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  1. Infrared Port

    Asalahmo Alaikum, Sorry i have not read all the replys however the sonys must be blue tooth... The blue tooth dogle is about £10 here so must be around and not much more than that where you are. It works the same way and if you need further infomation please do a "(www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.google(contact admin if its a beneficial link)"]google[/url]" .
  2. When Did You Become More "religous"?

    MashahAllah, Nice to see its rubbing off on them... BTW i would of thought it would be the other way round. As for me well i'm lets just say a am studying "Islam".
  3. Ebay

    wrong section. should be in computer section. I will answer it then too. :D
  4. So How Do You Word Fake "gods" And Beliefs

    (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.summit(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/resource/essay/show_essay.php?essay_id=29"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.summit(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/resource/essay/show_...php?essay_id=29[/url] try this.
  5. Where Would You Like To Live In The Uk?

    Asalahmo Alaikum. Lived in Bradford untill i was 16 bought my own pad ( rented) in Leeds. Went to unit there met a woman married her finished uni and moved to Harrogate.
  6. Which Madhab Do You Follow?

    Asalahmo Alaikum, Deoband here
  7. What's Your Internet Connection?

    4 Meg with Telewest. uk IP
  8. Weed Chars Etc

    Asalahmo Alaikum, With respect... Why get high anyway? whats good about sitting in a corner and being stoned? If thats what you call being high then i would rather stay with both feet firmley on the ground also: 1: Why waste your money which you will be held acountable for InshahAllah. 2: You will be in a state of intoxication do you understand what that means? 3: The money could be used in far better ways. 4: Can you afford to spend so much money on non essential items and your fellow bretheren are starving?
  9. Free Ipods

    how about a free wrist watch if you join the "reserves".
  10. Al Qaeda Claims Responsibility For London

    Muslim, sorry could not edit my post.
  11. Al Qaeda Claims Responsibility For London

    May Allah Have mercy on us all. May Allah guide us all. Its very sad to see a waste of a life. The Killing of a musil or no muslim alike is very sad. The words of the dear brother are very true. Its very sad to hear this brother had alledgely had to resort to killing so many innocent people. The brother was well educated and well informed from what i make out from the media. Such a waste of life.
  12. Curious Non-muslim

    Welcome to the forum mate. I have a few questions on tactical weapons too. Could you tell me which weapons you used etc. I will if and when the times comes ask you the above questions. Please feel free to sit back and relax. Serving in Iraq is not easy when your Govt is hell bent of killings its citizens . Anyway glad your well and in good health.
  13. Assalam O Alekum

    Asalahmo Alaikum, Welcome to the forum...
  14. This Is A Cry For Help

  15. New Member

    i'm not one to start a thread but the symbol on the left Medallion etc why is the male and female one the same? i'm aware that its pointing up and down however the female one is incorrect? Anyone care to correct me or enlighten me :D i'm sure its arrow for male ( pointing pwards) and pointing downwards its a cross