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  1. Huh?

    :D It goes back 10 days each yr :D
  2. Play Internet Tennis

    :D LOL
  3. Country

    :D I was born and raised in Australia (still here :D)....but I am from Turkey..makes sense? lol
  4. Islam in Australia (G'Day mates)

    :D I am in Melbourne :D
  5. Would You Regret..

    :D yes, I would very much... --I would wish I was a better daughter to him :D
  6. Would You Marry Someone You Met Online?

    :D Nope inshaAllah
  7. Beauty Of Maths!

    :D Interesting! subhanAllah :D for sharing
  8. Who Hijacked My Religion?

    :D Ah I like this bro's work :D I've watched a few others of his too.. mashaAllah
  9. Our Prophets Belongings

    :D :D for sharing I was fortunate enough to go Topkapi :D very nice place mashaAllah
  10. What Pizza Toppings...

    Wa alaykum salam, I love margherita pizza with pineapple :D Its delish!
  11. When Is Your Birthday ?

    Assalamu alaykum November 17 :D
  12. Kamal Uddin's New Album - Illallah

    :D yay Masha'Allah! I have his other album...didnt know about this one before .... :D Fi amanillah
  13. Your Age By Chocolate Math

    :D wow it worked :D Fi amanillah
  14. Kabah (flash)

    :D Masha'Allah! :D Looks great. :D for sharing Fi amanillah
  15. The Dream Wedding

    :D :D for sharing sister. A good read. I can't believe the amount of money people spend for a wedding and the amount of sins made :D ..So not worth it. Fi amanillah