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  1. The Great Debates...

    :D dont miss the last lecture on the 25th!... the first two were excellent! :D :D THE QURAN OR THE BIBLE, WHICH IS THE WORD OF GOD? FRIDAY 17TH FEBUARY IS JESUS GOD 18TH FEBUARY THE WAY TO PARADISE 25TH FEBUARY :D DIAA MOHAMED & DR PETER BARNES BANKSTOWN TOWN HALL COSTS $5 6.30PM SHARP ---------------------------------------------------
  2. Islam in Australia (G'Day mates)

    asalam alaikum... lol, bit of a late reply here sis emel, :D thankfully the riots ended ages ago, but i still feel tension around... hope nothing else happens, the riots were really bad its shocking anyone watch 60 minutes today?? or did anyone go to the discussion forum that held in syd bout the riots?? it was pretty good.
  3. Salam From Sydney!

    Asalam Alaikum xenos... Welcome to the forum... :D yep im from syd, omg how can u watch cricket, it's soo boring, lol :D
  4. Request Thats Urgent...

    :D just click on the link below and you will be donating to the Paki Earthquake appeal. (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_simplyislam(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/clickforcharity.asp"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_simplyislam(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/clickforcharity.asp[/url] it will take 15 seconds no joke please email this to as many ppl u can may Allah (swt) give us the wisdom to appreciate what we have wasalam
  5. Paradise?

    :D recently a person mentioned to me about the Hur al-`Ayn in paradise, she was reading a book describing them and paradise etc. but she said that this book was aimed mainly at men and how they will be given hur's, so i'd like to know more about this topic if anyone has any links and also about what us women will have in jannah i saw a post here a while ago aimed for women mostly, but i cant seem to find it anymore jazakaAllah kheir
  6. Are You Possessed Or Just Paranoid

    asalam alaikum jazakallah kheir brother... inshallah this would be a good talk to go to :D and its just down the street.. cool :D wa alaykoum as salam
  7. Henna?

    Asalam Alaikum... My question is with regards to Henna paste which is a natural substance that can be used on the hair, aswell as for decorative purposes eg- on the skin. Is it considered haram to put it on places that show like the hands? Also i heard that if it is not removed after 24 hours the wudu' is nullified, is this true? if yes, i'd like to know why? As i always thought that henna was absorbed in the skin, and not as a covering on the skin, which will then obviously nullify the wudu'? jazak Allah kheir
  8. Prayer...

    :D My question is with regard to salat... It's true that when we perform salat with jama3a, (other people) you get double rewards than if you were to pray alone right? However if there are a couple of women say 2 or 3 who want to prey together, is it permissible for one of them to be imam and say "allahu akbar" etc out loud to lead the others... as there is no male present to be imam?? jazak'Allah kheir in adavance wsalam
  9. Repentance For Sin

    asalam alaikum i got asked this question , and would like some extra info and backup about it please... jazakum Allah kheir
  10. Woman Leads Friday Prey

    salam aliakum dont know if u read this before, but i just thought id put it up here and see what u all think... :D :D :D "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_news.bbc.co.uk/go/em/fr/-/2/hi/americas/4361931.stm"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_news.bbc.co.uk/go/em/fr/-/2/hi/americas/4361931.stm[/url]
  11. Hijab According To..!

    salam alaikum i came across this a few days ago while browsing!! have a look this is there idea of mocking hijab!!!! *Link Removed* Please do not promote such websites. Shukran Typical!
  12. Austrailia: March, 2005, Sh. Khalid Yaseen!

    salam aalaikum hmmm???
  13. Austrailia: March, 2005, Sh. Khalid Yaseen!

    salams sis do you know if he's coming to sydney aswell this year?? jazakss
  14. Prophets and messengers, ???

    Asalam alaikum i've got a question, ok, what i would like to know is, what is the exact difference between a Nabi (prophet) and a rasoul (messenger)?? what was each's role?? And is this right, "All messengers are prophets, but not all prophets are messengers"? Cos some ppl say its vice-versa... and i always thought the first way was correct...:S Only those prophets are messengers which had a divine revelation revealed to them rite??? hope i've made sense Jazakumallah kheir :D

    asalam alaikum indeed very interesting jazzakumallah kheir for sharing