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  1. Chechen Mujahideen Carry Sucessful Out Raid On Nalchik

    Right..the countries that have oil do OK..like the Emirates and Saudi Arabia..and most of the others Afghanistan, Sudan, Pakistan..#####
  2. Western Hatred Against Muslims

    There is reasonable cause for this..(www.)"http://glossary/glossary_i001.html#Islam"]Islam[/url] is a major threat to Western civilization
  3. 20 Appalling Lies We Were Told About Iraq War

    I agree..Saddam was a great leader. Iran is the real enemy..and Saudi Arabia..####
  4. Controlled Demolition Of World Trade Center Is Fact

    Get over yourselves..i know ALL of you were jumping in joy when this happened. It was your "brothers" who did this
  5. I Was A Bnp Activist ...

    he went from being a Neo-nazi to a ####..I dont know whats worse..probably the later
  6. Saddam Trial Lawyer Taken Hostage

    Saddam is a great man and should be put back into power.
  7. Koranic Quiz Begins In Gaza Strip

    The purpose of this is so they be good terrorist, blow up innocent israelis and
  8. Chechen Mujahideen Carry Sucessful Out Raid On Nalchik

    You know something..actually they should get independence...so they could all starve to death. Because thats what would happen to them without Russia. I mean the Russians came and build their cities and other infarstructure...Look at the disguisting (www.)"http://glossary/glossary_m002.html#Muslim"]Muslim[/url] poverty stricken countries. (www.)"http://glossary/glossary_m002.html#Muslim"]Muslims[/url] are not smart enough to survive without the help of the West. They would either a) starve to death or B) kill eachother
  9. Wipe Israel Off The Map

    If anyting, israel would have no trouble wiping Iran off the map..without the help of the US or anybody else.
  10. Chechen Mujahideen Carry Sucessful Out Raid On Nalchik

    If it wasnt for the west, all (www.)"http://glossary/glossary_m002.html#Muslim"]Muslims[/url] in the Balkans would be exterminated by the Serbs. #### Just like the fascist scum President of Iran who wants to wipe israel of the map. I bet this statement made all you (www.)"http://glossary/glossary_m002.html#Muslim"]Muslims[/url] jump up and down in joy.
  11. Chechen Mujahideen Carry Sucessful Out Raid On Nalchik

    Barayev, You need to get your facts straight. Most people in Chechnya and Caucass are against the war. The recent attack took place in a predominatly (www.)"http://glossary/glossary_m002.html#Muslim"]Muslim[/url] region where innocent people dided. It is the ruthless killers and terrists who are doing it for the selfish reason of gaining power. It will never happen since Russia would rather nuke the whole region before giving it up. Those terrorist criminals are only making it worse for regular people.
  12. The Religion Of Peace?

    Do Muslims? They have all this land yet it is not enough and they will go out of their way to kill off all the Jews and take their land.
  13. Western ‘gender Equality’

    I know this might sound shocking but in the West its not customary to remove womens clitori and beat them on the street publicly for revealing their face. This only happens in places like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and other wonderful peace-loving countries.
  14. Oh boy..you Muslims seem to have an answer for everything. Lies, lies, and more lies. :D
  15. The Religion Of Peace?

    Agreed...the Jewish and Christian bible also have violent statements within them. However, the difference is that they dont enforce it as Muslims do with the Koran.