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  1. Invalidation Of Wudhu

    :D OK :D for your anwers Blue & Umahmed. Its just people say alot of things when it comes to Islam and sometimes you wonder what parts are indeed true and whats cultural practice.. Anyway :D again.. :D
  2. Invalidation Of Wudhu

    :D :D interesting site.. One more thing, if i may, does your chin have to be covered during salah? Also, can u read the Quran with your hair uncovered in the privacy of your own home? Apologies if queries seem silly, i just need to clear up a few issues..
  3. Invalidation Of Wudhu

    :D :D Can u provide a relevent hadith or quote to back up the answer if possible, i want to forward it on to someone..
  4. Invalidation Of Wudhu

    :D If a woman's hair is uncovered within her home and a non mahram was to enter and see her without her hijab, would her wudhu still be valid?
  5. Stomach Cancer

    :D :D sister's
  6. Stomach Cancer

    :D Ameen...
  7. Stomach Cancer

    :D Passed away 3rd November .. May Allah have mercy upon his soul and give sabr to his 4 children.. He died reciting the kalimah .. Sorely missed..
  8. Bit Of An Emegency

    :D I'm still non the wiser.. (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.eat-halal(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/halaltips.shtml"]Eat Halal[/url] (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.eat-halal(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/"]Eat Halal[/url]
  9. Stomach Cancer

    :D :D for keeping him in your dua's.. :D
  10. Bit Of An Emegency

    :D Bread making machine? Thats what my husband says but I have enough work to do without the hassle of having to make bread everyday.. Plus we have no place to put the humdinger of a thing.. I suppose what i'm looking for is re-assurance, that I can eat the foods that are halal but give my over worked mind rest nothing haraam has come into contact with it.. Am I Being Too Paranoid??? I'd like some more input from other members too if possible..
  11. Bit Of An Emegency

    :D Ok.. :D for links.. I know to avoid items which state they have rennet content etc.. But my above post is really what concerns me.. I'm so paranoid now, cant bring myself to eat anything except curries/roti's and tea!! Bread which is one of my favourite things to eat, i avoid All of them because each company be it Hovis, Warburton, Kingsmill produce certain breads that have rennet etc in them, making me doubt the ones they make which are suitable for us to consume.. In light of my above quote, would you be doubtful of them kind of companies..? :D Agent S :D :D
  12. Bit Of An Emegency

    :D Anyone care to enlighten me? :D I dont know what to eat anymore..
  13. The Dream Wedding

    :D There was 10 people in total at my http://http://nikah.com/partner.php?adbanner=32t6k0e(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/partner.php?adbanner=32t6k0e.. Was very simple and I wouldnt have liked it any other way.. Had the walimah the following day..
  14. Stomach Cancer

    :D :D .. :D he'll recover..
  15. Bit Of An Emegency

    :D Maybe its my mind working over time, but the more I think about it, the more it concerns and depresses me.. These companies such as Kraft, Hovis, Warburton, Birds Eye.... etc. All produce halal and haraam foods.. Now, how are we meant to be sure that ingredients haven't crossed paths somehow.. Example: dirty utensils, unwashed hands/gloves, mishandling or human error.. I'm sure some companies have seperate ovens/facilities for different products, however, we cannot be sure.. Taking the above into consideration, there's hardly anything left to eat!!!!! (slight exaggeration but you get my drift) :D