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  1. Assalamou3alaikoum wa wb hermanos y hermanas, Voy a ser una introduction de mi y de porque soy en este foro. Me gusta el espanol mucho y es une de mis suenos de apprender espanol. Soy de Canada y alli, no hablan otro langages que ingles y espanol. No se exactamente porque perro después mi infancia, quiero apprender este langua. Entonces, tomé cursos de espanol por un ano y media. Mi espanol esta bueno por una persone que nunca he ido de viaje en un pays espanol. No deseo poner mucho de tu tiempo, perdone me. Quiero simepre saber si es possible de apprender espanol en este furo al mismo tiempo que apprender Islam. Muchas gracias y que Dios estar contigos. tambien, perdone mi por mi terrible espanol. Soy convencido que destrocé este langaje! Jazakallahu kheir wa wb
  2. My Rhymes...

    salam brotherx, this is WICKED. SICK! mashallah ur rhymes speak so much n they're so amazing sub7annalah. inchallah try to rap them, they will sound absolutely AMAZING. i was thinking the exact same thing...rap it all da way. inchallah keep us posted. salam
  3. Nothing Is Working In My Life

    assalamoualaikoum Yes I have and u just gotta know that in life sometimes it comes n goes n theres nothing u could do about it. Y dont u make duaa...thats wut helped me be what I am 2day. inshallah everything will go well if u just make duaa. Even too depressed for that, I would pretty much doubt it....anyways u feel alone n that no one is there for u n that no one understands. wallahi make duaa, thats the best thing i can tell u 2 do. u might not take this message seriously, in fact im almost sure u wont cuz me ppl told me n i didnt care...until i made that decision myself. there was no hope anywhere and so i had to go and get...from God. u do da same n get back to us! assalamoualaikoum
  4. The Passing Storm

    thats what we like to hear! :D
  5. Searching For Serenity

    To get paradise, you need to work for it. That's the point in life...unless u don't truly believe...I don't know Dude. What can I say? May Allah help you. Don't give up. If you kill yourself, you go to hell so there's no point in doing that. That;s ironic, leaving this worldly pain for another one...that's nuts! That's all I can say: Work for paradise and stop hoping for your death. You know why? Ever hear of the slogan''Be careful what you wish for cuz you just might get it''? Once in the grave, I'm sure you'll want to come back to life so one way or another, problems are gonna getcha getcha getcha, one way or another.... Get my point? I aid it a thousand billion times: be patient, make duaa. Feel free to use this as a diary if you like :D , well always be here but stop writing and start acting!
  6. The Burden He Couldn’t Bear

    She was sitting reading her bro's words and felt her heart ache because she knew that she once went through what he felt And God knows how much she wants to help but she knows it's not about her it's about the bro who needs to let go to get a chance at life cuz if he stays like this for his life, he'll just remenisce on all the moments he has missed all the joys dismissed because he was pissed He was annoyed with his life hated it like you don't know couldn't live it like yu could though because he was too busy thinking about his misery he didn't have time to be happy So many problems he had he wanted to wuit his job he wanted to die he wished he could runaway or change the way his life was going but nothing happened because this bro didn't know he had the power to change he didn't know that it was a test he lost his trust in God and that's why know he's stuck I wish I could help him knock some sense into him tell him a word or two tell him ''God is with you'' but I fear he won't listen as he hasn't many times before but I still try cuz you never know Cuz I know, God never gave up on me when I didn't on myself and I lost him when I lost myself and I didn't love him when I didn't love myself See I just hope this bro underatnds that there's a light at the end of the tunnel and it is not the light of death for resorting to it is worst than anything else he could do Bro is ur hearing me now u gotta know that life is like this see as u may not show it to others so others don't show it to you u think they're happy and they think you're happy but you all have problems and you gotta know that it's normal what's not normal is giving up on yourself because you haven't succeeded...yet but will come the day when you will, will come the day when you will.... -Tasneem
  7. Yesterday, Thought About Running Away

