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    to explore a wide variety of hadiths, reading the Quran and understandin it! education means a lot to me- want to open my own hospital or nursery. and enjoy many things, too much that i don't know which to put down....
  1. How Do I Get Up In The Morning.........

    :) :D sis Muja for the quote! I didn't know it was Fatimah (RA), i thought it was one of the wives of the Prophet? For me to wake up, i have to set a LOUD :D alarm clock and keep setting the alarm on my mobile, every hour... :D But it's the idea of being determined to attend Fajr prayer, that's what wakes me up! If i miss it...ohhh the guilt! :D So by the time i finish Fajr, i'm not tired anymore and get 100 things done in one morning! :D Try the determination for FAJR! :D otherwise ask someone to spill a large bucket of cold water on you! :D
  2. German Muslim Students Suspended For Wearing Hijab

    :D That is soooo not fair! :D If they want to wear hijab to school, then no one can stop them... that's their choice, how can hijab cause a lot of trouble! Here in England, loads of girls wear hijab to schools and colleges- no disruptive outcomes or suspensions takin place here! :D :D :)
  3. Fav Quotes

    :D i love this one: O mankind! We created you from a single soul, male and female, and made you into nations and tribes, so that you may come to know one another. Truly, the most honored of you in Gods sight is the greatest of you in piety. God is All-Knowing, All-Aware. [49:13] I think there was another similar topic to this before... :D
  4. Wisdom: The Value Of Parents

    :D :D we all make our mothers so happy. May Allah the Exalted grant them peace, happiness and mercy. Ameen :D
  5. Alamah Iqbal (urdu Poet)

    :D Allama Iqbal is a brilliant poet! My friend was motivated by his poems and she can write beautiful poems herself... her surname is also 'Iqbal' :D for the link!
  6. Wisdom: The Value Of Parents

    :D oh wow! :D for the post brother! That was touching! So :D A wonderful reminder of respecting your parents! :D
  7. Salam

    :D dear sister Welcome to IF and i hope you have a good and beneficial stay here. Any questions, don't hesitate to ask and i hope you can visit the Sisters' Forum too! :D
  8. Salutations -

    :D Ameen! Welcome to IF brother Inshallah you have a good and beneficial stay! And hope we can learn a lot from you too :D :D
  9. Habib

    :D brother, Welcome to IF I hope you have a good and beneficial stay! :D
  10. Greetings To All From S.africa

    :D Welcome to IF Hope you have a good and beneficial stay :D
  11. Salaam

    :D Welcome to IF brother. Hope you have a good and beneficial stay :D
  12. Islam

    salam FULFIL! :D
  13. Stress Relief Factors

    Salam Sis, this is what i do whenever i'm stressed or anxious- always look on the bright side and encourage myself- trust me it works but doesn't last long but it does work :D Like when i'm revising for exams and in a panic attack, i try to look on the bright side and search for factors that are positive and completely blank the negative ones! it does bring hope, but remembering Allah the Exalted with every action you take, will help you the best way Insh'Allah wasalams
  14. Islam

    Salam another one: BEAUTY and REGULATE wasalams
  15. Islam

    :D i would go for 'PEACE' too... but i'll go for 'UNITY' :D