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  1. What Toilet Signs Should Really Look Like

    Assalamu'Alikum, Though it is funny, do you think it is appropriate to share these kinds of jokes in a mixed environment? Wa'Salam.
  2. Finding Someone Decent?

    Assalamu'Alikum, I was thinking...why is it soooooo hard to find someone decent to marry...is it may be because i am not decent myself? Its so long...theres always soemthing that is not satisfactory...Mainly to please my parents. I just look around and see so many sisters practising...and so many brothers...so many married couples who are both practising, Alhumdullilah....so many families with children....I so want that...yet i just feel drained as i don't have it. I know its Shaytan...trying to trick me...but i still desire those things...A Wife...A Companion, Someone to talk too, Someone to listen too, Someone to have children with(Insha'Allah), Someone to look after, Someone to make happy, Someone... Am i going crazy? I feel s though there is something wrong with me!! Anyone else in the same boat? I know its a test from Allah...Insha'Alalh we(who ever is with me) will pas this test! Fee Amanillah.
  3. Milaad-un-nabi Event In Leeds With Shaam Nasheed Group

    Assalamu'Alikum, This is a Biddah to celebrate the prophets(SWS) birthday!! Wa'Salam.
  4. Finding Someone Decent?

    Assalamu'Alikum, Well just to let you know...I am NEARLY a married man!! Lolz... Alhumdullilah I have seen the sister and she has seen me. Without any further descriptions, We both would like to move things on. Alhumdullilah the families agree and we are both happy. The "official" proposal is next week insha'Allah. The wedding should be at the end of April or begining of May, If Allah(Azzawajal) wills. All I can say about her is she seems like a nice practising sister. Please make dua I make her happy and vice versa, if this is the will of Allah(SWT) and that we meet in Jannah in the Akhira. Fee Amanillah. Wa'Salam.
  5. Assalamu'Alikum, There was a story of Imam...I think it was Shafi or Malik. He was also told so and so is backbitting. So he went out and bought some fruits and gave it to that person. You are wondering why, right? Well when one backbittes, that person gives away some of his good deeds to the person he backbittes! If he has no good deeds, then he takes on the persons(who is backbitting) bad deeds! Fee Amanillah.
  6. Is Shooting/ Attacking A Burglar Defensible?

    Assalamu'Alikum, Well at the time one doesn't really know if he/she is a burglar or murderer!! So I think one should do what one needs to do in order for him to be gone. Wa'Salam.
  7. Marriage Questions

    Assalamu'Alikum, Hmmm...Interesting. Wouldn;t anyone take a ship? Wa'Salam.
  8. A Muslim Wedding

    Assalamu'Alikum, How is a muslim wedding? What is the minimum Mahr given these days? Is £1,000 to little? Do you have to give gold and money for clothes for the bride and their family? The masjid is the best place for the wedding, how do you end the wedding? As in how do you collect the wife at the end? Please can someone help? Fee Amanillah.
  9. A Muslim Wedding

    Assalamu'Alikum, Thats sounds like a lot of food man! Thats also expensive!! I will probably have 700 ppl!! Jazak'Allah Khair, Fee Amanillah.
  10. A Muslim Wedding

    Assalamu'Alikum, Probably about 700 people in the wedding!! LMC is not bad actually if you have the Nikkah and Walima in one...so half the cost goes to each side insha'Allah. But darn it man wedding are so expensive!! All i really want to do is follow the sunna and Quran and mainly be with my wife so I can speak to her and get to know her! Prophet Muhammad (SWS) considered simple weddings the best weddings: 'The best wedding is that upon which the least trouble and expense is bestowed". (Mishkat) Allaah subhanahu wat'ala says: "Do not waste your wealth senselessly. Those who spend wastefully are the brothers of the devils; and the devil is ever ungrateful to his Lord." [sura'ah Al-Isra 17:26-27] "Allaah verily hates three qualities for you: gossiping, wasting money, and begging" [bukhari, Muslim and others] Uqbah bin Amir radiAllaah anhu reported that Allaah Messenger sallalahu alahi wassalam said: "The best of marriages (or dowries) arethe easiest." [Abu daw'ud, Ibn Majah, and others. Verified to be authentic by al-Albani] Fee Amanillah.
  11. A Muslim Wedding