    To citizen x: Dear bro, Did you even read the advice we usually give you? Do you understand it? Apply it? Just tell me honetly why you keep posting this stuff to us. To get advice right? Or attention? Or maybe you are using this forum as a diary? I'm not sure what's your purpose in writing but what do you expect us to say? Yeah, go kill yourself that's the way to go buddy! Or maybe run away, that's a great idea? Like honestly man, you do know these arent options. Let me tell you something. I too felt alone in the world once (and that's why I keep giving you advice) and I felt ALONE and DESPERATE! I hate school, work, family, LIFE! Okay yeah! That was how I felt and as you may know, I didn't kill myself. I didn't run away either/ Wallahi Wallahi my situation changed when I came BACK to my deen. Well it's not like I ever went astray cuz I didn't but I kind of lost hope and trust in God to the point that I just gave up and didnt feel the need to make DUAA. I thought I was self-sufficient, I mean all those yrs I had no help from him so I said what the heck, no point of making duaa. That stuff doenst work. astrafirullah. So I just prayed my 5 prayers but with my body only so u could say i didnt pray well...I didn't care. I just prayed and fasted cuz I HAD to. I felt like crap all the time. I had no self-esteem. I felt worthless u know that feeling like no one cares and it's like you're stuck you can't come out of it right? Well to make a long story short, the DAY that I made duaa to God and said Im sorry and I need help ect. I poured my HEART out and said stuff to him I think I never said to anyone. I felt better and I finally regained hope. Yeah I QUIT my job even though it was NOT AND OPTION and I swear I didn't end up on the street...I do realize u need to provide 4 ur family. Well talk to THEM ABOUT IT, what do they think, do they know u hate ur job? Plz answer. At this point, I wouldve talked to my parents if I was you and let them know that I can't handle the burden anymore. ANSWER ME BRO, I know you're there. Plz at least let me know you read this. By the way, the prob is not ur job, its your attitude. I truly believe that you are putting the fault on the job when it is something else that is bothering you...and you just don't want to admit to yourself...Don't ask me how I know...I told you I went through similar things as you. I just hope that Allah will give you straenght. Ameen. Whatever it is that is bothering you, admit it to yourself dont be scared and own it. It's okay that people make mistakes, we're human and no matter what mistake u have done or stuff you have gone through, you can live through it. Ignoting it is useless, it will just come out in ur life in a disastrous way...so own it. You dont have to tell anyone although a counselor would help but plz, you can fool the world and lie to the world but you can't fool yourself. Plz answer. Asalamoualaikoum
  8. The Cure To Boredom

  9. The Cure To Boredom

    Assalamoualaikoum, so hees my question. what do you people do when you are bored. do you lean the quand, go out, study, read books. I am waiting for your replies. :D
  10. Oh Dear, Eid Is So Near...

    By the way when I say give meaning to your suffering, that means you have to 1) accept that it is beyond your control because Allah has chosen for you what is in your life. 2) Make duaa because without Allah, you are pretty much alone. 3) Thank God for everything that is good in your life and be patient will all the bad that you have. BE PATIENT> BE PATIENT> BE PATIENT. By being patient, you will be rewarded whereas by wining, you will gain nothing and lose a lot!!! Dear bro, if you are patient that means you gave MEANING to your suffering. It will get you stronger, more pious and will be your key to gaining Allahs contentement with you. HOWEVER, if you commit the mistake of not being patient, you have waisted an opportunity to grow and get Allahs reward. Which would mean that you would have suffered for nothing! Suffering isnt bad, not giving meaning to it is. I hope you underatnd what I am saying. Keep us all updated inchallah. I do realize I am off topic here so Ill make it up to you guys. :D selem
  11. For The Sisters...

    1. Being physically fit: yes. Attractive:yes 2. I would like to be married to someone who goes or went to uni and knows Islam 3. doenst matter at all as long as im happy. 4. For sure! I need to talk to him and see what hes like. I cant just talk to him for 5 minutes and then its over! Its not like I can order a husband based on criteria. I ahve to see what hes like. If hes shy thats okay cuz IM shy too. 5. I dont think theres anything wrong with going out, to the gym, to school and working. 6. a little sensitivity wouldnt hurt 7. les than 7-8 yrs difference. 8. No. I hate traditions because they USUALLY GO AGAINST the deen and if he puts traditions before deen, forget it! -tasneem
  12. Reading Arabic

    yeah i always wondered why as well :D
  13. Oh Dear, Eid Is So Near...

