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  1. Where Is The Best Place To Advertise....

    Assalamu'Alikum, Alhumdullilah i have them all covered apart from university. Jazak'Allah Khair, Wa'Salam.
  2. The Retreat

    Assalamu'Alikum, It is not just chanting, sufism is so deviated that most sufi's will only pray behind there own "sheikh" on top of this they go to such extent that they start to worship the "Sheikh" themselfs. They use theie sheikhs water that has come of them to make wudu, they take what the sheikh says as 100% correct and the sheikh cann't be worng, they, the sufi's, feel they are beyond Shariah and the list goes on...be warned they are so deviant it is scary as they are going towards shirk and we all should know the hadith about the black insect on a black wall... Fee Amanillah.
  3. The Retreat

    Asaalamu'Alikum, Ukthi Emel, I understand what you are saying in regards to the basics of Islam was clearly shown in the program, however there are fundamental flaws in the program. The Ulema have always stated that group Dhikr is NOT of the Sunna and hence it is not right. Also the fact that the group "Leader" said he doesn't "Care" what the prophet(SWS) did and he made it out that he does more than the prophet(SWS) by repeating he does 3 hours Dhikr in the morning and 2 and a half hours in the night!! I mean this is clearly why Islam has gone down in recent times, "muslims" like this sit on their backside and do the most weird stuff which is not of the sunna!!! Didn't our prophet(SWS) say that EVERY BIDDA leads to the HELL FIRE??? Subhana'Allah some scholars would even call the Sufi's non-muslims! May Allah(SWT) guide us and protect the muslims from deviation from the Quran and Sunna. Fee Amanillah.
  4. The Retreat

    Assalamu'Alikum, This was one of the worst Islam basshing program i have ever had the dipleasure to see!!! This Abdullah Trevathan considers himself a muslim and then says, "I don't really care what the prophet did!" That was disgusting. He obviously was pushing his "Classical/Sufi" Islam in your face. As a teacher I have to say my students laughed at that program and thought they were a bunch of weirdos/hippies!! Alhumdullilah the program never changed the minds of my youngsters, but what impression did it give to the non-muslims? Allahu'Alom, may Allah(SWT) protect the world and the Ummah from such deviation and corruption. May Allah(SWT) keep us on the straight path with the Quran and the Sunnah. Ameen. Fee Amanillah.
  5. Help With Islamophobic Teacher.

    Assalamu'Alikum, as a teacher myself i am shocked and apauled by this kind fo teaching. If i was you i would report this teacher to the equal opportunities representative. Wa'Salam.
  6. Suhba In Egypt With Shaykh Nuh Keller

    Assalamu'Alikum, (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.masud.co.uk/"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.masud.co.uk/[/url] Just check that site and see what it says under his name, this is from his people too!! Wa'salam.
  7. Suhba In Egypt With Shaykh Nuh Keller

    Assalamu'Alikum, This is a PURE SUFI speaker, people start worshipping this man!! Suban'Allah, even the word Sidi....it means MASTER!! Fee Amanillah, Wa'Salam.
  8. Hajj/umrah...

    Assalamu'Alikum, Alhumdullilah i cam back from Umrah a few weeks ago...it was soooooooooo beautifull....I really recomend it to everyone!! I recently thought of going to Hajj.....with a few friends and my wife, the problem was this: 1) The prices were silly for the packages....feels like some people are making a lot of money!! 2) All the agents kept saying they were the best.... 3) A few agents put down other brothers travel agencies so badly...it felt so wrong... I really recomend this forum have some sort of page where we talk about our Hajj and Umrah experiences. On top of this we could then talk about which hotel we stayed in and also which travel agents we went with and rate them out of 10 or something? Come on Brother Dot...What do you think? I personally think this would help so many people in the Uk...Insha'Allah. Fee Amanillah.
  9. Hajj/umrah...

    Assalamu'Alikum, between £1800 - £3500. 2* to 5*. Wa'Salam.
  10. Mecca To Madina

    Assalamu'Alikum Wa'Rathmutullahi WaBarakathu, I pray the brothers and sister are in the best of health and more importantly Iman. Well as the blessed month of Ramadan is approaching us I felt the need to try to increase our Iman, Insha'Allah. I haven't been on this forum for months...though I haven't forgoten about the beautifull community we have here, Masha'Allah. Once you are married however, your duty is to your creator and partner. I have just come back from UMRAH, Subhan'Allah it was the best experience of my life. It was totally amazing, I recomend trying to persuade your husbands/wifes/brothers/mothers/fathers and gurdians to make a trip there soooon!! Insha'Allah. When you arrive in Mecca, the city area, your mind straight away realises you are close to the house of Allah(SWT). Your heart is aching to see the Kabaa, where we pray at least five times a day towards. The area itself is a blessed place to be as Prophet Muhammed(SWS)'s footsteps have soiled the land. Subhan'Allah just those thoughts alone soften your heart. When your eyes finally get to see the Haram, the Holy Masjid, It is the biggest Masjid i have ever seen and just the outside looks so beautifull!! You just can't believe your eyes, you are closer and closer to the house of Allah(SWT). Finally we, myself and my wife, put our stuff in the hotel and aftre a bit made our way to the haram. Once we managed to get inside, we started getting closer and closer to the Kab'aa. I caught a glimpse of the black cloth and shouted, "Subhan'Allah, THERE IT IS!!!!" lol...I got a bit carried away. When i saw it in its complete magnificence I we were both taken back and just stood there watching people make Tawaaf. When we did manage to make the Tawaaf ourself I grabbed hold of the black cloth and put my face on it and started to make dua. The peace I felt, and my wife said the same, was amazing. Unstoppable tears came down as you realise you are holding the house of Allah(SWT). The house built again by Ibrahim(AS) and where the prophet(SWS) himself prayed in. These word are probably not doing justice, but all i can say is you have to be there to really understand Hajj and Umrah. After a few days in Mecca we made our way to Medina where we loved the peacefull environment of the Prophets(SWS) mosque. It was very tranquil and we both felt at peace in the city. Mecca was very peacefull in the Haram but outside was a little too busy. The people were very nice masha'Allah and I loved every second of Mecca and Madina!! I want to go back so badly and insha'Allah am planning to go soon again.... May Allah(SWT) increase our love for him and increase our Taqwaa. Please make dua that our Umrah is accepted by Allah(SWT), and forgive me for not asking for forgiveness from the brothers and sisters on this forum before i went. Fee'Amanillah, Wa'Salam.
  11. Mosque Carpets?

