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  1. Partition Between Men And Women During Salah

    :D ^^ lol...recommend that in ur masjid and see what the imaam thinks and then tell me But he did tell women ...."home is better for u " why do u think he said that ...i think because of the "irrational fitna" In any case..u can stick with ur opinions ..so peace
  2. Partition Between Men And Women During Salah

    :D Thts in the dunya..in the akhira every small deed of urs are taken in to account of its just like using microphones for salah...or should we "stick" to Qura'n and Sunnah. They're used in acts of worship or in matters pertaining to religion, but they themselves aren't acts of worship and have no bad effects(atleast i cant find any) How would it be different if there were no barrier..wht exactly would change except that there is more fitnah ? why do u like that better as opposed to not seeing the opposite sex at all ? i fail to see ur point here
  3. Partition Between Men And Women During Salah

    walaikumussalam u forget...the fornication of the eyes,fornication of the limbs etc
  4. Need Of A Translation For A Dua

    :D let me try O Allah dont hold me(responsible?) for what they say,and forgive me for that i do not know ,and make me better than what they say(about me ) plz correct me if iam wrong... walaikumussalam
  5. Fasting 6 Days Of Shawaal

    :D sis .shawwal is a month (so 29 or 30 days ) 1 month after eid ...this not over yet ....
  6. If The West Is So Evil....

    :D Note:by east i believe u implied muslims West is what west is ..they have gone far from the rules set by Allah .. .East is east because muslims have left their deen and blind follow their culture not giving importance to the Qura'n or the sunnah ..so "East and West are evil".East gets badmouthed by westerners and West by easterners (not in all cases thought)
  7. Praying In Salaah After Rukuh

    :D The difference of opinion is whether the person who joins the prayer in ruku' gets the raka'ah or not ...if u miss the ruku' i belive u miss the raka'h Islam-qa
  8. Predestiny....

    :D One question u could ask them is ... "Do u work ? " they will say "yes i do " u say :"Why do u work ..if Allah intends that u get money ...u will get anyhow ..if Allah intends that u dont get money ..u will Not whether u work or not...so u should stop working according to ur theory ..right?so whats wrong with ur logic" and make him think..
  9. Allah Revealed Through Coffee!

    oh ..those are non muslims cribbing ...never mind ..what u saw is urs..
  10. Main Differences Between Islam And Christianity?

    Yes,remorse is ofcourse needed when asking for forgivness I dont really know what u meant there if by confession u mean ..the confession to a priest ...NO ..we only confess our sins to God and its actually forbidden for us to make clear what Allah has hidden for you...ie talk abt your sins which Allah has hidden from the ppl
  11. Main Differences Between Islam And Christianity?

    :D to Muslims and peace to the rest... The intercession is different and the intercession is in the hereafter which can be done with the permission of Allah and is ONLY for those who committed sins among those who believed in "Islamic monotheism" ..the We dont ask other than Allah for intercession ...so our prayer for intercession would be like " O Allah ...include me in the intercession that u grant to the prophet " and not " O prophet intercede in front of Allah for me ..."[##][/##] and we dont believe in trinity either
  12. Predestination

  13. 5 Questions Non-muslims Would Like Answered

    I am from asia and Iam from the country which is infamous for the 2002 riots in which many muslims were burned alive by non-muslims ..some reports indicate this was done with the help of the government ..only Allah knows whats the truth the country is also infamous for attacks in public places by "(un)Islamic terrorists" once in say 6 months ...but i have never been branded a terrorist ...nor did i to take to the streets to prove myself ..SINCE I VERY WELL KNOW THE ACTIONS OF FEW have nothing to do with the religion and i have always despised those who kill non-combatant men women and children in the name of Islam whats the excuse of these "(un)Islamic terrorists " ,,they say "Kashmir" ...b
  14. 5 Questions Non-muslims Would Like Answered

    First let me tell u that the "(un)Islamic Militant" is misguided for killing innocent,men,women and youth ...if we have a rally will that make the child magically come back to life...if yes, iam ready for a rally ..till then NO and Do u think the terrorists are going to care if some ppl take to the streets ? Did Bush care ..NO ..Do the "(un)Islamic" terrorrists care ?...NO BECAUSE THATS THE DAMNED REASON THE TERRORISTS USE ..THEY SAY "BUSH KILLS " ...NOBODY IS JUSTIFYING ANY KILLING OF INNOCENT MEN ,WOMEN AND CHILDREN WE tell the terrorists and the ppl of their ideology "HAVE PATIENCE" and they say "BUSH KILLS..SO WE KILL TOO " its more of a retaliation based on emotion ...DONT U KNOW THIS IS THEIR EXCUSE ..WHY DO U THINK THEY BOMBED IN SAUDI ? and did the "great public outcry in israel. " bring the children back to life or prevent israel from killing further palestians...NO a BIG NO the terrorists dont care...nor will they ever care ..the evidences are sharon bush and the "(un)Islamic Militants"
  15. 5 Questions Non-muslims Would Like Answered

    What do u mean "we dont care" ??? Tell me have u opened our hearts and read whats inside...NO , what exactly do u want us to do to show that "we care" ? "taking to the streets" ..is that it ? How much bloodshood has the "revolutions" caused , In Islam if the muslim ruler is oppressive ,we are commanded to obey him in all that goes with the Law of Allah ,we are not allowed to revolt unless he forces us into disbelief Nor are we allowed to publicly crictisize a ruler ..why ..it doesnt really matter since i am just telling u what muslims believe and i dont think i need to justify everything to u. Wait think for a minute ...is democracy really the ideal form of govt...tell me what happend in philipines...how did ur current president come to power..Let me tell u straight ....democray is a western ideology ..if the country is really "islamic" democracy has no place in it .. We are not allowed to publicly crictisize the ruler unless they force us in to disblief...period . u dont like it - i cant help it . We are neither allowed to take non muslims as our protector or rulers . No if u are non-muslim citizen in a muslim country then u have all the rights..u can booze,fornicate and do whatever u want... u even have ur own set of rules .The Muslims will be ruled by the Shari'a and i dont think u would like to be ruled by Islamic law. Political propoganda ..dont ask me why or how..tell me honestly ..Do u think Iran is foolish enough to attack the powerful israel aided by its slave the US and the many of the western countries DID IT HELP .....MONTHLY ANTI BUSH RALLIES ..lol...this in itself shows u that rallies have not much affect ..he got elected again.