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  1. Is the sister really to blame?

    salaam alaikum, i think that (as many of u have previously said) if the girls covered, like properly, but she gets hit on, then hows that her fault? if shes beautiful, then shes beautiful! :D :D
  2. Salaam!

    salaams bro...welcome :D lookin forward to more of your posts :D salaam
  3. Asalamulaikum

    salaam sis...welcome to the forum :D congrats on marriage...u sed ur 'dawuds' wife, lol do we know him?
  4. Mhh Back After 1/2 A Year

    salaams mike :D im on mhh its a cool place...check it out everyone :D
  5. Salam

    salam brother :D hope u like it here :D does the beast happen to look like your avator? :D kiddin :D :D w/s :D
  6. I'm New

    salam sis :D welcome to you indeed :D keep active, im sure ul like it here :D :D w/s :D
  7. New Teen Alert:p

    salam sis :D new did you say? :D well dont be shy, we are nice people :D hope to see u in the sis section :D take care :D
  8. Salaam

    i would quote muslmah lillahs 'u bought the whole world in here' but i dont knw how it goes properly! :D
  9. Sibling's Interview

    ^^^ me too!! Allah ya'eenak! (may Allah help you) just remember to be confident (basically act like you know it all, lol) and think of all the hard work, itl pay off, inshallah. w/s brother an goodluck! :D an inform us on the outcome :D
  10. He Gave You

    alls been said sis, but il contribute.. mashallah it just makes you think though, subhanallah. lak alhamd wa lak alshukr ya rabb w/s
  11. Except.......

    ^^^so true :D ameen to the duas
  12. What I Lost Yesterday

    salam, i used to do that, but wen i was in secondary school, only to find wen i left, i left it all too. :D dont give up you neva know, maybe its to test ur patience... :D w/s :D
  13. ^^^ good one, totally agree :D
  14. Prayers In Arabic?

    good question. if youre on about salah (the obligatory prayers) its because it was how the prophet did it, and we follow his sunnah. that is how its been done for 1427 years or so, its unchanged, just like the quran. an if u mean prayers as in Duas, then u can pray to Allah in any language, during your salah though u dont go and start talking your language..no...lol hope thats helped you :D w/s :D
  15. Giving Kiddos Chores

    mashallah, intriguing topic. threatin did anyone say, its more like the opposite with me, especially my lil sis (my bro i can control B) ) shes always gettin me into trouble :D :D :D :D w/s