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  1. Science Fair Topic

    :D For the record, we ended up choosing "The effect of acidity on your teeth" on likewise, haven't really come up with title yet. Basically 5 teeth, one in each drink..so milk/water/energy drink eg:red bull/orange juice and good old coke. Keep for fortnight and analyse. Not v revoutionary i know but brings acidity/pH/sugar topics so kinda chemical twist. Lol i luved making rockets in school! esp when our physics teacher made a huge one that landed on the principal's car! Thank u so much muezza, slave and CS :D
  2. Zina!

    :D Truely i'm not sure what to make dua for. The dude sinned grossly and has created another living being in the process. Time to acept the consequences. No point crying over spilt milk. Indeed inshallah may he have learnt his lesson but i have little to no sympathy for him. Only person i have sympathy for his for the unborn child.
  3. Sick Of Being A Doormat-

    :D Hmm i had this problem (still do cuz old habits die hard). You're not wrong to refuse to do something. Neither are you insensitive, impatient or heartless. One can be compassionate but simultaneously refuse to do anything about it. Like Lateralus said quite insightfully, you know the answer already sis. Experiment with different ways of being assertive, saying no, and generally 'refusing' . Start off with a tiny change to your behaviour and watch other people's reactions. More importantly analyse now you feel. Mind, that after you have made a stand, you cannot appear wobbly and unsure. Make your statement strongly and confidently because you will know if you have a right to make it. If you do then there is no reason to feel insecure. If necessary, make your negative statement and then walk away...sometimes "Look, i'm very sorry for <situation> but perhaps things will inshallah ease off", end it with a smile to soften the 'blow' if you want. But no wossy smile now! Nor a smirk. Sincerity :D Often the person who is venting, is doing just that, venting. You don't need to 'hear' anything, but just be there for them. Ok look here is an example of 'experimentation' that i tried. One of many, cuz i think everybody is 'experimenting' in a sense as they are growing up :D There's a difference between listening and hearing. Listening is actually processing, evaluating and offering a constructive opinion. Hearing is just that: 'wind in the willows' :D I personally realised most people just want to be heard so unfortunately developed a terrible but incredibly useful vocabulary of "Jeez that's terrible," "Must have been so annoying/impossible/unreasonable" or the good old "Hmmmm, so true" This allowed me to stand there for 2 minutes 'hearing' while wondering whether i'd hung the washing/done my assignment right etc. Multi-tasking. (I'm wondering if i'll get a backlash from people now :D) But this strategy in moderation. You don't want to become a heartless individual. I say this cuz i realised at the end of my 'great experiment' that i could appear to be quite rude! So had to re-model my experiment :D Now to your other point: Assertiveness is being able to stand up for yourself, making sure your opinions and feelings are considered and not letting other people always get their way. It is not the same as aggressiveness. You can be assertive without being forceful or rude. Instead, it is stating clearly what you expect and insisting that your rights are considered. Really good site to read in your spare-time: "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.calipso.co.uk/downloads/Workbooks/workbook3_beingassertive.pdf"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.calipso.co.uk/downloads/Workboo...ngassertive.pdf[/url] Back to exam revision now :D
  4. :D Since this looks like a 'benchmark topic' can i ask what to expect after making the supplication. Some people say dreams, others say there's a 'feeling'. Can someone please verify. Jazakallah.
  5. Eavesdropping

    :D ^Oh true, i amend. Wasn't being open-minded sis. As some people have mentioned, if it is regarding the safety of others then i am sure this is legitimate. Just like lying to someone to protect a promise, although a last resort, is permissable. I think it's good to be 'aware' of your surroundings and what is going on. What comes to my head is siblings when you yourself are the older. In my opinion, it's responsible 'parenting' (even if u are siblings) to be well aware of each other's affairs even if it does mean the occasional eavesdrop. I do it to my sister. Maybe unethical but i usually just overhear for a few seconds. Then if anything disturbs me i bring it up in convo. Intentions are important simulatenously and respecting privacy. This isn't a contradiction. It's a responsiblity especially at certain ages. If it suits your situation, you can listen for a while but long enough to subside your uneasy thoughts. In other words, don't try to 'find' issues in conversation if there really are none :D
  6. Verbal Assault

    :D Subhanallah that was an awesome display of Peace! By the way, who's dh :D ?
  7. Why Not Me?

    :D U know sis, there are many people who are seeking spouses and are not able to. Then there are those who have sought their spouses, but in miserable relationships. I think you've definitely gotten the better of those two worlds! So why not practice sabr in the meantime and thank the Lord that you are saved from those situations :D Oh and perhaps you might find that your friends who fantasise with v high expectations for husbands will end up with just that: fantasies :D
  8. Eavesdropping

    :D Generally speaking, i think it's none of your business. Enough problems in the world as it is sis, no point willfully taking on somebody else's!
  9. No Problem!

    :D Lol what a take on life! I enjoyed that story (brother/sister? ) :D
  10. Marriage Worries

    :D You know ahm, my dad asked my mum (actually my grandpa did) for measurements for a new clothes. Lol she says she was naive but cracks up now when dad admits, he just wanted the info :D K nothing productive to add...duas as usual bro.
  11. No Pleasing My Parents

    :D Rahim, an a female who wishes to remain anonymous can post as just 'female.' That's why you get 10,000 'females' but they're all different ppl. Same with 'male.'
  12. Logging Difficulty

    :D I'm not sure about this, but i keep getting getting 'unlogged' and then when i try to relogin it might occur in my 2nd or 3rd try. Is it just me?
  13. 2034 Character Limit

    :D Can i just say that in my personal case Insignia, yes i do rather read 5 bite size posts than one chunky one. Even if u mean well brother and i often enjoy your posts, i find them easier to read in 'parts' :D
  14. Must Be More Than 1 Answer

    :D Just thought i should post this inshallah "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_63.175.194.25/index.php?ln=eng&QR=46592"]Ruling on wishing for death - Q&A Library- Islam Q&A[/url]
  15. Worry Time Or Think Time

    :D A 'worry time?!' I'm sorry to sound skeptical but sounds awfully 'perfect' to set aside worry time. I'd either worry all the time or for 5mins and then forget about it. But it sounds like an unique strategy so it'd be interesting to see if people actually use it successfully.