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  1. Salam Alaikum I have started an Islamic Webring in order to help promote Islamic websites. Please feel free to submit your sites and join up. (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_path-to-peace(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/ring/ringmaker.php?Add"]click here to join[using large font size is not allowed][/url] It is a free service - please be sure to add the code to your sites so that the ring dosent get broken. After you add the code to your site this is what will appear: ######you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_img201.imageshack.us/img201/8883/awc83xk.jpg[/img] And thats it... For those wondering what a web ring is.... Well its a ring of sites each linked to each other by a small piece of code. Visitors to the site can view each site one after the other if they wish or bring up a random site. bro aku
  2. War On Illiteracy

    Salam Alaikum, Peace be Upon you all, The final Prophet of God, Mohammed peace be upon him was illiterate, he could neither write nor read. Yet the teachings sent through him changed the face of the world for all times to come. From the small desert city of Mecca, hardly the size of a modern day neighborhood, came this man and taught the Arabs right from wrong. To him was given a book called the Quran, God final revelation to humanity for all times to come, it was revealed with the words, "Read, Read, Read in the name of your Lord who created you from a clot of blood" Soon after the death of Mohammed peace be upon him, Islam spread like wildfire all over Arabia, Asia and some parts of Europe. Its spread was immediately slandered to be 'by the sword' but in fact the reality was far from it. In a time where Kings and Queens were seen as 'incontestable' and the women were oppressed widely and freedom of speech was not even heard of, Islam was bringing these teachings to humanity. Black, white, men, women were given honor and held as equals, given the right to speak openly and not be second to any man or woman whether by birth right or by skin color. People of different religions were given rights as well and were protected under the Islamic state and the law protected their places of worship against desecration. These teachings were welcomed by all who embraced Islam, and in turn toppling their governments and so Islam spread very fast. The Islamic Empire was so huge that it spanned parts of three continents, Africa, Asia and Europe. From Spain to India Islam liberated people and enlightened them. The progress made in these times is a testament to the beauty of Islamic teachings. Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Chinese and Pagan scientists all sat together with no fear of being persecuted, and discussed science and experimented freely. The progress made was so fast that historians record that in the middle ages a Church in Europe was lucky to have 4 or 5 books made of parchment, while common Muslim households under the Islamic empire had dozens of books printed on paper. Knowledge was shared and propagated to all those who wished to gain it. There were countless libraries with books ranging from Archeology to Zoology. These were the golden ages of the Islamic Empire, liberated, and enlightened. Education was the key to it all. The prophet had instructed all Muslims to seek education and made it compulsory upon all men and women to be educated. And so it was, majority of Muslims were able to read and write and so were enlightened. Then came the days to pass where it was time for the Islamic empire to crumble by the will of Allah. As all things must die, so did the Islamic Caliphate and it became divided and fragmented. The great libraries and houses of learning were lost and education eventually become a whisper in the air. The majority once enlightened, over the centuries, became the ignorant. Once a companion of the Prophet had said, "The man of learning lives even after his death: the ignorant man is dead, while still alive" (Ali ra). And so it came to pass, the majority Muslims became the living dead on this very Earth. Indulging in practices which were against the teachings of Islam. Learning cultural and nationalistic identities over the teachings of Allah. This was the true beginning of the dark ages for the Muslims, a stage when the lamp of knowledge dwindled in the winds of ignorance, the darkness of illiteracy dimming out the light which the lamp once gave. Currently as the position stands, more than 70% of all the population of the Muslims is illiterate! In Pakistan alone illiteracy is over 90% and this is the only nuclear power of the Muslims! So just imagine how bad it must be in other states? Our world has become small and restricted not because we are invaded, but because we are illiterate. We are failing to see properly and appreciate the greatness of Allah's creation and learn from it and advance ourselves with these lessons. Another companion of the Prophet once said, "The educated man sees with both heart and mind: the ignoramus sees only with his eyes" (Abu Bakr ra). And so it has come to pass that this is what our state has unfortunately become. How many illiterate people do you know? I personally know many from my very neighborhood alone. Yet do we do anything to help educate? The prophet sacrificed his entire life to bring us the gift of the Quran, a very revelation beginning with words of instructions, telling people to read. When the Prophet was first told to read, he replied, "But I cannot read". Are our brothers and sisters in the same position? When we tell others to read the Quran, can they really read? Or should we help them gain this ability so they can fulfill the instruction in the first revelation: READ. Let us take on the struggle of educating our brothers and sisters, a simple task, let us contribute to educate someone to learn to read and write. Let us be the bearer of good tidings for the nation of the Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him, that when the light of enlightenment was threatened to be extinguished, we did not sit and do nothing, but we stood up for the moment and fought to keep it kindled and burning brighter than ever. Let us make this resolve and start God willing and may the help of Allah be with us on this mission. Ameen.
  3. Secrets Of Your Name