    Assalamu'Alikum, I am looking for shops/organisations who sell the carpets in Masjids? Wa'Salam.
  12. 9 And 12 Year Olds Reverts...

    Assalamu'Alikum, The natural Fitrah comes to people with the will of Allah(SWT). This is an extra-ordinary film and is 30 mins long...please watch if you have time... (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_video.google(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/videoplay?docid=6872731311255429137&q=turntoislam(contact admin if its a beneficial link)"]9 and 12 year old revert to Islam, Allahu'Akbar!![/url] Fee Amanillah, Wa'Salam.
  13. Islamexpo

    Assalamu'Alikum, I have two free tickets, if any broters want to go then please let me know and they can pick it up from me either today or tomorrow? I was going to go ( coz I got them for free), but due to some problems i can't. Fee Amanillah, Wa'Salam.
  14. World Cup Dream Team Xi

    Assalamu'Alikum, My Dream XI: Buffon(GK) Ciccinio(RB) John Terry(CB) Cannavaro(CB) Zambrotta(LB) Makele(DM) Messi(RW) Gerrard(CM) Ronaldiniho(LW) Rooney(ST) Schevchenko(ST)
  15. Naughty Women

    Assalamu'Alikum, Ukthi make Ishtikara. I personally, if i got into this situation, would not marry either of the brothers. This family seems to be trouble ukthi, either one is flirting with a Niqabbi(how low can you go) or the family doens't want you. Fee Amanillah.
  16. Brothers In Need (fundraising)

    Assalamu'Alikum, Akhie does the brother, Rofikul Islam work at the LMC? Wa'Salam.
  17. Have You Got Non-mahrams On Your Msn/im Etc?

    Assalamu'Alikum, I agree with this statement. This happens frequently in the "Blogs" and Jokes section, in such a way that it is worrying for me. Fee Amanillah.
  18. Spouse Sponsor Rule In Englend

    Assalamu'Alikum, not true in the UK unless the rule has changed recently. Wa'Salam.
  19. Assalamu'Alikum, Narrated AbuHurayrah The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: Men will continue to question one another till this is propounded: Allah created all things but who created Allah? He who found himself confronted with such a situation should say: I affirm my faith in Allah. (Sahih Muslim Book 1, Hadith 242) Suban'Allah, there were so many Atheists that say this....look at how our prophet(SWS) predicted this 1400+ years ago!! Its just amazing! Fee'Amanillah, Wa'Salam.
  20. The Vision That Allah(swt) Gave To Muhamed(sws)

    Assalamu'Alikum, That is my point, I am not pondering on that question, rather the sublime way our prophet(SWS) knew of such people so many years ago. also our prophet(SWS) has told us what to say when we here such statements: "I affirm my faith in Allah." Wa'Salam.
  21. The Vision That Allah(swt) Gave To Muhamed(sws)

    Assalamu'Alikum, Akhie Fisabillah, we should always ponder on the Quran and Sunnah. The reason I posted this is because so many young members will come across statements such as above as our prophet(SWS) has mentioned. Our prophet(SWS) also mentions what our reaction should be when we here such people talking of such things. Jazak'Allah Khair, Fee Amanillah.
  22. The Vision That Allah(swt) Gave To Muhamed(sws)

    Assalamu'Alikum, Allahu'Alom sister. I believe there were many people who believed in many different things. There were the fire worshipers and also Pagans. May Allah(SWT) keep our Iman away from those who affirm to anyone but Allah Azzawajal. Fee Amanillah.
  23. Need Some Counselling

    Assalamu'Alikum, Ukthi why don't you help the Masjid or go to an Muslim womens centre and help them. You also need to meet good muslima's to have some quality time with insha'Allah. Wa'Salam.
  24. Married/engaged Brothers And Sisters

    Assalamu'Alikum, This is probably the most interesting post for a long time, Suban'Allah. Its amazing how we meet our spouses! Truly it is only by the will of Allah(SWT). Fee Amanillah.
  25. Islam

    Assalamu'Alikum, Justice Wa'Salam.