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  1. In The Hands Of The Taliban

    i wanted to know where can i get the e-book in the hands of the taliban written by sister yuone ridley can anyone provide me the link
  2. Internet Explorer/msn

    yea service pack 2 is freely available on the net,get it and it will solve your problem
  3. you have forgotten there to mention western media i your options-it does the most harm acording to me
  4. Translating "çáóç" Into Arabic Script

    i too faced a similar problem with the arabic fonts
  5. In The Hands Of The Taliban

    no reply yet :D
  6. Medical Check Up Before Marriage

    this really made me laugh :D :D :D
  7. Salaams Everyone

    :D :D :D
  8. Salaams Everyone

    they just told me to sit back and enjoy my welcome drink but never gave it to me really :D
  9. Alright People?

    is that sister really 100 years old,i think we have to convince her then to become a muslim because she has very little time left and i dont want her to go to hell :D
  10. Medical Check Up Before Marriage

    no way how could i what would my parents think what would the girls parents think and what would the girl think of me :D :D :D
  11. 50 compulsory posts to be able to post everywhere is a bit too much i think and it should be reduced to 30 so that one does not get annoyed? i would like to see what others have to say about this.
  12. 50 Posts For Starters Are Too Much

    no problem sister that you have asked this-some people say that number 13 is unlucky but i dont believe in such stupid things,i have stated here just to have fun and to finish my first 50 posts to completely unlock the forum. but i really wanna know what is the purpose of 50 posts for new members?
  13. 50 Posts For Starters Are Too Much

    sister why did u mention the unlucky number 13 so i had to post this to make it 12-lol :D :D
  14. Things About Women

    :D it is good to see the sisters accepting the truth here and not fighting with the brothers for this :D
  15. Thicker Hair

    is this has any scientific proof
  16. Would You...!?

    never they are like my sisters as i dont have any sisters of my own
  17. Be Aware Of Spyware!

    mention not akhi :D
  18. I Need Help With Something

    you can give them money or some jewellary which is a very good gift(ring,earrings,pendants,et )
  19. Wasim

    sister you told me also the same thing but actually never gave it to me :D
  20. Be Aware Of Spyware!

    spybot-search and destroy is also very good and the most good thing is that it is freeware :D
  21. Speech On Something

    sister nothing to worry about here are a few tips for you which may help you inshallah 1.in a debate never get nervous,have confidence in yourself and first of all brgin with bismillah 2.think that the audience in front of you are donkeys :D that will give you confidence to speak freely 3.what ever you have to say,say in such a way that you know the subject very well that will loook impressive may Allah help you and tell me what was the result :D
  22. Assalamalikum

    assalamalikum to all my brothers and sister my nick is abdulsamad and i am new to this forum.i am from india and my main objective in registering in this forum is to do some kind of service to Islam.may Allah help me in this.ameen
  23. Devoted Moderators

    i will add you brother then i will see if i can be of any help to you
  24. I Am Not A Christian

    they have done the job for you