    I got this Name: Akbar Friendship Level: 13% ------------------------- Acronym: A -- alert K -- kind B -- bold A -- able R -- refreshing --------------------------- ####tail: How to make a Akbar Ingredients: 5 parts mercy 5 parts competetiveness 3 parts joy Method: Layer ingredients in a shot glass Add a little curiosity if desired! ------------------------- Warning sign: THINK! Akbar goes on and on forever -------------------------
  4. Secrets Of Your Name

    salam alaikum here is something for for everyone put ur name in and it will give you your 'name secrets' (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_path-to-peace(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/forum/index.php?page=26"][/url] its for fun so dont take it serious lol Insha'Allah in the future i intend to add a names meaning database to this thingie as well enjoy
  5. :D Well I finally got around to uploading part of my collection of graphics ive been collecting over the years from the net Right now there are: Total graphics now: 4137 - icons: 1611 - Smileys: 1386 - Blinkeys: 437 - Aimations: 703 - 0 Icons (will add them later) - 0 Misc Graphics (will add them later) Added: - BB code for easy copy and paste under each pic in full view - Add to lightbox checkboxes for easy adding to favs and downloading as zip It took a lot of time doing the batch uploads - phew - but finally got them in. Had to do it like 2 times cos once I made a mistake and ended up deleting all the albums lol. (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_path-to-peace(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/forum/coppermine/index.php"]Visit Aku's Graphics Collection[/url] Also if you find it useful, please do join up on my forum :D as a gesture of appretiation - you dont have to , but just in case u feel like it - feel free (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_path-to-peace(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/forum/"]Join Aku's forum[/url] Aku :D
  6. Eid Mubarak Everyone

    Some eid humour for you all :D lol
  7. Eid Mubarak from Bro Aku & Sis Hana
  8. Radio Al-islam [live]

