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  1. Internet Explorer/msn

    yea service pack 2 is freely available on the net,get it and it will solve your problem
  2. you have forgotten there to mention western media i your options-it does the most harm acording to me
  3. Translating "çáóç" Into Arabic Script

    i too faced a similar problem with the arabic fonts
  4. In The Hands Of The Taliban

    no reply yet :D
  5. Medical Check Up Before Marriage

    this really made me laugh :D :D :D
  6. Salaams Everyone

    :D :D :D
  7. Salaams Everyone

    they just told me to sit back and enjoy my welcome drink but never gave it to me really :D
  8. Alright People?

    is that sister really 100 years old,i think we have to convince her then to become a muslim because she has very little time left and i dont want her to go to hell :D
  9. In The Hands Of The Taliban

    i wanted to know where can i get the e-book in the hands of the taliban written by sister yuone ridley can anyone provide me the link
  10. Medical Check Up Before Marriage

    no way how could i what would my parents think what would the girls parents think and what would the girl think of me :D :D :D
  11. 50 Posts For Starters Are Too Much

    no problem sister that you have asked this-some people say that number 13 is unlucky but i dont believe in such stupid things,i have stated here just to have fun and to finish my first 50 posts to completely unlock the forum. but i really wanna know what is the purpose of 50 posts for new members?
  12. 50 Posts For Starters Are Too Much

    sister why did u mention the unlucky number 13 so i had to post this to make it 12-lol :D :D
  13. Things About Women

    :D it is good to see the sisters accepting the truth here and not fighting with the brothers for this :D
  14. Thicker Hair

    is this has any scientific proof
  15. Would You...!?

    never they are like my sisters as i dont have any sisters of my own