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  1. Challenging Quiz!

    I am just giving it a shot.... Is it 1. Fathima 2. Mariam 3. Aysha 4. Asiya
  2. The Issue Of Growing A Beard In Islam

    I do agree that growing a beard is of utmost importance in Islam and for muslims. However, certain doubts keep annoying me when this issue comes up. 1. In this world, where people leave their home country in search of a livelihood, we end up working for companies that require their staff to be presentable (in their set of ways) by being clean shave. Or if the person keeps a beard but has o be neatly kept. Like a full grown beard. Certain companies even forbid keeping a beard. What is the position of such muslims. It may be inappropriate for them to leave their job due to their financial problems. And in most cases, its not always necessary that the person has a fully grown beard. It may be incomplete or few hairs hear and there. To say in short, a hairless beard that looks really unpleasing. WHAT SHOULD SUCH PERSON DO? 2. In some cases, due to the unpleasing look an incomplete beard creates, certain wifes compell their husbands to shave their beard. Or sometimes they complain that the beard is making them uneasy especially in bed. WHAT STAND SHOULD SUCH HUSBANDS TAKE? If someone could throw more light from this point of view is really appreciable regards PSM