarding one's haqq or property. This is permissible as long as one does not place oneself at risk and stand to be disgraced, for it is equally haraam to make a fool or a disgrace of yourself. Otherwise, 'cheating' or evading tax is allowed...." :D the rest of it is here: (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.intisaarul.netfirms(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/questions_&_answers.htm"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.intisaarul.netfirms(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/questions_&_answers.htm[/url] So just a heads up, becareful to what you send to others :D take care and Ramadan Kareem :D :D
  2. The Big Question

    :D thank you so much for the info, I believe you are correct. I live in Maryland, USA and it is said here that Ramanda will start on the October 4th & end on November 2nd :D There is a HUGE smile on my face right now, I just can't waite for it. Also I looooove the [ Ramadan Countdown] on the right of the screen... that is geniouse! :D Soum Makboul and Zamb Ma3'four :D Kul 3am Wa Antum Be 7'er everyone. :D
  3. Question About Marraige

    :D peace and greatings Big Red, inter faith marriage is accepted for the Male. A man can marry a christian or jewish woman. But a muslim woman can only marry a muslim man. The reason is, because in the Islamic faith, the religon is passed on by the Male. I hope that helped. :D ash
  4. "eloi, Eloi, Lema Sabachthani?"

    :D may peace be upon you all First of I would like to welcome you adiBOOM to the IF :D before I proceed I would like to say that I mean no disrespect, but I'm only trying to understand your prespective. with that your upove quote, it seems to me that Jesus (may peace be upon him), believed in God. So I'm not sure how christians get the idea of him actually being God. Also when you quoted that he was crusified out of love, he could have proved that he was 'God' if he would have empowered his followers to stop it from happening even if their numbers were little. Some christians also believe that Jesus (pbuh) IS Lord. According to my knowledge of christianity, wasn't he 'resurected' ? If so, wouldn't that mean that he 'Faked' his death? wouldn't that make him a liar? .. I turly do doubt that God is a liar, and I'm sure would you agree. So that leaves the question. Who resurected him? not a cermon, just my point of view my friend :D have a good day. :D
  5. Dubai Plans City Of 'wonders Of The World'

    :D I can also understand the rebuilding of the the ancient wanders that are not available any more. the modern ones, well.. maybe there trying to put ALL the wanders together at one place for people to see... but I think it would be better if they just stick to the ancient ones and then use the rest of the money to help out needy people, or build an orphanage. who the heck wants to play golf in the desert. I'm not really a big fan of the So-called-sport so I might be a bit biase. :D I just want to know how these people get these larg amounts of money, I mean I know Allah blesses who he pleases, and Al hamduliilah, he has pleased me with soo many things, but when it comes to money I'm constantly things of Good things that I can do with it. Maybe one day Inshaa Allah. :D I have heard of "the golbe" in which dubai is planning to construck little islands in its near by sea and the islands will very much resemble the contenets of the world. Hopefully I'm rich by then so I could buy the re-incarnation of Sudan. :D take care my friends! :D
  6. Help Pls

    :D not that I would know :D , but my mother sometimes uses such things. I think its only Haram if its Permanent, like tatooed eye brows or such things. Besides I think in Islam it is lawful for the woman to make her self pretty, espcially for her husband, and vice versa. I mean its Halal for men to wear 'kohul', its actually a sunna I believe. Of course Allah knows best, but no its not haram, shes good. :D hope I was able to help. :D
  7. Is There Any Male Muslim Interested?

    :D how are you bro, I would LOVE to have you as a friend, unfortionatly I'm not a MSN fan. but I am a (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.yahoo(contact admin if its a beneficial link)"]yahoo[/url] messenger fan, its really awesome. my id there is The7Craft. take care bro, and just like the brother said you could check the brothers room, its actually very cool. hope to see you there. :D
  8. Muslims Hate Jews And Christians !

    May peace be upon you bro. I'm glad you enjoyed it :D God willing, one day maybe we will be allies again. :D take care. Salam.
  9. When Did You Become More "religous"?

