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  1. Heart Wheel Journal

    salaams hope ur well insha Allah link doesnt work :sl:
  2. Happy Eid Ul Fitr

    salaams all in the UK some people doing ieid today (tuesday) some going for wednesday eid mubarak 2u all!! ws
  3. Boy Shot

    (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/west_midlands/7580896.stm"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/west_midlands/7580896.stm[/url] salaams all i request al brothers and sisters to mkae dua for this 18 month old baby. may Allah help him to recover..ameen
  4. Im Back :)

    salaams all :D hope this reaches u in best of health and imaan :sl: after a lengthy absence from the gawaher community i am back :j: hopefully i will become a regluar poster and meet many great muslims from around the world... :no: for no reason i have not been on this forum for a while.. :sl: i decided to return for good and it seems to be getting better each time.. hope also to learn more about true Islam.. see you all soon :D
  5. Started College

    salaams all, i started college last week and although i have been here before i thought id settle in well as i know the place... i havent got much freinds as the majoirty of my class is female =. i am studying foundation childcare.. i havent got much girl mate either and when i see other boys "chiiling" with girls i kinda get down cos i cant do gthe same as them in the way of talking, chilling with them ect. i want to change my course aswell as i dont like this college. im kinda shy when it comes 2 girls and i cant just go up 2 a girl and start taliking to them like other people do. i dont think ill last a full year at this colllege. and i get picked on by one of the tutors.. iv noticed that she dont like me. first she wouldnt allow me on the course and then she put me on a 5 week trial.. at lesson yesterday she told me that id have 2 stay behind if i didnt finish my work even though its already done. ws
  6. Should I Fast

    salaamz all. im a bit of a dilemma this ramdhan..previous ramdhans i used to look forward when they came and could wait for it..but this year something is lacking i dont feel like its ramdhan..it just feels like another normal month 4 me.. but the problem is im tryning to increse my weight at the moment and if i fast i coyld end up losing weight which is wat i dont wana do.. so sjud i fast or not...iv spoken 2 a doctor about medicine/tabletts and he told me there isnt any availaable..mum has said i shudn fast this year and should give money to charity.. i havent spoken 2 a alim yet but im wondering in the position i am at the moment is it better for me to not fasT?? ws
  7. My Ramdhan Planner

    salaams i am looking for a ramdhan planner which i got off this site last year. it was a word document and had diffrent segments like: praer, quran, zakat, tarawee, silat arahm, dawh and dua. if anyone kbnows any idea about wat im talkingn about plz upload. i am maaking a ramadhan pack 4 students at college.
  8. Undercover Mosques

    salaaams all, a intrestingprogramme regarding radliclisation of masjids in the UK is to be broadcast today. disptatches:undercover mosues will be screened on channel 4 tonight at 8pm. ws (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetchannel4(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/documentaries/"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetchannel4(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/documentaries/[/url]
  9. Babar Ahmad

    UK pair lose US extradition fight Mr Aswat is accused of setting up a terror training camp Two UK men held on Afghanistan-related terror charges have lost their legal fight to avoid extradition to the US. Babar Ahmad, 32, from Tooting, south-west London is accused of running websites inciting murder, urging holy war and raising money for the Taleban. Haroon Aswat, from Yorkshire, is accused of plotting to set up a terror camp to train fighters for Afghanistan. The men said they risked mistreatment by the US, but High Court judges said these claims were not proven. 'Spirit of the letter' Lord Justice Laws, sitting in London with Mr Justice Walker, said the men's legal team had not proved to a required standard their allegations that the US might violate undertakings given to the UK that the men would be fairly treated. He said the court was "acting on the faith that the United States will be true to the spirit and the letter" of diplomatic exchanges with the UK government and obligations under the 1972 UK - USA Extradition Treaty. Lawyers for the two men say they hope to appeal to the House of Lords to argue over two points of law surrounding the extradition decision. They argued against the use of diplomatic letters as a basis for guaranteeing human rights, and to raise concern over US military detention and "rendition" of suspects to third countries for questioning. "This is extreme public importance, not just in this country," said human rights solicitor Gareth Peirce. The judges said they would take time to consider whether both men should be allowed to take their case to the House of Lords. 'Flexible tool' Edward Fitzgerald, QC, representing both men, earlier asked the judges to stop the extradition process. He said there was a danger the suspects' human rights would be abused, despite the assurances from US authorities. Mr Fitzgerald said the two were in danger of being kept indefinitely at Guantanamo Bay, taken to a third country for questioning, or tried and sentenced by a military tribunal as enemy combatants. However, lawyers for the US said the assertions made by Mr Fitzgerald were "speculative". They said the assurances they had been given, that the men would be fairly treated, were "an intrinsic, accepted and flexible tool in the extradition process". 'Very disappointed' Mr Aswat, of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, was arrested in Zambia and deported to the UK in August 2005. He has been indicted by a federal grand jury in New York City, accused of conspiring with radical cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri to set up a "jihad training camp" in Oregon in the United States. Mr Ahmad, 32, is a computer expert from Tooting, South London. He was arrested under anti-terror laws in August 2004 and charged with terror crimes by a US court two months later. After the extradition appeal hearing, his father Ashfaq Ahmed, said: "We are very disappointed at the High Court decision. "We are hopeful that the High Court will certify that there is a point of law of public importance on military detention and rendition, and allow this matter to go to the House of Lords
  10. salaams sister mehnaz :D did he really come to birmingham?? B) i thought he was only on a london visit. :D if only i knew before then maybe i would have gone. :D ws.
  11. Adivertisin A Product

    salaams all, i need some help. for my business task i have to advertise a product will have to be in a £10,000 budget. any ideas on what i could advertise?? i came late to lesson yesterday and missed most of lesson at start of term asi was away on holiday. ws
  12. Putting Mp3 Rackos

    salaams, can anyone tell me ow to put mp3 tracks from my pc onto my mp3 player. not by downloading cos i use collge pc ws
  13. salaams, i saw that an aonther site. napoleon will be visiting the UK soon insha Allah to give a talk to the youth. dont know much about tupac or the man himself but good on him! ws
  14. Getting rid Of A

    salaamz brothers an sisters. does anyone have any useful remedies to get rid of a winter cough. man its killing me! ws
  15. My Friend Has Been Forced Into A Marriage

    salaams sis why dont u email me instead?? my addy is Islamic_muslim at yahoo dot co dot uk. hopefuly we end this discussion here and apoogies to topic started for talking like this on yiur post. there was no other way i cud contact sis maryam. apologies ukhti.