    Citizen x, I am new here but have read many of the things you say. I think you need a slap on the face to wake you up! Look, stop being so hard on yourself! Stop saying I wish and If I could do this and if I could do that...ect. It gets annoying!!! Stop wining! If you need to whine, talk to Allah make duaa. Never forget that if you didnt go to hajj yet, its because Allah didnt write it for you to go yet! Be patient with life. You are NOT HORRIBLE because if you were, you wouldnt even wish to go to hajj. If you HATE your job so MUCh and its making you HATE YOUR LIFE THAT MUCH then I suggest you quit! But then again, whos to say youll find a better one :D or even find one at all! Please be patient and you will be rewarded. Remember this. Of all that I have written. THis is what you should remember for your ENTIRE LIFE. Its crucial! I hope the advice that follows will give you enought motivation. First, say AMEEN when you make duaa, not inchallah! Ok! Also, be happy with what you have. Some people even have less. If you thank GOd for what you have instead of complaining for what you DONT have, you will receive more from Allah than you could ever imagine here and in the hereafter. SECONDLY, you are obviously goinf through some pretty heavy trials but Allah does not burden a soul with more than it can bear. Therefore, if Allah burdened youw ith this its that you can DEAL WITH IT and come out of it stronger than before! TRust Allah and never stop beleiving in him because he truly believes in you if you believe in him. If you go to him walking, hell come to you runninf. hes always there, all hearing. Talk to him, he undersatnds. If you make enough duaa and truly BELIEVE that your duaa will come true, it will as Allah gives us what we EXPECT from him. Another thing is if you cannot CHANGE YOUR DESTINY so dont say if and i wish i did and said and blablabla ect. because thats on the verge of disbelieveing. Allah has written for you everything that is for you. Therefore you cannot add or delete anything from it excepet by MAKING DUAA not by wining. Lastly, you have to realize that you are suffering now no matter what you do, you cannot vhange it! You have to be patient and make duaa and win this test. Because if you are patient, you will be rewarded here and in the hereafter but if you are not patient, that mena syour suffering was useless. So, one last thing to say< give meaning to your suffering, do not suffer for no reason. THAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THAT YOU SHOULD ALWAYS KEEP IN MIND. I hope that this was beneficial to you. Always believe in yourself because if you dont, Allah might not either. assalamoulaikoum
  14. Seeking Forgiveness :(

    So from what I undersatnd, you are the one who got him involved in this? Let me tell you, it takes TWO to create a love relationship. Doesn't it? Anyways, I would just like to tell you that mashallah I am proud of you for finding the strenght to let him go. May Allah guide you and protect you. Always. Ameen
  15. Seeking Forgiveness :(

    Selem Dear sister, First of all I am new here so I would like to say hello to the people here. Okay, so now let's deal with your problem. You say you have been talking to this man via chat and on the phone. You say that he is good ans religious and both of you want to get married. Now you feel guilty because you do not want to nullify his hajj. You also want to repent to Allah swt. Your guilt has consumed you so much as to lead you to tell your mother about the man. Dear sister, I would like to adress three issues here. First: I am very concerned as to what lead you to even get to know this man online. How do you know you can trust him as you never have met? How can you say you want to marry him when you don't even know him? What if he is pretending to be somebody else? believe me, a good man would NEVER talk to a girl on the phone and on chat. What if he is not who you think he is? Think about it. Secondly: You want to repent but it seems as though you still want him. Then how are you planning on repenting to Allah swt? You first have to give him up. There are plenty of people in this world and you just had to go to the net? That gives you something to think about...Why would you do that? You are also concerned about the fact that you are telling us about your SIN. So you know it is a sin!? Then if it is, why would you still want him? It seems as though you are VERY confused because what you are saying is quite ironic. You should without a doubt LEAVE THIS MAN!!! Believe me, no good can come out of it. You have to be careful. Let me just tell you that the fact that you told us is not a sin in itself. You are trying to seek help and not ''show off'' or try to lead people to do the same thing. So don't worry about that as this is not THE PROBLEM. Thirdly: Your mom knows and she did not accept the fact that you told her. I can understand her because you have burdened her with your problem. Inchallah, she will undestand. Make duaa sister. But remember, never tell ANYBODY ELSE about this story. You might just get in more trouble than you already are in. Sister, one last advice, repent to Allah sincerely and he will get you someone right for you. He knows you better that you know yourself. Allah knows everything. So talk to himm make duaa. Let the man go and let Allah take care of it. He might find you someone even BETTER! Do not worry sister, Allah knows best...After all, he is your creator! Tasneem