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  1. I Wish The Kuffaar Would Shut Up...

    BISMILLAH-IR-REHMAN-IRRAHIM I went to one such site today as well. It made me very angry to see it but i tried to reply back to a few of those posts and then i could not stay any longer on that site so i left. As a Muslim we cant negatively critisize any ones religion. We try to show them the right path and that is all we can do just try giving guidance is in the hand of Allah (S.W.T). but as Allah says in Quran that some people have been damed and cant hear and cant see anymore. May Allah have mercy on all of us.
  2. Islam In Indonesia

    BISMILLAH-IR-REHMAN-IRRAHIM AssalamuAlaikum Jazak Aallah for this article. After reading this the first thing that comes to minds is and even then the people is westrn countries say why muslims are not happy with their countries? I believe that we as muslims need to make our own world body. The UN is not an equal body. Why is that there are 5 Veto powere? What is the criteria of a veta power? Is it population ? Is it power ? Is it ecnomics ? What is it? I think that the UN is build on injustice and muslim countries should leave the UN and make the OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries) Stronger. May Allah unite all muslims.
  3. Who Can Help If Muslims Are In Trouble?

    BISMILLAH-IR-REHMAN-IRRAHIM AssalamuAlaikum Brother first of all this time that muslims are going though is a trial from Allah as Allah mentions in Quran" " No kind of calamity occurs except by Allah's leave: And whoever believes in Allah, Allah will guide his heart [aright]: For Allah knows all things" (Qur'an 64:11) Allah (swt ), Most High, informs us in this verse that no calamity, whether loss of wealth, bereavement, or other, occurs unless Allah (swt ) has written it and ordained it, and that whoever truly believes this, will most assuredly be guided by Allah (swt ), so that he accepts and bears with equanimity the trials and tribulations of life and acknowledges Allah's Wisdom, for Allah (swt ) knows what is best for His slaves, and He (swt ) is Most Kind, Most Merciful. The Prophet (saas ) said: "Verily, the greatness of the reward is tied to the greatness of the trial: When Allah (swt ) loves a people, he puts them to trial. Whoever accepted it, will enjoy Allah's Pleasure and whoever is displeased with it, will incur Allah's Displeasure." 3 The Prophet (saas ) informs us in this Hadith that the Believer may be afflicted by calamity in this world, such as loss of wealth, bereavement etc., but that Allah (swt ) will reward him for these calamities if he bears them patiently, and He (saas ) tells us also that the more a person's trials and tribulations increase, the more his reward with Allah (swt ) increases and that trials are a sign of Allah's Love for the Believer, not His Anger and that Allah's Ordainment and His Qadr will be implemented and that whoever patiently perseveres in the face of adversity and accepts it, will incur Allah's Pleasure and His Reward, while whoever is angry at what Allah (swt ) has ordained for him and dislikes it, will incur Allah's Displeasure and His punishment which will be more than suffice him. Having Said this I think there is lots of things saudis can do with the wealth that Allah has given to them. Allah has given them so much wealth but i still see people in Masjids asking everyone to help so they can keep the Masjid aviable. What Saudis can do is use this wealth that Allah has given to them to make a place for them in heaven by spending it for the betterment of ummah from east to west. This could certainly help. Also i know that due to strong media attention to muslims we face problems sometimes in some western countries however as a muslim we should always see the positive side and the positive side to this is Allah's Religion is being told on all the corners of the world. So people who are educated and have common sense go and check what this religion is and by the grace of Allah at least some of them become muslims. May Allah help us to strongly follow the right path and help us succeed in all the trial and tribulation of this world so we can be successful when stand on the day of judgement in front of Him.
  4. BISMILLAH-IR-REHMAN-IRRAHIM AssalamuAlaikum brothers and sisters, I wanted to recomment a site with lots and lots of resources for learning Islam. It is a very inspiring site. Please visit the site and spreed it to other muslims. aswatalislam,net May Allah guide us all on the straight path. And give us the strength to follow it steadily
  5. The Notion Of An Allah

    BISMILLAH-IR-REHMAN-IRRAHIM AssalamuAlaikum Brother Ismail, from your talk it seams to be that you dont believe that God exits. Well i will try to make a common sense point here i hope you dont get affended with this and keep and open mind when reading this. All i ask his an open mind and heart from you and then you can make your own decision about it. Do you see this creation around you? Yes or No Look to the Universe These are spheres that are going around other spheres in orbit and you cant see these without a telescope. right or wrong? Lets talk about another creation molecules, They are round spheres right or not? These atoms have parts electrons, protons, neutrons which are also spheres going around eachother. We cant see it without microsope right or not? When you look to universe do you see order or kios? We just described universe spheres orbiting while rotating are these organized or in kios? Now lets go one step further. Lets say i have a glass of water. and i drop it on the ground what will happen? Do you know how many pieces will it shatter in? will it ever fall down in such a way that it splits into 10 little glasses. or 2 little small glasses that we can use for water? It will never ever ever ever happen that a glass falls down and splits into two little glasses. True or False? How when you understand that, when you drop this glass and cant get any thing organized out of it. then how can you look to this organized universe and say that it came from an exploding rock randamly in such a way that everthing to the smallest details is designed? I will give you one more to think about If a tornado goes though the junk yard and gets all the scrap metal and whirls around the mettle and then drops it on the ground. Can it be brand new lexsus with engine running? Yes or No. No not possible. Then how can you look at the universe and say that there is no creater to create this universe. The first proof of GOD does not come from a book bible, or Quran it comes from ones nature. just pure logic. Think about it with an open mind and heart and your own mind and heart will take you there. Hope this will prompt some thinging in you and May Allah open your mind and heart to see the truth that is all around us.
  6. Advice On