    Salam Alaikum, Now you can listen to live Islamic radio from around the world while browsing any where on the net easily and fast. (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_path-to-peace(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/forum/ral.html"]Simply click here - when the new window opens click the lil yellow radio[/url] There are 12 stations currently available insha'Allah in the furute we will add more. This is a free service so feel free to use and tell others about it as well. ====================For Webmasters==================== ===== You can easily put this on your site without any adverts appearing or any visitors being diverted from your site at all! All you will see appear on your site is the little yellow radio with the green title bar!! Simply cut and paste the code below to your webpage and it will show up and only requires a single click from your visitors to enjoy! <table border="0" width="165" id="table1" cellpadding="0" style="border-collapse: collapse"> <tr> <td width="30" align="center" bgcolor="#008000"> <font face="Verdana" color="#FFFFFF"> <a href="http://path-to-peace(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/forum/index.php?action=radio" onclick="window.open('http://path-to-peace(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/forum/index.php?action=radio','Radio','height=242,width=538'); return false;"><img border="0" src="http://path-to-peace(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/forum/myradio.gif" width="30" height="30" align="left"></a></font></td> <td width="75%" align="center" bgcolor="#008000"><b> <font face="Verdana" size="2" color="#FFFFFF"><a href="http://path-to-peace(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/forum/index.php?action=radio" onclick="window.open('http://path-to-peace(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/forum/index.php?action=radio','Radio','height=242,width=538'); return false;"> <font color="#FFFFFF">Live Radio</font></a></font></b></td> </tr> <tr> <td colspan="2" align="center"><font face="Verdana" size="1">Listen to live radio stations from around the globe!<br>Click the radio to Launch!</font></td> </tr> </table>
  9. The Alienation of the Muslims In todays world we find ourselves alienated from the rest of the world, some blame the west, others blame Islam itself, who is to blame? We can learn a lot from the stories of generations past, let us take a short journey into the past to learn. The leader and lamp of knowledge of the Muslims, Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, the last and final messenger of Allah Almighty, once said, "Education is a compulsory duty on all Muslim men and women". In another saying his eminence Peace be upon him said, "Gain knowledge even if you have to travel to China", and indeed the Muslims did travel to China and gained much knowledge from there, learning from the Chinese in humility and sharing what they knew. One of the technologies that the acquired from the Chinese and infact refined it was the gun powder. Prior to that only the Chinese had possessed the knowledge and use of gunpowder. However the Muslims did not proclaim "Do not use it, it is imitating the kuffar" but in fact embraced this knowledge and technology. In the universities of Baghdad, engrossed deeply in the pursuit of deeper insight, sat together scholars from China, India, Persia, Arabia, Jeureslem, some parts of Europe even. Muslims, Christians, Jewish, Hindus, Buddhists, all united under a banner of peace working together for the quest for knowledge. What was most notably unique about these meetings, history records, is that they were not over shadowed by religion. The Muslims did not declare things haram or halal and the hindus would not be doing yoga and the Christians were not pinning crosses on everything. But infact they kept these research groups plainly scientific, arguments and counterarguments were derived from knowledge of science and observation and not fom religious view point. Ah yes this was Islam, a way of life which harmoniously blends in with the pursuit for knowledge, making life simple not complicated. In Muslim ruled Jeuresulem, Christian, Jewish and Muslim citizens lived side by side in peace, aiding each other in normal everyday life activities. Churches, Masjids and Synigogs all existing in the same city, freedom of worship and liberty. The people united because of the justice that prevailed in the lands. One famous story is that of a Christian Bishop inviting the Leader of the Muslims to pray in a Church because there was no Masjid around. He said, "It too is a house of God, then pray in it." The Muslim leader out of care and thoughtfulness replied, "I fear that if I pray in the Church then future generations of Muslims may make it an excuse to descerate Churches and turn them into Masjids." Wonderous Islam, the path of Peace and love, people of different colors, way of lives all existing together in Peace. Making life simple, not complicated, this was Islam. In another time period prior to the ones mentioned above, a prominent companion of his eminence Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, is robbed of some property. The one known as Ali, blessings be upon him, is robbed of his sheild by two Jewish men. Majority of those present in the trial know the truth and recognize the sheild. Both parties stand in front of the judge in a court, the court session is now in order. The presiding judge is a Muslim, and the land is Arabia under Islamic rule. The first question of the judge is directed towards Ali, blessings be upon him, he asks, "Do you have any witnesses to this crime? If so bring them forward". Ali, blessings be upon him, replies the only witnesses I have are my own family members. At this the judge replies, "The testimony of your family members could be biased and so the court does not accept it, do you have any independant witnesses?" Ali, blessings be upon him, replies in the negative. The judge declares that since the party which brought the case forward has no evidence to support their claim, then the accused are innocent and the sheild belongs to them. The two Jewish men who had this day come with certainty in their hearts that they would be found guilty, for they had commited a crime against one of the four most prominent companions of the Prophet, peace be upon him, are flabergasted at this judgement. Before even anyone has time to leave the court, they proclaim, "we are guilty, we stole this sheild from Ali, blessings be upon him. And seeing this justice, we proclaim faith in Islam and testify to the oneness of God" The sheild was returned to Ali, blessings be upon him and the men were pardoned. Ah this was Islam, unbiased and just. Making life simple, not complicated. Even earlier in the same era we find a man walking into a Masjid and peeing against a tree! His eminence, Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, is present as this incident takes place. The companions of the Prophet, peace be upon him, get up to stop the man, but instead find themselves being stopped by the Prophet, peace be upon him, who says, "Let him finish then summon him to me nicely." After the man is done, he is summoned and the Prophet, peace be upon him, says in a polite manner, "This is a Masjid, our place of worship, please refrain from relieveing yourself here." The man replies, "I do apologize, for I was not aware of this." And then leaves. The companions are instructed to clean the place where the act was done and that is the end of this affair. This was Islam, beautiful and tolerant. It made life simpler not complicated. Fourteen centuries later what has occured to change all that? For Islam is still the same beautiful way of life, but it is the Muslims who have changed. In the stories above we read about tolerance, love, peace, knowledge, justice, patience and striving. All things which pertain to human beings, either we harvest them in ourselves, or we dont. Either we practice them or we dont. If we dont, we only alienate ourselves from everyone else and from Islam itself, but if we do harvest and practice them then we achieve our true goal as Muslims. Once a prominent Muslim personality said, "Islam is serving of food and pleasant talk." and indeed it is, the way of life known as Islam is in majority composed of commandments concerning hospitality, caring, love, good dialogue and sharing, whether it be with Muslims or non Muslims is never a question, for Islam is for all humanity. The saying is that of the Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, who tought us to live together, share and care for one another. But it is we who have now tought ourselves to live apart and alienate ourselves. So let us take heed and not make excuses for excuses are a million under the sun, but what remains is the fact that the deed was left unfulfilled. To conclude I would simply say as the Prophet, peace be upon him, said, Gain knowledge even if you have to travel to China. The reason I choose to say this is because it is the key to a door out of alienation, for if we were to go to China, we would have to live amongst non Muslims, move amongst them, interact with them, learn from them, teach them and so would come into practice all that is mentioned in this essay. ============================Th End=========================== =
  10. A Bush Joke