    Assalamu'Alikum, Jazak'Allah Khair to both of you. Sister I didn't understand your comment about my post? Stepney is £2k? Are you joking!!!!!!! Looks like it might be LMC after all!! Suban'Allah! i thought it would be a lot cheaper at a Masjid! Argghhhhh!!! Mulberry is newly decorated...so thats probably why its so much! I need some help with this...I use to have so much contacts saving me so much money....man weddings have made me realise a few truths now!! Fee Amanillah.
  12. A Muslim Wedding

    Assalamu'Alikum, LMC is very expensive....any suggestions for cheap venues? Stepney Green School is cheap...but not sure about the segregation....thats a little dodgy! Arghhh!! Help??? how much is it per head for the caterers? £5? £7? £10? Ebay? Fee Amanillah.
  13. Yes, A Marriage Thread!

    Assalamu'Alikum, Well for me I personally think If you do go BD to get married then you really need to get a sister who has the right Deen about her!! Coz with the right deen, insha'Allah she has the right character and then insha'Allah that is the formulae for a happy marriage. Knowing English doesn't mean much if she has the wrong intentions. Fee Amanillah.
  14. Assalamu'Alikum, Narrated Abu Huraira The Prophet said, "It is not lawful for a woman (at the time of wedding) to ask for the divorce of her sister (i.e. the other wife of her would-be husband) in order to have everything for herself, for she will take only what has been written for her." (Sahih Al-Bukahari Volume 7 Hadith 82) Disscuss, Fee Amanillah, Wa'Salam.
  15. A Muslim Wedding

    Assalamu'Alikum, Intersting...LMC...that much ha? I have a contact with LMC...lets see how much charm i have...mwahahahah....lolz...Yo know Pride of Asia is really good restaurant! Suban'Allah! The food is pretty good! Ouch man...I know Stepney Green school is pretty...price wise? Also Brother TP is right, £3,000 is CHEAP you know....trust me!! I am thinking £2,000 for Mahr, and £4,000 for the wedding. Hopefully the pressies can be CASH...lolz...and i get some money back! Fee Amanillah, Wa'Salam.
  16. A Muslim Wedding

    Assalamu'Alikum, This is in a hadith ukthi. Fee Amanillah.
  17. Demon Niqabis...

    Assalamu'alikum, Akhie what was your friend doing in the Disco? Lolz...let me guess he was the cleaner? Well i feel we shouldn't generalise. So what if they are Niqabis and Hijabis...some Sahabas did some really evil stuff like Zina after they accepted Islam...so we are all weak and we make mistakes. Just make dua you don't fall for that trap otherwise someone might make a post about you!! One thing i witnessed was a Hijaby woman, with her child, swearing a lot...suban'Allah it made me sad! Fee Amanillah.
  18. Would You Marry A Fish?

    Assalamu'Alikum, Taking advice from a single brother who wants to get married...lolz...not a good idea!! No offense! Akhie may be you really want to do that? Go Bangladesh? Anyways...back to the topic please. Fee Amanillah.
  19. Would You Marry A Fish?

    Assalamu'Alikum, Lolz...Akhie I am not looking at anything, rather I want to analyis whether there is a trend even in an Islamic forum whether one prefers to hate Bengalis. Brother Panthera T. are you talking to me? Fee Amanillah.
  20. Would You Marry A Fish?

    Assalamu'Alikum, Suban'Allah, I know it is not just the kids that feul it, trust me...I know pakistanis...90% really hate bengalis...and I mean REALLY hate them!! Suban'Allah....So you would have married a Shark? Wa'Salam.
  21. Math's Teacher

    Assalamu'Alikum, 55/198 Wa'Salam.
  22. Would You Marry A Fish?

    Assalamu'Alikum, Wow, 3 people say o ha? Goes to show i wasn;t totally wrong!! Hmmmm....Intresting!! Well bengalis don't have fish 24/7 actually...I barely eat fish!! Fee Amanillah.
  23. Can Other Religions Exist Among Muslims?

    Assalamu'Alikum, Opps...I voted NO...but only because the question was unclear!!
  24. The Prophet's Remedies... Find Out How These Foods Are Good For You!

    Assalamu'Alikum, Where are all the references? Also, Mushroom = Birth control? Wa'Salam.
  25. A High Spirited Sister

    Assalamu'Alikum, Is that a man or woman in the helmet? Fee Amanillah.