    BISMILLAH-IR-REHMAN-IRRAHIM AssalamuAlaikum Both the aswers given by "Aburafay" and "*eli*" are very good answers. In addtion to those thing i will suggest the sister to make some practising Islamic siters as her close friends. This will help her a lot to get back on the right track. One should choose a friend in such a way that when you aroung them they remind you of Allah. This is a support structure that help help her come to the straight path. Hope this Helps. May Allah Guide us all. May Allah keep the sister and all of us steadfast on the straight path of Islam.
  7. Parent Troubles

    BISMILLAH-IR-REHMAN-IRRAHIM AssalamuAlaikum I will try to answer this to best of my ability. May Allah guide me to put the right words for this answer. In this situiation you have to let him know what the Islamic law says but be careful dont be rude or disobident to him, be polite and patiant with him. Allah says in Quran "No man is going to carry any one else wight" So what your father does or does not do is his responsibility your responsibility is to point it out but polietly. As a son you have lots of responsibilities toward your parents and you cannot be disrespectful. In Numereous places Allah says in Quran to be nice to parents. The only case that you can totally disobey your parents is when the try to force you to not do something in Islam. In which case Islam takes piority over other things. In the case that he is not following you cannot force him to do something only let him know and tell him and try to get him to the right path respectfully. Hope this helps. May Allah guide to the straigt path of Islam. May Allah guide your father toward being a better Muslim and May Allah give to the strength to be strongly follow the relegion of Allah.
  8. Many Quesitons

    BISMILLAH-IR-REHMAN-IRRAHIM (In the Name of Allah the Most Graious, Most Mercyful) AssalamuAlaikum Welcome to Islam. May Allah help you in your journey and make your path an easy, and most rewarding one. "rayhana" has given a great link for this. Regarding the Prayers and other things i will recommend a book to you. "Towards Understanding Islam" by Abul A 'la Mawdudi you can find this book on the following site as well : (www.)"http://ymofmd/books/tui/tui.html"]ymofmd/books/tui/tui.html[/url] This is a good and well explained book it should give you a starting point about the pilars of Islam and a great deal of information about it. May Allah Bless us all with his mercy.
  9. Divorce: When Do You Consider It Final

    BISMILLAH-IR-REHMAN-IRRAHIM AssalamuAlaikum Let me try to explain this in as much detail as possible. Please correct me if i am wrong this is to the best of my knowlege. May Allah help me put the right words here. If after the first divorse the husband and wife reconsile they have an option to reconsile this reconsiliation has to happen within the three months, after the three months are done eigther they have to choose to go their seperate ways or reconsile they dont have a third choice. They cannot wait anymore. After Second divorse the same condition applies within the three months they have to reconsile or at the end of three month they have to make a choice to reconsile or go their seperate ways. There is no other choice. They cannot wait any longer.b After the third divorse there is no reconsiliation option it is a final things and the woman has to wait three months before remarrying to some one else. She cannot remarry to that same guy again untill they have married to someone else and then have been divorsed from that marrage as well. Also this other marrage cannot be with the intention of getting a divorse to remarry with the old husband. Futhermore let me explain the other thing that this sister was saying it is haram for a husband to use the montory earnings of her wife without her consent. however it is not true the other way round the wife has a right on husbands earnings. Husband has to provide for the family to best of his ability. Let me point out i dont say here that he has to provide millions of dollars. He has to provide to the best of his ability. And the verses in Quran about divose and reconsiliation Allah repeatdly mentions that Allah is all knowing and all powerfull which is their to let both parties know that they should not exceed their boundaries just because they can. Hopy this helps. May Allah bless us all. May Allah give peace and harmony to that sister and show the right path to the husband.
  10. The Story Of Umar

    jazallah khair for this story
  11. Yoususf Youhana Converts To Islam-Allah U Akber

    Jazak Allah khairun
  12. ~ More Hispanic Women Converting To Islam ~

    JazakAllah This is good article. May Allah keep us all on the straight path and make out Iman stronger.
  13. My Revelation

    Mashallh May all keep us all on the straight path.
  14. Why?

    Jazakallah The beauty of Islam is that it give a peace to the heart that you can feel. Its like a calm after a storm. Also Prophets (Pease be upon him) said that (summary of it dont remember the exact words) Quran is a book that you will read and read will not feel tired of it. New things and meaning will keep on opening to you. The miracles of this book will never end. Welcome to Islam.