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  1. Participants required for research on mixed-religion families Assalamu Alaykum, I am a journalist working for a newspaper in the UK which attracts more than 40,000 readers. I am interested to talk to converts who live with their non-muslim parents, to learn of their journey, struggles and relationship since becoming a Muslim. I would really like to hear from people who have one non-muslim parent and a muslim parent to learn of their experiences and which parent's religion they decided to follow. It would require taking part in an interview via e-mail that would last for around half an hour to one hour to complete the form. If you would like to take part or have questions you wish to ask about participating, please e-mail me on muslimah.journalist[at]googlem il[dot]c o m Jazak Allah Kheyr for your contribution, Muslimah Journalist
  2. Dear Admin: A Kind Request

    Please do not take my kind and polite request as a way to criticise and mis-judge hard working Muslims who love you all for the sake of Allah and wish the very best for you all. I pray no misunderstandings occur after this post inshaAllah and no hard feelings for the sake of Allah SWT. The copyrights have been changed to the following: I do apologise if my previous post or the copyright was unclear in any way to you all which caused misunderstandings, please forgive us. And if we started off on the wrong foot I pray after this clear-up both websites can become good friends, sohba salha, fe sabeel Allah. Barak Allah feekom and may Allah bless you with Jannah, ameen. Assalam Alaikum wa Rahmat Allah wa Barakatu. DaralislamLive Manager
  3. Dear Admin: A Kind Request

    Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmat Allah wa Barakatu, (this post will come in two parts since it cant fit into one post) Insha'Allah you are in the best of health and emaan and Allah SWT is pleased with you and your efforts, ameen. I really only came here with a kind request, praying for my brothers and sisters, bidding them an early Ramadan Kareem, and asking no one to take offense or misunderstand my request. I really did not expect an abrupt reply, but inshaAllah I will make excuses for my brothers and sisters in Islam since things here over the Internet are easily misunderstood, and I pray that I have misunderstood you for being abrupt. Actually I'm quite concerned that you have misunderstood my request, since indeed we are here to unite as Muslims, and as I said in my previous post, this can be done in many other ways that does not involve mis-spelling our site name and duplicating many of our lectures that has copyrights without notifying us. As you said, there is no need to repeat ourselves unnecessarily. Instead we could advertise for each other with a banner exchange and the other usual things done in a partnership. For your information, we work closely with Mr. Amr Khaled's Manager and Secertary. They strongly advised us in writing that all of our English Translations should contain copyright owned by DaralislamLive, and this is with the approval and support of Mr. Amr Khaled since he is aware of our efforts. So we merely followed this advice. I understand that you thought you were following our copyright requirments, but unfortunately you have mis-spelt our website name in several of the lectures you have chosen to paste, so you have not followed it exactly. And to include the site's name and link was directed at those sending the lectures via email, printing it out to send to others, giving lectures at university or a khutba and so on. So all it needed was for the staff to kindly email us to clarify that information as many other website organisations kindly do. I understand and agree that Muslim's should be working together, but I think it should be done directly to be more effective. We were not aware that your forum contained our lectures until recently. If a member of your staff had kindly informed us before hand, which is what many online organisations who wish to use more than 2 of our lectures, then we would have taken it as an opportunity to form a fruitful partnership with your forum, as we do with many other Islamic organisations. So we do permit other websites to copy the odd lecture or two, but we were suprised to find several lectures on your forum and unfortunately with most of them not linking back to the proper name as previously stated. So on the contrary we do unite with other Muslims and work hand in hand (or in this case mouse in mouse) to spread Da'awah. (continued below)
  4. Dear Admin: A Kind Request

    Assalamu Alaykum, I pray you are all in the best of health and emaan inshaAllah, and may Allah reward you all for your efforts, ameen. Dear Gawaher forum, I've recently noticed that a reasonable amount of DaralislamLive Translations of Amr Khaled into the English language have been pasted here. Unfortunately these lectures are copyrighted. Below each lecture states: All Rights Reserved. This Translation by Daralislamlive E-Translation Publishing House may be printed and duplicated freely for private purposes. However, this is on the condition that the original source, Daralislamlive, is mentioned. For all other purposes not mentioned, you need to obtain prior written approval from the website management by using the Feedback Form When we stated private purposes, this excluded pasting the articles on other websites. People need to ask permission for that before hand and we don't normally permit people to duplicate material on other sites since the purpose of having our website is for people to read our lectures there. Although you have put the name of Daralislamlive under each lecture, you have sadly spelt it wrong in most cases, which sadly means our copyright has been infringed. Since our team has worked very hard to translate these lectures, I kindly ask you to delete all of our lectures which you have on your forum and instead tell everyone about the lectures they can read on our website instead of duplicating material by copying/pasting. I think this is more fair and I pray you are not offended by my request dear Muslims :D I pray that this can be done soon. You can notify me on my e-mail address inshaAllah. May Allah reward you all for your kind understanding. Gazakum Allah Kul Kheir for your efforts and inshaAllah later on we can discuss a banner exchange between our websites which is more effective then copying/pasting :D Ramadan Kareem to you all. Yours sincerely, DaralislamLive Manager