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  1. Muslims In Korea

    :sl: I am sure you can find information on Wikipedia on this I took a picture of the main Masjid in Soule when I was there, unfortunately its nothing great and I must find it first. From what I gathered, there is a growing Muslim population there mostly from immigrants but also through reversion. The imam of the Main Masjid is actually a Korean revert. Unfortunately I don't have any more information on the matter.
  2. Israel To Vanish, Says Hezbollah

    :sl: I personally believe that the European jews should pay reparations to the Palestinians and go back to Europe where they belong. now if this can be done peacefully then that would be great, but if a war is needed then so be it. Note that no where do I support the extermination of the Zionist, I just want them to go back to their homeland of Europe.
  3. :sl: "An israeli general wanted for alleged war crimes escaped arrest in the UK because British police feared an armed confrontation at Heathrow airport." (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/7251954.stm"]Full Story[/url] In my opinion this is despicable behavior by the UK police. They have a known war criminal trapped in an airplane for about 2 hours and they let him get away. If this had been a Muslim person they were after, I have no doubts that no punches would have been pulled in order to get him, but since its a Zionist they didn't even try to board the plane. A lot of non Muslims wonder why Muslims get angry, personally this does it for me. I mean for crying out loud, we here in Canada are exporting 90 year old ww2 war criminals to Europe to face lengthy jails terms because of what they did more then half a century ago, and these guys could not get this murderer after he had gift warped himself for the UK police. Its the hypocrisy of it all, it seems like there is one rule for the west and another rule for us Muslims.
  4. The Idea Of A Jewish State

    :sl: personally I think the UK should also pay up they were in charge of the area before 1948 and they let it turn into a blood bath UK definitely played its part in the creation of the sad situation of the Palastinians. I also believe they should pay back all the money they pillaged from India, but thats just wishful thinking on my part
  5. Teaching In Riyadh

    :sl: wow, I am almost as excited as seacow I am currently working on my bachelors degree (3rd year) and I have taken the first half of my Tesol certificate program. although I do not plan on going into the education field, this could provide me with a year paid vacation :sl: Thank you for the info brother Yasnov
  6. Allies Feel Strain Of Afghan War

    :sl: Nice to see good ol fashionAmerican racism is alive and well. And Deiter is using the classical American racist template perfectly, which is: -Whenever there is a problem, which is almost always caused by Americans in the first place, the people/politicians will make a scapegoat out of race X (X= Native americans, Blacks, Japanese, Muslims, etc) - Mass amounts of racism is focused at race X, and race X is turned into the evil uncivilized people who's very existence is an affront to humanity itself. -If very very lucky then race X gets away with a few lynchings and segregated buses, but usually race X is killed on mass with the cheers and applauds of the American people. -rince and repeat It worked for Natives, blacks, Japanese, Germans, so why not also apply it to the Muslims
  7. :sl: Just a little off topic here why is that when there is a conspiracy theory against Zionists all the non Muslims act like its some kind of joke (and in fact it might be) but when conspiracy theory about Muslims come out the same people act like its 100% true? why the double standard? does any of this sound familiar? -they hate us for our freedom -the Muslims are trying to take over Europe, North America, Mars, etc -All Muslims are trained by birth to kill all the above are unfounded conspiracy theories but it seems like people just shut off their critical thinking portions of their brains when it involves Muslims (which I can probably argue is due to underlying racism, but thats for another time)
  8. :sl: First off an observation it seems that even the implication that the Holocaust, in all its entirety that they have been force feed (including myself), did not occur causes westerners to shutdown all brain function and go into extreme emotional overload and compete with each other to you a racist, anti semitic etc. Also why do these 6 million people who died get special treatment compared to the rest of the 54 million in my opinion treating these 6 million specially is a spit in the face to all the other human beings who died in WW2 WW2 was a great tragedy and we should not let one special interest group hijack it for their own person gains.
  9. Question about Dowry

    :sl: Sister, I do not wish to high jack your thread but its seem like the right place to as my question Can some one explain how dowry works as far as I know, in Islam it is up to the man to give a dowry to the brides family but in Pakistani culture it is always the brides family which gives the dowry I would be great full if some one can clear that up for me
  10. How The Fbi Framed A Muslim Charity

