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  1. Eyesight

    lol i was like that too lat year i wanted glasses but i had perfect vision and now i do and i dont want them :D
  2. Eyesight

    lol yeh because of vitamin a , but isnt that supposed to prevent it, i already need glasses :D iused to have 20/20 vision
  3. Eyesight

    asalam alikum just recently i had to get glasses because i became a little nearsighted, my vision is not bad but i still hate having to wear glasses does anyone know of anything that will help my vision improve. please help me, i really need it.
  4. Offensive Commercial

    assalam alikum can some one please clarify for me what happened in that? wasnt that just an actor? :D
  5. Man Kills Daughter For Marrying For Love

    how do you guys even know if its true or no.... if its eastern pak then theyre probably talking about pekhawar cuz the other man had a pakhtun name too :D thats apart of pakhtunwali, their namos, (honor killing) but the part about him killing the other poor 3 girls , i think he just went crazy after that