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  1. As Level Books -chem N Bio

    ok kool ws
  2. Crazy Thoughts

    very gd post jzk i have thses random crazy thoughts all the time!
  3. Worldwide Survey

    hehehehehehe that was amusin n very tru!!! jzk
  4. As Level Books -chem N Bio

    hmm well i dunno, a friend of mine sed they were gd :D anyway how much??? jzk for ur help ws p.s werent u the one who sold the edexcel bks..bio ones with the green front cover?? well i wanted unit 3..if u hav unit 3 let me kno thanx
  5. Edexcell Maths Book

    salamz how much are u willing to sell for and do u hav an image of them. Do u think there gud, i mean were they useful for you?? how long to deliver and p&p?? does P1 P2 mean the core bits of the math becuase i think its changed to C1 C2 now. jzk ws
  6. As Level Books -chem N Bio

    Salaam broz n sistrz i am doin As levels n exams are comin veeery soon indeed! :D :D :D I wanted to kno if anyone has bio/chem books for AS Edexcel particularly unit 3 in bio n unit2 in chem. The nelson ones are supposed to be good. i am willing to buy if anyone has them for sale :D jzk for ur help..very much appreciated ws sis hijabi-x-barbie
  7. Salaam!

    Salaamz to all bros and sis on this forum This place is cooool!!! Keep up the gud work. :D Im 17 from London.Im doing AS levels and i got exams soon!!! Make du'a for me... Talk soon, insh'Allah Sumayyah xXx