    :sl: Why am I not surprised that non of our regular non-Muslim members are hear bending over backwards condemning this like they seem to like to do with every time a Muslim even sneezes the wrong way. seems like Hypocrisy is the only language they like to speak.
  11. Main U.s Base Attacked

    :sl: so essentially what your saying is that any one who expresses an opinion other then the one you are already formulated, regardless of how credible that person is, you will simply not accept it and chalk it up as conspiracy theory............... and the award for the most closed minded individual goes to....... :sl:
  12. Taliban Butcher Five Afghans

    :j: Again, I find your empathy towards these Afghans shallow and insincere the only reason you even care they died is because your political enemies (Taliban) killed them if these officers had died trying to capture a thief or rapist you probably could careless about their families or loved ones. THANK YOU you have just proven my hypocrisy theory your no better then the people you claim to oppose when its people who are politically aligned with you, you seem to feel for them like your mother Teresa but when equally innocent people who have opposing political views as you die, it seems like you are content with a "job well done" attitude. You can say all the nasty things you want, but at the end of the day you are just trying to justify your hatred. last time I checked thous guys were not journalists and did not have multinational news channels where which had the power to form the opinions of the nation. Not that I don't support them, I just think their affect on society is limited to say the least. The hypocrisy here is so thick that you would need a chainsaw to cut it. you try and hide the fact that your no less blood thirsty then the people you claim to oppose by using the word "innocent" here is a news flash for you NO ONE IS INNOCENT not Osama, not Sadam and especially not the US government ok so Mr. Bin laden managed to take out a few thousand Americas, so how does the US government respond? by taking it to interpol or conducting other law enforcement campaigns? NO they go for the eye for an eye route, so they go out and kill nearly a MILLION innocent Muslims who had nothing to do with the 911 so your claim that you are only rejoicing in the killing of "terrorists and dictators" ring hollow and full of hypocrisy. Well first off how do you know I have not condemned them for extra judical killing? I have done so in previous forums, and perhaps you have not seen me do it, but that does not mean I have not done it previously. what I find sickening is that you want it both ways, you want people to condemn the Taliban but at the same time think its perfectly ok for the US to go around committing extra judicial murders as for sources, I can one up you I can provide you a source which shows something even more barbaric then hanging people from treas (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_en.wikipedia(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/wiki/Manadel_al-Jamadi"]Barbarians at their finest[/url] (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_en.wikipedia(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/wiki/Abu_Ghraib_torture_and_prisoner_abuse"]Truly revolting [/url] Now if that doesn't make your stomach turn, then I must question your status as a human being. yeah after reading your post its clear to me that you think as long as Americans or their allies torture and kill, then its perfectly Ok. but thanks for reminding us of your stance :sl:
  13. Main U.s Base Attacked

    :sl: you know taking the opinions of 20 people you met in University and then superimposing then an a nation of millions is just not a smart thing to do. It would be as if I took opinions of 15 KKK members and then said, well ALL of America hates every one who is not white. would you agree with that statement? BTW I have a friend who is from Afghanistan and is Muslim but hated the Taliban and I have another friend who is Sikh and is also from Afghanistan and he loved them take from that what you will
  14. Taliban Butcher Five Afghans

    :sl: Absolutly, any extrajudicial killing are wrong be they commited by Taliban or America or any one else. Now its your Turn, do you think all the torture and killing (outside of battle) of all these alleged militants, Taliban or otherwise, is wrong? or do you think that the only people who should be condemned for such acts are the Taliban, while it is perfectly ok for America to do the exact same thing?
  15. Islamic State Today

    :sl: Every nation on earth is excitable, you just have to push the right buttons. It also doesn't help that the Media seems to report every time a Muslim sneezes, but always seems absence when stuff like (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetnpr(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/templates/story/story.php?storyId=6505809"]this[/url] happens As for the music issue I am sorry Russ, I was not aware you spend a considerable amount of time in Muslim countries and came to the opposite conclusion that I did I mean what do I know, I was merely born in a Muslim country to a Muslim family and lived a large portion of my life there.