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  1. Hi5: Shaytan's Very Own Website!

    Assalamu'Alikum, I believe a certain brother invited me to this "Hi5" business...and he is a MOD on this website!!! How dare you brother!! Lolz...just messin...though he did invite me!! I just wanted to clam people down, suban'Allah those of you that have made a mistake in joining this website please do what you think is best for your deen and repent. Please let us not accuse each other of things that we know not!! Personally I would really avoid putting pictures of myself on any websites as they are easily accesible to at least one person and you do not know if that person can control his Naffs! I give you an example: A "brother" who is so called practising works at a university as an administartor! Now as he is single and looking to get wed he looks up pictures of sisters who go to that uni!! Even Niqabby sisters need to take pictures so he pervs on them!! So be aware my sisters in Islam....Also going to all sisters swiming pools...you know the security guard is going to be male and perving!! Suban'Allah. Fee Amanillah.
  2. Flat In East London

    Assalamu'Alikum, I am looking to move out...Insha'Allah if i do then it has to be somewhere nice and CHEAP...lolz!! So if anyone knows a place near East London Masjid...a One(big) bedroom or two bedroom flat....then PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ....let me know? Fee Amanillah.
  3. Baby Xander's Heart Transplant

    Assalamu'Alikum, Suban'Allah as he was born he was fighting for his life!! Masha'Allah he is sooooooo cute though!! Fee Amanillah.
  4. Is This Too Forward?

    Assalamu'Alikium, I would be veryyyyyyyyyyyy falltered in deed!! I would be shy at first, but if the sister was decent...and the person she sent was also decent, then I would consider here like anyone else, Insha'Allah. I would suggest the person she sends is also a Mehram, like a brother may be? Fee Amanillah.
  5. Islamic Bookshops

    Assalamu'Alikum, I don't know how CENTRAL this is but the one in Regents Park Masjid is pretty good? Fee Amanillah.
  6. The King Is Coming To Take His Queen

    Assalamu'Alikum, Masha'Allah, I have tears in my eyes...and I am not an emotional person. May Allah(SWT) bless your marriage with good always!! Fee Amanillah.
  7. Zain Bhikha: Orphan Child.mp3

    Assalamu'Alikum, Suban'Alah, everytime I listen or hear someone speaking of this nasheed...It reminds me of a sister on IF...I think her name screen name was Iman1984. Suban'Allah she was an orpahn and she died in pakistan, whilst on holiday. She was a nice sister, Masha'Allah going through a lot, may Allah(SWT) be pleased with her. Fee Amanillah.
  8. Fitness Classes Without Music?

    Assalamu'Alikum, comments like that really get to me!! Suban'Allah, in our prophets(SWS) time women and men use to walk on different sides of the road!! Segregation is a good thing and it only helps to constrain Fitnah!! It is not extreme if there is a FEMALE only fitness club...Suban'Allah...When are we going to learn...maybe when our wifes, daughters and sisters do something silly...then we look back at our comments or say...its the "In Thing..." or something!! Fee Amanillah.
  9. Know Of Any Ex-chelsea Player Who Is Muslim?

    Assalamu'Alikum, Yes sister I think it is. He is also a Chelsea coach now...I believe. Fee Amanillah.
  10. Why Mothers Should Stay At Home With Their Kids

    Assalamu'Alikum, Suban'Allah that was sooooooooo sad! I had to stop it because I felt weak!! Audubillah. Fee Amanilllah.
  11. London Only

    Assalamu'Alikum, Akhie do you really want to get married? Or spend the rest of your life on Gawer telling your life story and how you are finding it hard to get married. Suban'Allah the rate your going my great grandchildren, Insha'Allah, will read of your antics in getting married. Suban'Allah, Akhie if there is a sisster up north then SPEAK to her with a mahram!! What have you got to lose? You might get married to her...or you might still be single!! You have half your Deen to gain!! Wake up and smell the coffee!! Suban'Allah... Fee Amanillah.
  12. Fitness Classes Without Music?

    Assalamu'Alikum, Masha'Allah this is excellent!! Insha'Allah I will get my imaginery wife to go to this!! Lolz... By the way please look out for the cameras and security guards when in such halls and swimming for "sisters only." The guards normally perv on the sisters who obviously take Hijab off....It has been reported. Fee Amanillah.
  13. Do You Know How To Cook?

    Assalamu'Alikum, Well it all depends how you define the word, "Cook." I can survive if I am on my own by cooking my own kind of food. I can cook Pasta Bake(delicious...I just cooked it today!!), Kidney Beans, Fish and so forth. For meat I have to buy "Tahira" range from Tesco's. I can't cut meat and stuff...I am sure I can...but haven't felt the need to yet...!! Insha'Allah now that i feel more comfortable cooking I can get married and be a house husband...such is a easly life...Lolz... Fee Amanillah.
  14. "info Guy"

    Assalamu'Alikum, The Info guy is just toooo annoying for me!!! Fee Amanillah.
  15. Marriage Websites

    Assalamu'Alikum, Akhie I am telling you....Purenikah is the ONE!!! Just add your details man!! It's totally free!! Fee Amanillah.
  16. Folding Clothes

    Assalamu'Alikum, There was a hadith forbidding us to fold the ends of our clothes? I can't find it now...does anyone have the reference? Fee Amanillah.
  17. How Do I Respond To A Sister?

    Assalamu'Alikum, there is no need to say anything regarding her looks. All you say is either: Yes: I would like to progress with this proposal, Inhsa'Allah Or No: Unfortunately I will not take this proposal any further. Don't let shaytan fool you. Insha'Allah you can say sweet words of comfort when you are married. Fee Amanillah.
  18. For The Brothers..

    Assalamu'Alikum, 1.Is it important for the sister to be physically fit and attractive? Attractive yes. Physically fit...sounds like a scene from "Madagascar"...not really, as long as she isn;t obese. Different people define attraciveness in various ways. 2.Is it important for the sister to have to been to university? No way!! 3.How important is it to settle near your family and how would you react if your family kept criticising her, do you expect her to obey your mother even if she behaves unjustly towards her? Its a good idea to get along with the family. As my own family are not that practising, if the sister was practising then i would take her side in most casses...but try to be diplomatic. 4.How important is it to get to know her properly i.e. visit her regularly in front of her mahram, what if she feels uncomfortable talking? I personally couldn't do this. I would prefer to get the Nikkah done then get to know her. Before the nikkah i would aks lots of questions to understand her Aqeedah. 5.How do you feel about women going outside the home? Studying outside? Working outside? Going gym? A little dodgy question. These days there is tooooo much fitnah. I would prefer her to finish studies or do home studying or something. Going outside...well it depends for what reason. If its for no good reason then...no i wouldn't like it. Working is fine as long as she works in a Islamically viable work place. I work in a ALL male environment, Alhumdullilah. I would expect her to work in an all female work place. Going gym...lol...I have weights at home and fitness tapes...no need to go gym!! 6.Should the sister be sensitive? If she wants. 7.What’s the ideal age difference, if she’s four years younger, is that too young? Not reallly. Ideal age...anywhere between 18-24....I am 23. 8.Should she have a cultural/traditional upbringing? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooo!!!! Islamic upbringing...but if she doesn't...then no problem as long as she has teh intention to bring up her children in an Islamic envoronment. Fee Amanillah.
  19. Internet Explorer/msn

    Assalamu'Alikum, i have this annoying problem with IE and MSN. Bascially everytime i want to go on a website i can't!! Al that happens is one of these: 1) IE gives a HTTp 404 error? 2) It goes to a website called Ning Blog? or something? Suban'Allah Firefox still works but IE is needed for some websites, like windows update!! Arghhh...help? Iv google searched and come up with nothing!! Fee Amanillah.
  20. Something I Did

    Assalamu'Alikum, If you really wanted to sell the pictures you would be talking about the quality of the pictures NOT the much about the console...Like... "...The pictures are in emaculate condition with a sublime layer of see through plastic wrapped around. It perfectly and accurately depicts the XBOX 360 like no other picture!" ...You see what i am saying? You scammed him hard!! Most(99.9999999999999%) of people would be scammed by that! Fee Amanillah.
  21. Sister Got Married

    Assalamu'Alikum, Says which scholar? Also if a sister is wearing Niqab can she then be alone with a stranger? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Fee Amanillah.
  22. Souk Tv

    Assalamu'Alikum, What are your views on the way Souk TV promoted on Islam Channel? Fee Amanillah.
  23. Souk Tv

    Assalamu'Alikum, The programme is just like those shopping channels. It last for around an Hour. They have two young sisters "advertising" products which one can buy by phoning a number and making an order! Its so....Blag...I'l stop there... Fee Amanillah.
  24. Brownies: Yuck.

    Assalamu'Alikum, Jazak'Allah Khair ukthi. Ukthi do you mind if i use this for Naseeha in school? Some students(even myself actually) may benefit from this, Insha'Allah. Fee Amanillah.
  25. How To Be A Good Father

    Assalamu'Alikum, Put it simply, if a father follows the Qurana and Sunna, insha'Allah that is the best way to be a good father. More specifically, one needs to have a open and loving relationship with each child and their mother(your wife). If this is the case from an early age, then Insha'Allah children will not feel uncomfortable with sharing and being open with ones parents, specially the teen age times!! Following the Hadith means that ones parents says "I Love You" frequestly and is playfull and jovial with ones spouse and children!! As a scholar said, "The first Madrassa(School) for any child is his mother." So insha'Allah if the Aqeedah of the mother is correct then insha'Allah a child will learn a lot of his maneers from your wife. A fathers role is also a key one and it take a lot of effort(in my opinion) to be a good father, May Allah(SWT) make us the best of fathers in the ummah at this time and may Allah(SWT) help us to feed our children wit Love and Imbed in their hearts Iman and Islam . Also i would like a piece of that Dua too please, Insha'Allah. Fee Amanillah.