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  1. Koran Or Q'uran? Or Something Else?

    Salams to all well i spell that in arabic ÞÑÂä if i wrote it in english then Qur'an coz the alif is after the R not the Q but now as the brother mensioned above i think Qur'aan is closer to the arabic spelling since its a "madd" and not "Alif" after the R anyway the question is DOES IT REALLY MATTER how it is spelled especially to those who are not arabs...? wassalaam :D
  2. Make Me Pure....but Not Yet

    Salams to all and ameen to all du'as :D it's happening with all of us..delaying and delaying till when i don't know? who can guarantee to live till the next second...Allah will ask us about how we spent our time...we know all this but still we keep on delayinggg ...insha Allah this will change starting this moment ! may Allah be with all ...salam
  3. Your Favourite Qur'an Reciter?

    Salam alaikom all mine is Mshary bin rashid Al-afasy ..he has a channel on tv reciting all day :D ...i heard that his reciting in Taraweeh Salah is even better than the recorded W/S
  4. Judgement Day

    Salam alaikom ameen :D
  5. Brainstorm: Desserts

    Salamssssssssss those recipies seem deleciouss :D i just lovee dessertssss :D about the last one i couldn't imagine...lemon pudding with white chocolate maybe it will be nice but i am not sure good luck with ur new hobby insha Allah :D
  6. Skin Blemishes, Marks

    Salam brother :D well as i said before scrubs are good for lightening the dark spots coz they help in producing new skin... about the St. Ives scrub i guess it's daily... and now about the beard ...i don't think it will make u look older but even if it did so what?? ..i think a beard would be nice ..if u take care of it ..if its always clean and tidyyy... :D all the best
  7. My Eyes Are Tired...

    Salam brother :D when i was at the hostel a year ago my eyes got infected badly...no pharmacies near ...so all the girls told me that TEA is the cure for that...i found that silly but when i tried it it really helped very quickly ...my eyes were almost cured the next day...and they told me its also good for eyes in general not only infections...it gives them moisture and shine ...i only tried that when i got infected so i dont know about the rest...its tea without suger :D ..ALSO IT SHOULDNT BE HOT...JUST A LITTEL BIT WARM NOT SO WARM...put that on a piece of cotton one brother mensioned lemon!! isnt it acidic ...wont it hurt the eyes?? inshaAllah u will feel better soon ...sleep well and don't stare at the pc closely ma'lsalama :D
  8. Skin Blemishes, Marks

    Salam alaikom brotherr I don't know if u still have pimples or just thier marks but if u still have pimples and ur skin is oily then Neutrogena products are excellent ...use the daily scrub it will make u feel completely different it helps alottttt..especially with the dark spots..u have to use a moisturiser afterwards and ofcourse "OIL FREE" these u can get for an afordable price i dont think they r expensive "well atleast from where i am they r not expensive"...don't expose ur skin to the sun...use a good sunblock..i've tried avon products before they are good but neutrogena worked much much better with me ...i don't know about u...hmmm what else ??? if u asked a dermatologist he can give u something maybe a cream to reduce the marks... i am not so sure about home made mixes anyway some may tell u a mix of "honey and lemon" is good ...or strawberry with yogurt :D i never tried a home made mix and i dont think i will :D that's all i have inshaAllah these will go soon :D
  9. Letter To My Lord

    Salam brother i find ur poem so nice and honest. :D ....plz always share with us :D and ameen for the du'as
  10. Means To Marry

    Salams what is the traveller? :D "i don't mean the translation of the word traveller"
  11. Need Allah's Help With Project...

    Salam brotherr well inshaAllah u will do very well..may Allah help u and be with uuu ameen i always have many many things to do that i even don't know where to begin...so i just begin somewhere ... :D ...when i keep delaying things i will have to stay awake for tow or three days to get them done :D by the way what kind of projects are u working on...are u an architect? "i am just making a guess"
  12. I Want To Die Again...

    Salamo alaikom brotherrrr who said u r bothering anyone?????? ppl here are nice and u can share opinions with them easliy even if there was disagreements... and i want to say that u must not blame urself for whatever happenes in the world or whatever happened in ur family...tragedies and problems do happen this is the world not heaven...it doesn't mean that Allah is punishing u for being horrible...and how did u judge urself to be horrible? because u have ur issues? well everybody have issues and problems it doesn't make them horrible..its how u deal with these issues that matters...don't loose hope in Allah i assure u that if u went to him in du'a he wont turn away if u were honest and scincere ..it's just that he knows when to answer these calls and maybe the right time isn't now about ur job Allah himself said " Allah burdens not a person beyond his scope..." ( 1: 286 ) so dont burden urself beyong ur scope ...maybe ur hate for ur job is excused if its exhausting u ..but can't u look for another one that suites u more..one of less burden even if the income also is a bit less than before..i am not telling u to make any risks u have to make sure that u find a better job first and be accepted at it then quit the first one ...risks are not recommended now yet and u have to find some companyyyyyy...try with the muslim community in ur country especially (jum'ah salah) meet new muslims maybe they can company u and support u ...insha Allah amenn anyway we r here to help no one hates u as u said :D insha Allah u will find the right way amen it's important now to get some helpp as the brother mensioned above don't do it alone salams again brother bel Tawfiqq pls ppl correct me if needed
  13. Coconut Milk

    Salam brotherr :D i never tried it ..i guess they drink it plain..they r used to it so no stomache pains for themm coconut isnt much good for health but its liquid is good...i heard so
  14. Age Difference...marriage

    :D Salam i know the actuall meaning of the word but what i meant was..what r u expecting from a nieve girl??? i think every person in his teenage will become more negative with insecure feelings...its a level..most of us go through this in thier teenage "i didn't say all of us" anyway what is said in the quote at the top of ur post " ...friendly eager eyes ...etc" it applies on every positive person who have faith and hope in Allah that he will make everything better ...and not nessesarly only on naive girls no hard feelings :D