    Donald Rumsfeld is giving President Bush his daily briefing. He concludes by saying: "Yesterday, 3 Brazilian soldiers were killed." "OH NO!" the president exclaims. "That's terrible!" His staff sits stunned at this display of emotion, nervously watching as the President sits, head in hands. Finally, the President looks up and asks, "How many is a brazillion?"
  11. Play Internet Tennis

    Check it outtttt :D (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_path-to-peace(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/misc/cooltennis.html"]Click Here To Play[/url] Bro Aku
  12. Candle For Peace

    Salam Alaikum Peace Be Upon You With the ongoing conflict in many parts of the world and death and destruction rampant we invite you to light a candle for peace. Click on an unlit candle to light it. Click on the image below to be taken to the 'Light a candle for Peace' Page. (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_path-to-peace(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/misc/c4p/"][/url] Please leave your comments in the guestbook present on the page to show your support :D
  13. Muslim Pals

    salam alaikum again sorry about the error i was tweaking the template etc The site is not a matromonial site - its a Penpal / E-Pal service How people use it is something up to a person themselves. Serious people who are interested in finding Muslim pals will obiviously use it responsibly and not reply to idiots asking for marriages etc. But just like on any service online u can be sure there will be people like that lurking around eventually - so its up to users to respond to who they want. So its really up to each and every user who they communicate with or not in the end. As for the search box - thats to facilitate people in finding their preference of a friend. This is not a matromonial site and neither does it say that anywhere on the site. As for who is "We" --> We are the people who have brought you path-to-peace.com, path-to-peace(contact admin if its a beneficial link) and Path To Peace Kids and hopefully soon will be bringing u path-to-peace(contact admin if its a beneficial link) Insha'Allah. Enjoy :D
  14. Muslim Pals

    Salam Alaikum We have launched a new service for Muslims called Muslim Pals - it is intended to be a penpal / e-pals network a NOT a matromonial website - so insha'Allah please do join up and tell others as well :D (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_path-to-peace(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/epals/"] [/url] Click the banner above to visit. Jazak Allah Khair Bro Aku
  15. Prophets Of Islam [flash]

    walikum salam wr wb glad everyone liked it :D