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  1. Us And Israel Behind Ferry Sinking?

    Right! And the Iranian airliner that crashed...Bush did that too. And the earthquakes, sandstorms, and tsunamis that have afflicted the Muslim nations of the world...Bush. Yeah, he's that powerful. Guess you better mind your P's and Q's or you'll get your come uppance too.
  2. "islamic" Terrorists

    "When a terrorist attack perpetrated by the IRA takes place, you don't here the reporters labelling them as ‘Christian terrorists' do you?" that's because the goals of the IRA are not religious in nature, they are secular. On the other hand, the terrorists generally branded as Islamic frequently have the goal of establishing a theocratic government, or choose their targets based on religion (or perceived religion). Thus, it is legitimate to call them Islamic terrorists. If they are not practicing what the Koran teaches, their teachers, parents, and other mentors are to blame for their ignorance. Their actions, however, have led to the complete discredit of the religion in the eyes of many. The only way to remedy that is to destroy your fifth column. When a imam or ayatollah or other religious teacher preaches hate and discord YOU must point out to him that he is wrong. No one outside of the Islamic community can do that for you. If you want to change Islam's image in the West, and, thus, make converts of us, you must remove the cancer that has grown within your faith.