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  1. How Do I Become A Muslim?

    Wa'alaikuma salam, Jazakumu llaahu khayral jazaa brother thanks for making adcise to become a msulim
  2. Eye Drops?

    it's okei to use eyedrop and dont affraid it cuzz that i asked it before in ma best docotor so use it Thanks 4 ur presenting us of ur quato. Jazaka laah
  3. Stomacache

    Hi, i am presentin u all to consult ma problem that is faced me nowadays and its: ( when i got affur and eat and drink some thing not more pks i feel stomacache and i eat more tablets so comon and give me answer 4 ma problems )
  4. The Bare Cheek!

    Yeah, all the kuffar are hypocritic.
  5. HI

    Hi, I am kafih.Some 1 welcome me.... K