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  1. When A Non Muslim Visits A Masjid

    Salaam aleikum There are some nonmuslims who wears hijab the Islamic way, because they feel thats what the Bible order them to do.
  2. Salaam aleikum Call me old, but i thought blog was a online diary where only the owner writes... Man was i wrong...
  3. Islam In Norway

    Salaam aleikum Sorry i am late to reply... Muslims here are a mix. The biggest groups are Pakistanis, Iraqis, Somalis, Turks and people from Balkan, roughly. But also we have lebanese, Syrians, Kurds, North-African, list is endless really. My home is not so far from Tromso but now i live in the South west in the second biggest city in Norway. When i go home, we pray after Mekkah time or after nearest city, we dont have sunset or anything there hehe. Nothern lights are visible mainly in the North of the country, above the Artic Circle, but its possible to see it sometimes in the south too. Its nice. We can smell flowers almost in middle of town most parts of the country :D
  4. Islam In Norway

    Salaam aleikum I am a Norwegian muslim. If anyone have questions, ask me... The banning of Islam, its just a load of crap. Its not for real. Some sick politician suggested it, but ofcourse it will never happen. They dont even wanna ban hijab here.