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  1. Would You...!?

    Even though I know it is legally allowable in many locations, this still feels incestuous to me. Also a bad idea for genetic reasons. Autumn Girl :D
  2. Your New Sister =)

    :D Ahh! Didn't see your introduction here before! It is now my turn to welcome you here! Autumn Girl
  3. Less Clutter ?

    :D I find the Join Date to be rather interesting when I read posts. Cool icon, Hasib! Autumn Girl
  4. Introducing Myself

    Sista Forida, I hope you do get to visit the us. There are some really pretty places here! I love traveling! Autumn Girl
  5. I Am Not Islam

    Welcome Wiccan32, So far I have found most of the folks here to be pretty friendly. The only garlic I throw is into my garden or into something I'm cooking. :D Autumn Girl (A Nice Jewish Girl)
  6. Question About Aliens

    I definitely think they exist, but I don't believe 99.99% of alien abduction stories. Like Thezman, I think the universe is too large for G-d not to have created life elsewhere. And anyway, I have been reading science fiction for far too long. Can't wait to meet the Vulcans! Autumn Girl
  7. Is The Correct Term Muslim Or Moslem?

    Thank you for your responses. The reason I had asked is because someone had told me that the term Moslem was not an OK term for some reason. With pleasure I will share about my religion. Indeed we are both the daughters and sons of Abraham. (We also say "Upon him Peace" as we do for others of honor) I suppose I need to start a new topic to do that. No time just now, but a little later. Autumn Girl :D
  8. Is the correct term Muslim or Moslem or is their a difference? If so, what? Autumn Girl
  9. Muslims Hate Jews And Christians !

    Thank you for sharing this. It gives me hope that we will again have good relations with one another. If I may share something I had heard....and I hope that it is true.....that during the chaos of the Iraq war, that Baghdad residents near the old Jewish quarter acted to protect the synaguges there from looters. My ex husband (who is an Iraqi Jew) has always said that they had good relations with their Muslim neighbors. Autumn Girl
  10. Hi, I'm not (www.)"http://glossary/glossary_m002.html#Muslim"]Muslim[/url] and don't mind saying so. In the healthcare world in which I work, one needs to obtain consent to divulge patient information. I think that it should be up to the individual member to say whether they do or do not want to have their religious affiliation shown in the member info blurb. While I am sure it may be helpful to some to know, it could be uncomfortable to non-Musims to be "outed" without having a chance to say it's OK. Autumn Girl (A Nice Jewish Girl)
  11. How Do I Turn On Skins?

    How do I turn on skins?? I am new and read about the different skins but can't find on the page where to turn them on or find the choices in user settings. Help! Autumn Girl
  12. Introducing Myself

    Hi, Thank you for the Welcome notes! And thank you for the welcoming drink. Don't mind if I do! Autumn Girl
  13. Introducing Myself

    Hi All, I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm here in the US and I love meeting people from all over. Middle Eastern food is my favorite. I hope to enjoy myself on this forum. It's getting pretty late and I'm tired, so I will probably browse more later. Autumn Girl