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  1. God's Existence

    that problem in the function of yours is common sense and came off as a "well duh" when I first read it. now if only more people were sensible :D
  2. Is Sodomy Prohibited In Divine Law

    yea that was off topic but that's in response to your arrogant ways of trying to implicitly establish what you believe to be divine law as true.
  3. Well there was that one about the big bang. Any muslims on the forum wanna take that one up?
  4. Cruel Hadith

    what does not being supported by scientific evidence have to do with being based on blindness? Faith simply means that you don't need a logical proof and therein lies the blindness. As for atheism, it is supported by rationalism/logic. When there is lack of logical proof to believe in something, the rational stance is that you do not believe in it. There doesn't seem to be a logical proof of God's existence - check illogicals thread on logical proof of god to see how sad the attempt is - and this is the reason I don't believe in God.
  5. Evolution?

    alameen, the second part of what you posted doesn't make any sense? care to reword it?
  6. Cruel Hadith

    Bit of a contradiction there. Faith is blind by nature due to lack of logical reasoning. If you had a logical reason to believe, it wouldn't be faith now would it? What? Nobody likes Ghandi around here? mods note-please do not insult Allah!
  7. Evolution?

    I hope your reasoning for this is something more well thought out than "the Quran sez so"
  8. Why Are They The Terrorist?

    unfortuenately I haven't been able to agree with too much on the muslim side since you guys are very dedicated to Islam. Since I'm in disagreement with alot of the things in Islam, and since your ways of thinkg are based on Islam it's only natural that I don't accept your views as being rational. I guess you feel the same way about us?
  9. Cruel Hadith

    yea, there is, his name is Ghandi. Yes, it must be wrong to not go with the herd.
  10. Is Sodomy Prohibited In Divine Law

    my friend, who are you to determine what is sin and what is not sin? Because you are a muslim you feel that only Islam is right and everyone else is wrong, and that entitles you to label right and wrong? The right and wrong defined by your religion remain applicable only to people of your religion. You have no authority and no right to attempt to enfore Islamic way of life outside Islam.
  11. God's Existence

    I'm sure you've gone over the works of hume and come to the realization that we can't really know anything? Aside from our own vague existence anyway.
  12. Is Sodomy Prohibited In Divine Law

    yes, people may convert out of relgion into a non belief state ~ such as myself. Why would I or other non-believers follow religious rules at that point? the concept of "divine law" is meaningful to you, and considered foolishness to us secular people ~ and there is roughly a billion of us - not a number you can scratch aside.
  13. Why Are They The Terrorist?

    unfortuneately so far it's a one way street ~ I don't see too many muslims on this forum trying to understand the non-muslim side. I don't quite consider this progress~
  14. Evolution?

    you say that a beginning must exist? do you have a logical reason to believe that there is a beginning? Gravity was a law when it was assumed that Newton had it right. Just because it's considered law does not mean that it's a fact ~ science is incapable of establishing facts, they can only establish highly probable stuff. You can't get around the fact that it's a theory. The theory may become strongly supported but it can never be considered the absolute truth/law. The laws of gravity are based on the general theory of relativity, and recieves support etc every time something falls. Evolution is also a theory supported strongly by modern day evolution that is taking place (particularily within simple organisms) and it is also strongly supported in the field of paleontology. And according to national geographic and other science journals, it is also strongly supported in biology etc. (www.)"http://ironcircus/blog/000267.html"]ironcircus/blog/000267.html[/url] check out the two images~
  15. Is Sodomy Prohibited In Divine Law

    liberal views of freedom have triumphed on the west side ~ religion is not as powerful as it was during the dark ages. We try to rule with logic and reason now~it's why we no longer burn witches at the stake