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  1. Ehsan

    Assalamu'Alikum, Well This is Brother Ehsan. I did have another account on this site...However i have asked Brother Dot to delete that account, Insha'Allah. You might guess who i am...Its pretty easy! Anyways THIS is the new me Insha'Allah.... Ehsan: Balance, Justice, Compassion, Love, Nobility, Islamic Professionalism, Perfection in Actions and Character. Fee Amanillah, Wa'Salam.
  2. So Bitter And Resentful!

    Why can't all sisters be perfect?
  3. "no! I Am Not African" Said A North African

    Assalamu'Alikum, Lol..this is interesting. I know what you mean though ukthi...its just one of those things...I doubt there is an actual answer to your question? Allahu'Alom. Fee Amanillah, Wa'Salam.
  4. So Bitter And Resentful!

    Assalamu'Alikum, Looks like i will never be able to get married then. Ohh well. Anyways...Ukthi the practising brother would hope piety would be on the agenda when a sister looks at him for marriage, Allahu'Alom. Wa'Salam.
  5. Female Imam In The Uk

    Assalamu'Alikum, Are you kidding me? I have to sya that so many people are very young on this iste and are speaking without knowledge or reasearch on what Islam says on this matter. Instead it looks like people are just making their own judgements. Our Prophet(SWS) said in an authentic Hadith that there will come a time where people will take their knowledge from the people who have now knowledge...Like the Femininst movement or worse. Allahu'Alom if this is that time. Fee Amanillah, Wa'Salam.
  6. Introducing Islam In My School

    Hey Tony...or Mr McLean. I am also a teacher, do you have internet connection in your room? There is this flash presentation where one can use to demonstarte the prayers(Salaat)...this might be useful? I am unsure about the Shahada....i doubt anyone records this? If you would like...i have Video Clips of Docu on my PC....Docu's like, "A muslim in the Family", "A muslim in Taxas" and also a few others. If you are interested let me know, and i will try to send it over by post? If that ok with you? Take Care. Peace Out.
  7. Mobile Phones

    Assalamu'Alikum, If anyone wants to unlcok their mobile phones(ONLY nokia) then give me a PM and insha'Allah i will reveal how to do this on your own for FREEEEEEEEE!!! Also...i was in the "Mobile Industry" so if you need any help pls ask...insha'Allah i will try to help...but might take a while now, due to work! Fee Amanillah, Wa'Salam.
  8. Notebook

    Assalamu'Alikum, So you want to pay just for the P&P...and not the actual notebook? Fee Amanillah, Wa'Salam.
  9. Insects & Their Faces

    Assalamu'Alikum, Lolz...Masha'Allah...you people have so much time on your hands going around trying to find insects to look at their faces!! Lolz...I wish i had that time....feel sooooooooooooo busy these days! Fee Amanillah, Wa'Salam.
  10. Assalamu'Alikum, Just two things. I know the naswer too both however i just need some proof to them Insha'Allah. 1) I know there exsists a hadith stating we should not raise our hands when the Imam does the Dua part of the Khutbah on Fridays, can someone please give me the exact hadith? 2) From my knowledge of what other sheikhs have said, there is NO fixed sunna(off four) before the 2 Fard Jummah Rakkats. Can someone find a Fatwa for or againts this insha'Allah? ....Accidently pressed enter and i can't edit. Just wanted to say there is no Hadith for the second question...that says we have to pray 4 rakkat of sunnah before the 2 Fard prayers for JUMMAH. Fee Amanillah, Wa'Salam.
  11. Two Things (jummah Questions)....

    Assalamu'Alikum, Akhs you are saying the opposite in terms of 4 Rakkat before the Friday prayers? Also, i was not speaking of group dua....but when in THE KHUTBAh the imam makes a dua...i read a hadith that states one shouldn't raise their hands? Fee Amanillah, Wa'salam.
  12. Does This Sound Weird....

    Assalamu'Alikum, I know what you mean akhie...everytime i pass a church it freaks me out...it looks so dull and life less too...specially at night! Fee Amanillah, Wa'Salam.
  13. Maryam Squad Is Here , No More Obscenity

    Assalamu'Alikum, Actually my sister in Islam there is a hadith where our prophet(SWS) said that there are 3 kinds of people who are hypocrits. One of those is the one that gets angry and makes a angry face when speaking about something which they disagree on. Alhumdullilah this "squad" not only show their anger publicly but their actions are, to my knowledge, against this sunnah. Also the last time i posted on this topic, i heard a sheikh speaking on this matter(on the hadith not about the maryam squad) and it just reinforced my opinion on this. Fee Amanillah, Wa'Salam.
  14. Salam Aleikom

    Assalamu'Alikum, You take 3 seconds saying "Assalamu'Alikum?" Wa'Salam.
  15. Maryam Squad Is Here , No More Obscenity

    Assalamu'Alikum, Suban'Allah this is a very interesting post. I dont agree with these women...They might have the right Intentions but their actions are out of the Sunnah. Our prophet(SWS) never hurt a soul when conveying Islam to them(except during war). If they go around spraying non hjbaby sisters...Auzubillah....Its just so violent and their is no compulsion in Islam. Also, Thats a strange statement too...If it means what it says ...then they should be reminded of the hadith that states anyone who Makes, Sells, Buys and Drinks alchol is a sinner...and they ahve a sevear punishment waiting for them! Though this statement is from the BBC...and i can not verify it....I can however see it happening if women who do wear veils behave like this. Fee Amanillah, Wa'Salam.
  16. Looking After The Wife?

    Assalamu'Alikum, Ukthi i agree with both your statements, what i am saying is not everyone is the same...some do have the dreams of living togther for a while...Allahu'Alom. Wa'Salam.
  17. Looking After The Wife?

    Assalamu'Alikum, Masha'Allah it is good that you think of you parents as you also think of your wife's needs...aswell as your own. I do understand what you are saying and i fully agree with you. However, sometimes a sister may want some company(like your parents and sisters)...when you are out the house, one does like to be able to have some sort of communication with others...it is better she has communications with family rather then strangers(next door neighbours and so forth). So ideally i wouldn;t move houses straight away...as long as Allah(SWT) has not blessed us with a baby...then i would possibly stay(unless things got heated!). Allahu'Alom...but i would like to move out too...but it also depends on what my wife wants, Inhsa'Allah. Fee Amanillah, Wa'Salam.
  18. Nero

    Assalamu'Alikum, NERO does have a lot of compatibilty issues...It is best to check if you have the latest patches and updates of the NERO you have...that way you are more likely to be able to do what you want it to do...and what it should do! Wa'Salam.
  19. Marriage

    Assalamu'Alikum, Akhie though there is so much disgusting behaviour in the Dunya....one still keeps a certain percentage of thier FITRAH(Human Nature, which we are born with...and Muslims believe evevyones human nature is to follow Islam....and only their environment takes them away from this). Ones natural Human Instict is to get married as this is, Masha'Allah, Half of ones deen...So hence people still want to get married, Alhumdullilah. There are other reasons...some people even lose this Fitrah...and they want the benefits the state gives when married...Lower Tax....Income Benefits....etc...Also...just to have a big party(yes it happens)....Allahu'Alom..but there are many other reasons. Fee Amanillah, Wa'Salam.
  20. Ehsan

    Assalamu'Alikum, Who is this undercover guy? Anyways...This is my FIRST drink brother rofi!! Lolz... Fee Amanillah, Wa'Salam.