    :D This is a great thread by the way, ..when did I become more religouse, believe it or not, when I came to the US, but not right way, only a 2-3 years ago, and I still need to be a little more. Its seems odd dosen't it, but just the other day i was thinking about it, I'm orginally from Sudan, lived in Egypt for 6 years or so, and durring those time I never really Asked too much into religon, I prayed 5 times a day, gave to the poor, had good friends, didn't smoke. But in that atmosphere it just seemed normal, because the whole enviroment is in majority Muslims, we had Deen classes in school, we all spoke a common tounge. You see what I mean. Then I came to the US and like 2 years ago or so my American friend's from college saw me come out after a Friday prayer with the MSA Muslim Student Association, and thier jaw dropped!.. they came up to me after wards and said "your a muslim?". and i said "well, duh!" and they replyed "but you don't look or act like a muslim" so I responded "how is a muslim supposed to look and act?" they said "the ones we see here have beards, walk next to the wall and don't interact with anyone except other muslims, you on the other hand don't have a beard and constantly communicate with us" so I replied "am I a good friend to you?" and they said "yes, your always kind and generouse" and I said "That's excatly how a muslim is supposed to be"... so when they found out that their good ol friend is a muslim they started asking me all kinds of questions an I realized that I knew more than I thought I would, and I started researching the topics I didn't have answers for, and the more I do the more in love I fall with Islam and Allah and all the blessings he has bestowed upon us. So from that point one I would do my best to make it known that I'm a muslim, either in conversations or other wise, and I think that fact that people think that I'm approchable and easy to communicate with is a blessing from Allah, and Inshaa Allah he will guid me to use it wisely in the benefite of Islam. :D hope you enjoyed the read! :D :D
  10. :D I would like to remind us all with Allah's words "Wa assa an takrahu shaeun wa whowa khierun lakum", (and you may hate something and it is good for you). I agree with Noor:), we really shouldn't be making such comments, its is obviouse that the girl is mis-guided, since her father is an Athiest, then dosen't that mean that she's NOT a muslim!?, but thats not the point. True, all eyes are on her now, because she is Miss England, and as someone said before "our young muslim generation might think its okay for them to do the same thing" .. but you know what they will do first, they will ask thier parents "Mommy/Daddy can I be a muslim supermodel like her?" ... the parents will disagree and give them the correct reasons, now if it wasn't for that little girl to have seen Miss England, she wouldn't have thought of asking if it was okay. I'm sure that many young muslim girls will start asking and investigating if this is good or not, she has giving them something to search for, some more questions to be answered and I'm sure that is good thing. Instead of them drulling over Enrique Iglisiase, they will try to see if its okay to be a Muslim something. And Inshaa Allah that will lead them to good findings and bring up a stronger, knowledgable generation of Islam. You never know. :D Take care brothers and sisters and lets make dua for our Miss England and try to find ways to Help her, instead of Hate her. :D :D
  11. Hello! Bible About Islam!

    Salam ignatius, First the term brethern means; "the lay members of a male religious order" Second, there is nothing in the quran the indicates that the jews are 'enemies', and you are right, God would NOT raise up a prophet from an enemy's nation and ask his people to follow him. Which supports the argument that muslims are not enemies, I think if God has the power to create this whole universe and able to place us in it, he would pretty much know would like to be a prophete or not. :D just a thought! :D peace yo!
  12. Hello! Bible About Islam!

    Al salam Alikum, Peace and blessings be upon you all. I war reading your posts brother Ignatius, and I see you mentioned Surah 29:27. Which means you are referring to Surah Al-Ankabout (The Spider), Verse 27. Well, here it is Bism Allah Al-Rahman Al-Rahem " And We bestowed on him , Ishaque and Yaqoob, and ordained among his offspring Prophethood and the Book, and We granted him his reward in this world, and verily, in the Hereafter he is indeed among the righteous. " Sadaqa Allah Al-Azieem I'm assuming that you read Arabic, here is link to the Arabic version of this Surah (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.searchtruth(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/chapter_display.php?chapter=29&translator=1"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.searchtruth(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/chapter_display...29&translator=1[/url] Hope to hear back from you, take care brother :D
  13. In Search Of God

    welcom bel! here is site in which you could actually read the quran. www.searchtruth(contact admin if its a beneficial link) hope you enjoy it and come back again soon with what ever questions you need! I wish you the best of luck in your search.
  14. 3 Things!

    Al salam alikum, not a problem sis! any time! :D
  15. 3 Things!

    I have this little book that tells you of nice little prayers to say durring Salah. This one is mentioned, but I believe it was Abu Bakr Al Sedeek (Radia Allah anhu), and the prophet (Allehe Alsalat wa al salam) said that the angels 'CHEERED' upon hearing him say "Hamden Katheren Mubarak Feeh" sorry keepin the faith, you own us another factoied :D this is really cool. Great job everyone. Al salam alikum wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuh