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  1. Crossword Puzzle - 1

    Salam Our first MuslimWays Crossword WINNER is..... ukht_umar Weldone also to our runners up 1. Ejaz Taj 2. Rayees Shamsuddin 3. Faizal Iqbal Answers to Crossword 1 ACROSS 1. ghusl 2. Nuh 4. jinn 6. tawbah 7. muhajirun 10. ramadan 11. you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_nikah(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/partner.php?adbanner=32t6k0e/partner.php?adbanner=32t6k0e/partner.php?adbanner=32t6k0e 12. Uthman DOWN 2. hijrah 3. miraj 5. shirk 8. qiblah 9. wudu NOTE: slight difference of spellings is not a problem as long as it is the right answer and fits in the boxes.
  2. Who's Gonna Win It

  3. Crossword Puzzle - 1

    Assalamualikum The first MuslimWays Crossword has been launched, so get ready to...'fill some boxes'! Insha'Allah it will be of benefit. Please download the word file and send the completed crossword to justsomebody[at]muslimways#### # The winner will be the first one to submit with the correct answers. The winner along with the answers will be announced in two weeks on muslimways site. If your not sure of some answers, still give it a try, you could learn alot & be winner! download: (www.)"http://muslimways/smf/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=3090.0;atach=549"]muslimways/smf/index.php?ac...90.0;attach=549[/url] :D Goodluck!
  4. Online Magazine

    Can someone tell me how I can move it to the Links section. I can't seem to have the option. Thank you
  5. Online Magazine

    Muslimways Online Magazine has been launched. Article includes How to cheat death and Deception of Easter. Please check it out: h t t p : / / m u s l i m w a y s . c o m/magazine Please pass this link on as we want to reach out to all the Muslims around the world. Jazak'Allah Khair
  6. Dawud Wharnsby Ali Talks

    (www.)"http://muslimways/index.php?ind=downloads&op=entry_view&iden=422"]Dawud Wharnsby Ali: Tolerance of the Prophet (saw).mp3[/url] (www.)"http://muslimways/index.php?ind=downloads&op=entry_view&iden=421"]Dawud Wharnsby Ali: Caught in the media web.mp3[/url] (www.)"http://muslimways/index.php?ind=downloads&op=entry_view&iden=420"]Dawud Wharnsby Ali: Duty to parents.mp3[/url] (www.)"http://muslimways/index.php?ind=downloads&op=entry_view&iden=419"]Dawud Wharnsby Ali: Forging our Islamic identities.mp3[/url] (www.)"http://muslimways/index.php?ind=downloads&op=entry_view&iden=418"]Dawud Wharnsby Ali: Building bridges amongst the workplace.mp3[/url] (www.)"http://muslimways/index.php?ind=downloads&op=entry_view&iden=417"]Dawud Wharnsby Ali: Building bridges between faith.mp3[/url]
  7. 100mb Of Webspace N Domain Name

  8. Want To Make Site?

    MuslimWays giving out free 100mb of Webspace because they want to spread the word of Islam all over the Internet. Currently there isn't many websites which are dedicated or related to Islam. So muslimways aim is to help you create more Islamic websites and bring in more and more Muslim webmasters. Therefore muslimways have decided to give you 100mb of Webspace for absulutely FREE! & FREE! personalized domain name (yourname.muslimways) You can do whatever you want with the space, as long as nothing against the Islamic (Shariah) Law. List of features/options: 1. 100mb Space 2. yourname.muslimways 3. Email account 5. Personal FTP Account 6. Php/MySQL/CGI/Jabber compatible 7. Flash Supported 8. One click installation of files 9. Host forum / portal / anything you desire 10. Free help from webmaster of muslimways 11. Banner exchange/promotion in other sites 12. any much more... To Host Simply (www.)"http://muslimways/forum/index.php?action=post;topic=2603.0;num_rlies=0"]Reply[/url] To This Post! or E-mail the admin Muslimways[at]gmail
  9. Wallpaper: Surah Al Fatihah

    :'( not even one reply, I guess no one likes this wallpaper *crying*
  10. Wallpaper: Surah Al Fatihah

    Recently made this wallpaper with Arabic text as well as English translation of Surah Al Fatihah. so just right click on the image below and set it as desktop wallpaper. and inshaAllah you will memorise the meaning of this surah, cos thats very essential aswel. visit muslimways. c o m then click DOWNLOAD then IslamIC WALLPAPER By the way... pass it on or post the link in other sites, so they to can share it, JazakAllah khair for your effort. :D
  11. Banner/link Exchange

    Assalamualikum, Just wanted to ask all the webmasters in this section, if any of you are interested in swaping banners/ site links with (www.)"http://muslimways"]muslimways[/url] we have a link page called "TopSite" which auto counts how many hits it sends out and also visitors can rate your site. If you are interested then please put MW banner or atleast a link in your site and just contact me at Muslimways[at]gmail JazakAllah Khair :D
  12. Album: Mountains of Makkah Artist: Zain Bhikha Format: mp3 Download page: (www.)"http://muslimways/index.php?ind=downloads&op=entry_view&iden=407"]muslimways/index.php?ind=do...y_view&iden=407[/url] Lyrics Page: (www.)"http://muslimways/forum/index.php?topic=1143.0"]muslimways/forum/index.php?topic=1143.0[/url]
  13. Demonstration

    Defend the honour of Rasullallah (s.a.w.) Demonstrate outside the Danish (Denmark) embassy on Saturday 4th Feb [at] 11am 55 Sloane Street, SW1
  14. Zain Bhikha: Orphan Child.mp3

    ohk kool, thats no good :D :D