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  1. Eid Ul-fitr

    Salam O Alaikum Thank U very Much for Reply....Eid Mubarak
  2. Salam O Alaikum..... I m living in a small City of Poland n right now I hv no Information abt Holy Day of Eid ul-fitr...Its 29th Ramadan here so Can Someone Tell me that Is it tomorro or Day After Tomoro....Help me Plz.....Assalamu alaikum...
  3. Assalam O Alaikum

    Assalam O Alaikum Ya this is the first time when i m writing on any Forum n InshaAllah I will Learn a Lot from all of U,Living in Lodz (Poland) so I need some Advices Regarding to some probs wich i m facing here like ...Halah Meat is not Available here etc......Brothers n Sisters I need ur Help to Learn more n more abt my Religion,InshaAllah I will be Regular on this Forum...... :D Assalamu alaikum