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  1. Remove Islam From The State

    This has to be put into context. What you are saying is that freedom of speech is as important as proctecting the rights of women with regards to property, marriage, inheratence, etc. You are saying that freedom of assembly is as important (if not more, because you did not mention it) as banning alcohol (which kill thousands of people every year). What about murderers who sit on death row for years and years only to be realeased later on or better yet, the ones set free because of a jury filled with people who only care about going home as soon as possible? Oh and the crack and cocaine and the gang violence that comes with it? Its all good as long as the goverent officials are too busy worrying about themselves. You talk about the "negative" sides of sharia (I use " " because you obiviously havent dont any reasearch what so ever before leaving Islam because had you done the reasearch then you would know the answers to these questions) yet you dont talk about the good that will occur with it in place being correctly followed. Just because the Arab country you are from is currupt, dont assume that Islam is currupt. By using that logic I would think that all catholic was about is pedophiles who prey on innocent little boys. Inshallah I will post answers to your questions shortly.
  2. Bani Israel

    Are you asking about what the Quran says about the Children of Isreal and the lands of Palestine?
  3. Raped!

    One of the problems Muslims as a whole face today is that a group of ignorant people will always try to use the words of Allah and Muhammad (SAW) in order to get their way. Some people dont realize the high esteem that we Muslims have for our women. They are vitually the symbol of Islam. Any guy can walk around with a beard but when you see a woman in hijab then you know it is a Muslim. Just go and read the rights of women in a divorce and you will see how much more civilized and fair it is to the woman compared to what you see now in this day and age. Reading about these people who commit 'honor' killings and revenge rapes (you cant say every report is true but you cant deny that it happens either) sometimes makes me so mad, but then I turn back and thank Allah that I do not think like these people who would do anything to protect their "honor" even if it means disobeying Allah.
  4. Listining To Rap/hip-hop...

    The issue here is their music. Let me clarify what music is. According to dictionary, Music is defined as 1. The art of arranging sounds in time so as to produce a continuous, unified, and evocative composition, as through melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre. What is haram is not the song, it is the music, dont get the two mixed up. If the music is the made by the instruments and the lyrics are sung by the performer. The music which is used by these rapper, or most musicians in general, is haram. Inshallah when I get time I will post the proof of which instruments are haram and which are allowed. Now if you have a song with no music then it is only the lyrics are to be questioned. Are they offensive lyrics? Do they have curse words in them? If you are going to sing then you should use the same guidelines that Allah has ordered us to follow with regards to speech (i.e. Speek kindly, use a soft voice, only say that which is good and not which is bad, again i will post the ayahs later). Degrading women and talking positively about adultry, drugs, gangs is not the Islamic way of talking so it shouldnt be sung either. As for Nasheeds, the majority of them are only the singers voice and sometimes a drum which is permitted. The others with full music (i.e. guitar, piano, etc.) should be avoided. And Allah knows best.
  5. Beginning A Gathering The Islamic Way

    I have always wondered where these lines came from. Are they just the words that the Prophet said or are they ayahs of Quran? Are they mentioned in any hadiths?
  6. Listining To Rap/hip-hop...

    Just think about of a second, when these rappers perform or sing their songs, do they present themselves as Muslims? If someone who had no knowledge of these singers walked by and listened to them or saw them, would they say, "He is a Muslim". I highly doubt it.
  7. Khadija (ra)'s Cousin Waraqa

    Assalam Alaikum From what I remember from Anwar Al-Awlaki's Muhammad (pbuh) CDs, Waraqa believed Muhammad was receiving the word of God when he was told about the incident in the cave but died before Muhammad began spreading the message. When someone asked Muhammad about it, again I am trying to remember this from a few months ago so correct me if I am wrong, he said Waraqa will go to jannah, or something to that extent. Here are some hadiths to backup my claim. Based on what Waraqah bin Nawfal says at the end of each hadith one could assume that he will inshallah be blessed with jannah So to answer your question he technically was a Muslim as he already had submitted himself to Allah. Hope that answers your question.
  8. Embryology

    In order to answer your question which no one seems to have even read, no, you can not be a believer in the Quran and reject any part of it. First of all, if you are a Muslim and believe in the Quran, then you believe that the Quran is the word of God and not the word of man. Why then would God lie to us? He is the knower of the unseen and has more knowledge then we can even dream of, so the answer is no.
  9. Why Won't Someone Answer?

    For an accurate translation of the quran please visit http:[##][/##][##][/##]usc.edu/dept/msa/quran. This also allows you to do a word search, the only drawback is that you have to have an exact match to find it. Anyways, do a search through there and let us know what you find.
  10. Atheist Professor Of Philosophy

    It just sends me back to the same thread.
  11. Proof Of Islamic Suppression Of Woman?

    Again brother, what exactly are you quoting? Are these verses from the quran? If so, which chapter and which verse? The first chapter has only 7 lines yet you have given a reference to I:280?
  12. Decolorized Wine

    I'm not sure what that is but if you teacher brought it to school and it was infact wine then I am pretty sure she can be suspended or even fired. You might want to check up on the matter.
  13. Why Won't Someone Answer?

    Forgive my ignorance but what are you quoting? It sounds like its from the Quran (i.e. He says 'Allah said') but I have never come across something like this.
  14. Surah Taubah

    The reason why bismillah was not put at the begining of Taubah was simply because the Prophet (SAW) didnt recite it before reciting surah Taubah. This shows the accuracy in which the Quran was perserved by the Sahaba (RA). Here is a piece of Maudi's introduction to Surah Taubah. Omission of Bismillah "This is the only Surah of the Quran to which Bismillah is not prefixed. Though the commentators have given different reasons for this, the correct one that which has been given by Imam Razi: namely,this is because the Holy Prophet himself did not dictate it at the beginning of the Surah. Therefore the Companions did not prefix it and their successors followed them., This is a further proof of the fact that utmost care has been taken to keep the Quran intact so that it should remain in its complete and original form."
  15. He doesnt even give any proof for his statement. He just says "The scholars tell us (based on explicit Prophetic hadiths)..." "O ye who believe! If a wicked person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth, lest ye harm people unwittingly, and afterwards become full of repentance for what ye have done." (Quran, 49:6) Dont believe it just because this guy has the word Shaykh before his name. Anyways to get back on track....can anyone find the proof of visit other religous places of worship?