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  1. Dr Zakir Naik Dvd's For Sale

    Salams, My freind recently got a whole load of copies of Dr Zakir Naiks DVDs. Some are 2 Dvds, some are single. They are DVD format too. Will ship anywhere to UK. Some of the DVDs are Similaries between Hindiusm & Islam, and others. I have 5 DVDs of his, selling them for £3 each. Will send them out first class delivery recorded inshallah. If interested, email me on mub33n[at]hotmail.co.uk Assalamu alaikum :sl:
  2. Some Islamic Books For Sale

    lol, how i wished i had 50+ posts. ANyways, here are the LINKs again: i37.tinypic<>com/2qtk7ip.jpg img03.picoodle<>com/img/img03/3/11/7/f_07112008650m_4886f83.jpg replace <> with dot.
  3. Edexcel A level Chemistry Past Papers

    all chem papers: ######<>megaupload<>com/?d=0WB5A3A4 replace <> with dot :sl:
  4. Edexcel A level Chemistry Past Papers

    I have all the excel papers, modules 1-6, from 1995 to 2007 including specimen. currently uploading at the moment
  5. Car System For Sale -brand New,plays Everything Listed Below

    ah this 50 posts and more is becoming annoying lol: PICTURE img01.picoodle[dot]com/img/img01/3/1[1/7/f_07112008643m_8a8cd01.jpg
  6. Got a car system, brand new, was originally going to put it into my car but ended up with a new car that has a double din system in there :sl: Anyways, this car system comes with a remote and the wiring. All sealed, only thing opened is the car stereo for taking picture. It plays all the following:mp3,mp4,dvd,vcd,USB,DVDRW,CDR,CDRW,DVD+R DVD-R,USB,Aux Ipod Has USB mode so all mp3 audio or mp4 video you got on ur usb, it will play it. PICTURE img01.picoodle(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/img/img01/3/11/7/f_07112008643m_8a8cd01.jpg (add h t t p at the beginning of it) £120 ONO. This is regular UK spec, no cow boy stuff lol :sl:
  7. Some Islamic Books For Sale

    Pictures of the Books and CDS i will be sending out: i37.tinypic(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/2qtk7ip.jpg img03.picoodle(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/img/img03/3/11/7/f_07112008650m_4886f83.jpg just stick the h t t p infront of each link :sl:
  8. Some Islamic Books For Sale

    Salams brothers and Sisters, here are some books i am selling :sl: Ibn Taymeeyahs ESSAY on "The Jinn(DEMON)" - £4 Al Mahdi & the End of Time - Muhammad Ibn Izzat + Muhammmad Arif - £5 GCSE Islam - The Do It yourself guide (this book is generally great for people who have recently converted) - £9 A Guide to Prayer In Islam (not in good condition - rare book) - M.A.K Saqib - £3 Tajweed For Beginners - £3 The Journey of the SOUL - Dr Suhaib Hasan - £2 Short Islamic Stories - Haifz Muhammad Ismail - £2 Quranic Concept of Miracles by Prof Dr. Bashir Ahmad Siddiqi - £2 The Perfect Prayer - By Dr Musharaf Hussain - £3 Music Exposed by Siran Lambat(rear) - £4 The Day of Rising by Laila Mabruk - £5 Picture of the books: you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_i37.tinypic(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/2qtk7ip.jpg End Note: For every Book that is sold, i will be throwing in a Holy Quran MP3 CD with english translation(or urdu if you wish), and a Salah DVD that me and 2 other members compiled and made from stratch on how to pray Salah. you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_i37.tinypic(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/2qtk7ip.jpg (pic) If you are interested, but you dont hear from me, please send an email to mub33n[at]hotmail.co.uk. I
  9. N95 Black For Sale On Ebay

    /[##][/##]/[##][/##] Salams bro, Its not the 8gb. Its the normal N95 that had its whole fascia replaced with the black one. Anyways, this item got sold within a day, got sold for £170 :sl:
  10. N95 Black For Sale On Ebay

    cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220306906292 Item number: 220306906292 item relisted due to ebay technical difficulty.
  11. N95 Black For Sale On Ebay

    Ok, i dont have over 50 posts. The Item number is "220305957878". Simply copy and paste it into the search :sl:
  12. N95 Black For Sale On Ebay

    Just posting my old mobile on ebay if any one is interested in bidding. Great condition, but could do with a better casing, thats about it. No faults :sl: you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...bayphotohosting
  13. [wanted] Any Weekend Job

    Salams brothers and sisters, I have practically applied almost everywhere in birmingham and have no job opportunities what so ever. Im still a student, but am a very dedicated worker. Would love to work full time 3 days a week(friday,saturday,sunday) even as a receptionist. Im in need of a job because ive started to feel bad that im relying too much on parents. I have had work experiance in 2 places, and will submit my CV via email or however way you want it. I have great skills in graphics, infact, im awesome in pretty much all of the computer department. I have a clean car, no criminal convictions, none smoker, and have all round skills in every department. My CV will inshalah prove thing. If you are in need of my CV, then please email me on mub33n[at]hotmail.co.uk (CV consists valuable info such as adress and phone number). Jazakallah
  14. Question - Iblis A "fallen Angel"?

    Ah ok. Was he a Jin made of fire or made of light? (Just need as much of attention to detail on this topic for my course :sl: ) Thanks for all the replies tho :sl:
  15. Question - Iblis A "fallen Angel"?

    So wait? Iblis was originally a jin with taqwa, not an angel?