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  1. Islam in Afghanistan: The Islamic state

    the sense of afghan pride is very high nowadays especially after the fall of taleban and previouse experiences would suggest the arabs, pakis and others to mind their own business. also, a little reminder: all inhabitants of afghanistan are called afghan hazaras are not from china as some pakis claim, they are believed to be remnants of mongol empire which conquered many countries. for example Taj mahal was built by shah jahan a mongol emperor to remember his iranian wife whom he dearly loved. although most of mongol kings were sunni moslems, the hazaras choose to follow the shia school, they speak parsi rather than mongoli and today it's realy hard to claim they are mongol because they have many many mixes and even their mongol language and culture is changed. for more info about hazaras please refer to book "The Hazaras of Afghanistan" by Dr. Sayed Askar Mousavi and refrain from the nonsense racism comments which taleban and their paki and arab masters were promoting before you get knocked out and dragged on the streets by some afghani LOL
  2. My Hindu Friend

    islamic_muslim, hendus are Islam's worst enemy and previous experiences such as burning the holy qoran by hendus, demolishing the historical masjed baburi and other Masjids and massacre of moslems by hendus would suggest that you should refrain from giving the copy of holy qoran to her because qoran is not like a novel book you can give to anyone. even if she is willing to convert to Islam she should first learn the basic principles and concepts of Islam before jumping to holy qoran. A reminder by IF Moderator: IF does not allow discussions of different sects in Islam. This complex issue will require more than ordinary Muslim's knowledge to engage into various theological differences and interpretations of Islam. All Muslims should make Quran and Sunnah their only source of guidance. Therefore, we advise everyone to stay away from all sects. Please read about them in our 'Avoid All Sects and Cults' forum, here: (www.)"http://forums.gawaher/index.php?showforum=163"]forums.gawaher/index.php?showforum=163[/url] Posting or discussing any sect-related issue is a violation of IF rules.