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  1. Based upon my reading from the Quran. We are all born Muslim (which means submission to Allah) We are made Christain and non-believers. The Quran also says that everyone is born Muslim, Afterwards you choose what you want. All the prophets based upon the definition of Muslims (submission to Allah) were Muslim even before the Holy Prophet (PBUH) Omar Shaqur. P.S. Attempt To Find time to read the Quran. Even read the footnotes. It's a very enlightening book. That's why it's called. El Nur "The Light"
  2. As-Salaam Alaikum, My name is Omar (Greg Gibson, is the name I was given at birth) I have been a Muslim for only 4 years now and I have grown so much spiritually. I was a Christian all my life. I was raised in the AME Church. (African Methodist Esp.) I was made to go to church when I was little and when I got old enough not to go, I stopped. Well, eventually in life you start to see things, and things also begin to happen to you. If you're lucky, you will be able to make a choice in life. After the passing of several friends, my father to whom I knew only a little and then my mother which I valued in life. I had to think. Think about one thing important. Is there really a God. And if so, I wanted to know. I knew people that said they talk with God and I tried to talk with him and listen for a response but never received any. I watch people that called themselves christians but I didn't see them as good people. I thought I was just as good maybe more honest then they were. One day I meet a guy(brother) from Pakistan. I was trying to sell him on a home business and we got into a conversation about 9/11. What he told me about Islam was enlightening. I thought the principles were noble. We talked several times and I let some people at work know about the conversation and people started bring me books to read. The Quran and others. I begin reading about Islam and the Prophet (PBUH). Then it sunk into my mind the truth about the Prophet(PBUH). I read a ayat in the Quran. It was about the term of the birth of a baby. Well, my mother being a nurse all her life. I figured I knew a little about medicine. When I looked at the Ayat in the Quran and it talked about the tri-mester of the birth of a child. I started thinking. How did he know that 1200 years ago. I kept asking questions about other mircles I read in the Quran and kept asking myself. How did he know that 1200 years ago. When I looked at myself and had to answer those questions. I knew it had to be true. At that point my mother was still alive but sick. I didn't want to realize how sick she was and I told her I was thinking about becoming a Muslim. She said. That's okay as long as I find God. My mother died about 8 days later and on Jan. 27, 2001 I converted to Islam. Just 19 days after her passing. Islam to me is a thinking persons religion. Reading the Quran and studing other writing has taught me so much. All Praises To Allah for allowing me to become Muslim. Thank-you for listening to my story, Omar Shaqur (Greg Gibson) $1949 In Life Changing Educational Tools, Free 14 Day Trial (www.)"http://omarinfomarketing"]omarinfomarketing[/url]