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  1. It Is Done.

    I came to this board looking for answers. I found more then I could of ever hoped for. I am a 16 year old male who has been raised by his Christian father. My father is a devout christian but his family is worse. You know, the typical christian family who is non-tolerant and muslim-bashing. My mother is Jewish and her family is insane. They are zionists and their actions scare me sometimes. I had strong Christian faith, but it had been faltering on one main issue. First: lack of faith The lack of faith in America today is unbelievable. This "Christian" nation now won't even say Merry Christmas to anyone anymore! CHRISTMAS IS BECOMING POLITCALLY INCORRECT. How can God allow this true religion to become so easily overlooked? I look at muslim countries. I look past the internal problems, like terrorism and extremism. I see DEVOTION, I see FAITH. I don't see these things will American "Christians". I SEE ONLY DOUBT! THis is why I came here. For a long time I have read about Islam, rejecting its notions as blasphemy. But now I have come to realize I was wrong. Islam IS the true faith. I Have read from the Quran now, and I have gotten my questions answered. I have never felt more sure in my life. As I read the declaration of faith, I have never felt a closer connection to God. Thank you all! One more question: How Do I change my religion on my icon?
  2. The Gospel Of Paul

    I agree fully with the above poster.
  3. Doing Horrible In School

    Assalamo alaikum! Well I have some problems :D I'm doing horrible in school! I'm FAILING Algebra-2!!! I have a D in European History AP and I have 2 cs + 2bs. IM GOING TO BE KILLED! This is really depressing me, and I know I can do better... But it is my fault. I've been spending 75% of my study time on Islam and going to the Masjid :D after i show my dad these grades i wont be allowed outside for years! SO yeah........................it seems like ive been consumed into this religion so much that i find myself reading the Qu'ran during class! I can't put it down! I've also been reading the bible and comparing stuff and getting really indepth with the Qu'ran.... As some of you know im 16 and I am a sophmore in high school. I know what your thinking, the normal kid isn't obsessed with his religion: BUT I AM! Thats honestly all I want to learn about!! either way i feel like im failing life, if anyone has any advice i would greatly appreciate it... :D
  4. Punishment Of Committin Zina!

    i dont know the exact punishment, but what i've gathered from the various punishments... it's not gonna be pretty;. :D
  5. Relationships In Islam

    assalamo alaikum first issue i read and now im hooked... INCREDIBLE site!
  6. Brothers And Sisters Please Do Not Support Hip Hop And Rap Music

    I have never liked rap, but May Allah Guide these misguided souls.
  7. Danish Firm Seeks Muslim Row End

    I couldn't of put it better myself zukiful.
  8. What Can Islam Offer The West, And Its Converts

    I am also a revert to Islam and I am 16 years old so you may not get some of the "wiser" answers you may be seeking. About western society... quite frankly Islam and west "culture" (if you can call immorality culture) doesn't mix well. I find it easier to avoid things that are obviously haram (forbidden). Case in point, I don't speak to non-muslim women much at all. I also stay away from people who do too haram things (drink, smoke, or do drugs). Islam teaches a few things the west ignores. I'll just point out a very obvious thing, women don't cover up and men don't lower their gaze! Islam can teach the west to become more modest. An Islam society would not have immoral television shows and movies. Cursing, and sexual content would be very limited. Women would not be seen as "sex items", but instead as just people. Also, it would teach the west to care about everyone around them, and worship God again. A lot of westerners are SICK of our culture. In fact, thats one of the reasons I converted. I was sick of my American do anything culture. A lot of the reverts would be satisfied that they can now live both a pious and moral life with Islam. The most beautiful thing about Islam for me is the qur'an itself. It makes me happy to read it, and it makes me happy to hear it recited.
  9. Palace & Mosque

    Maybe its a sign?
  10. Fitness Classes Without Music?

    Music is haram, there should be no debate on this topic.
  11. Muslim Mayhave Discovered America Before Columbus.

    Thats awesome!
  12. Mecca Dream For Aged Pilgrim

    That is truly amazing!
  13. White-caucasian In The Middle East?

    I am a pretty white guy, I'm American and although this may seem unfair, but I am actually kind of scared of what people COULD do in a muslim country to a person who looks non-muslim. Are there any Muslim countries that have a good reputation for being tolerant to those who are not arab?
  14. Offensive Commercial

    I was just sent this link by a friend. I also heard that this commercial is being broadcasted in Europe. This is terrible... Why isn't there huge outlash against this? This video did not make me laugh, if anything it made me mad. I'm interested in your take on this... (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_video.google(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/videoplay?docid=4405425912197643085&q=Volkswagen"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_video.google(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/videoplay?docid=44...85&q=Volkswagen[/url]
  15. Salam! Praise Allah for guiding another soul to his religion. I too have reverted to Islam, and I have never been happier. :D May Allah make your reversion an easy change!
  16. Embryology

    PEACE CELTIC!! I would like to answer your statement about The hadith of the babies VS genetics. I just did a quick google search and came up with this... (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_fcd.ecitizen.gov.sg/ChildrenNParenthood"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_fcd.ecitizen.gov.sg/ChildrenNParenthood[/url] It clearly states "Women should also avoid orgasms when trying for girls" "When a woman has an orgasm, the body releases a kind of substance that makes the environment more alkaline, and hence more ideal for the male sperm to survive" How do you respond to this? If the Hadith is true, Yet another proof of Islam!
  17. Gospel Of Barnabas

    I have been reading about the Gospel of Barnabas and it really does seem to be a complete forgery. No true Muslim would accept this Gospel as truth, for it has many contradictions and it calls Muhammad the Messiah!
  18. Gospel Of Barnabas

    Do we accept the Gospel of Barnabas?
  19. Being Forced To Go To Church

    :D Yeah well bascially I haven't told my family of my conversion because of well... My life would be Hell. I didn't want to go to church but today I got the order: "Get ready by 5pm, we are going to church". Up until this I have concealed my conversion carefully :D I go out to the Masjid after school (when I'm usually in school clubs and the like) and I talk with my new muslim brethren through e-mail. Should I just outward refuse? (Doing so will result in massive punishment, and I'd probably be dragged there anyway) I have been to this church before and it is a pretty liberal one. Its a methodist church and they don't actively worship Jesus. It is more of a focus on God... So I don't feel THAT bad in going. I will not worship Jesus when I go there, nor will I cause any trouble. I'll just be quiet and listen to the sermon which usually concerns the birth of Jesus &/or some of his life. Please respond quickly! (Only 3hrs :D )
  20. Being Forced To Go To Church

    I just came back... If anything this going made my Muslim faith stronger. The whole attention towards the Godship of Jesus actually made me sick inside. How they were worshipping this man... How could they do this... I mean it is like insulting God... All the singing... All they do is sing. Even when I was christian, I always thought music/singing did not belong in a service. I felt sick when my dad handed me 5 bucks to put in the tithing plate. I felt sick. I left with a stronger heart in the faith of Allah the only God who has no partners. Seeing the cross... Seeing the pictures of Jesus and everything. The masjid is 100X more inviting.
  21. Being Forced To Go To Church

    thanks :D
  22. Being Forced To Go To Church

    Well, it looks like I'm going. I'll go in peace but I'll go with a firm belief that wont be shaken.
  23. Offensive Commercial

    Well if this wasn't indeed shown on UK TV, thats good. Either way the creator of this AD is very cruel.
  24. Offensive Commercial

    I talked to a member of this forum and they said they saw it on UK airways
  25. Offensive Commercial

    It IS being shown in the UK! :D (Or has been in the past)