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  1. 786 What Is Your View On Their Nasheeds

    i suppose. However, i rather let my child or whoever listen to Outlandish (with their Newest CD), Sami Yusuf, 786 etc. As opposed to Beyonce, Fitty Cent, Shakira, etc. Because at least the former contains some spiritual meaning. And most youth today classify music as being their "life". (I mean am not old. lol..im not even 18) However unlike me most Muslim American youth/young Muslims in the West closely identify with music. And they cant let go--- even for their deen. Eman issues!? anyways..thats just my 2 cents. Allah knows best.
  2. Islam In Lebanon!

    inshAllah general fardh (since im only going for 3 months). Like fardh al-ayn and fardh al-keyfaya. My older brother studied there at an Islamic Institue set up by AICP for over 4 years. He planned on staying longer, but the death of a sibling (may Allah have mercy on his soul) brought him back to the States. He really enjoyed it, and it changed him for the better. alhamdulilah. and I thought I should also go and study at least the fardh al-ayn and keyfaya under the guidance of a shayh/ulema. inshAllah make dua for me. masalama
  3. Assalamualykum Wa Ra7mutuallah

    assalamualykum, wow. that seems interesting, because im from around that area too (ORANGE COUNTY all the way). :D B)
  4. Assalamualykum Wa Ra7mutuallah

    ^ JazakhAllah for pointing that out. masalam`
  5. Eid On Seperate Days?

    assalamualykum wa ra7mutuAllah, It wouldnt make sense to disagree with the Saudis in regard to the date of Eif ul-Adha...b/c they determine when Hajj is over...right? :D masalam`
  6. Assalamualykum Wa Ra7mutuallah

    JazakhAllahu Khairun for the warm welcomes! Al7amdulilah, i have read the forum rules. Thanks for sharing! masalama
  7. 786 What Is Your View On Their Nasheeds

    assalamualykum wa ra7mutuallah, I like their new album, mashAllah. I know it may not be the BEST nasheeds to listen to but with the Muslim youth now listening to artists such as Fitty Cent, Beyonce, Kanye West, etc. I think its a great alternative. one step at a time. :D masalam`
  8. Sami Yusuf My Ummah

    assalamualykum, lol. Sami Yusuf's wife is NOT Pakistani or Desi. She is German. and in regards to his new album, its all right. Al-muallim rocked though. He is young, and he still can play around and see where he can perform the best. :D masalam`
  9. Oh Baghdad, They Killed You (video Clip)

    assalamualykum wa ra7mutuAllah, Truly the Muslims (especially here in the West) have sold out our brothers and sisters in Iraq. We are here comfy in our homes, living our own lives. While, our Muslim brothers and sisters are being murdered, raped, and tortured (this includes myself). We are no better than the forces that have caused harm to them. May Allah forgive us. This video clip was so sad. :D masalam`
  10. Islam In Lebanon!

    Lubnan is a excellent place to study Islam. Several of my family members have travled there over the years to study. They loved it. and inshAllah, i shall be going to Lubnan this summer to study. < Lubnan. :D
  11. Islam in America

    assalamualykum wa ra7mutuAllah, al7amdulilah i live in the state of California (specifically Southern California). MashAllah i love it in my area. You wont go for 10 minutes along the streets without seeing a Muslim. Honestly, Orange County is PACKED with Muslims. I find it easy to observe the hijaab and to practice my deen. My Christain/Jewish etc. neignboors respect me for who I choose to be. As do my classmates. Of course you will run into some haters, but for the most part, people in my area are very excepting towards Muslims, al7amdulilah. (Due to the fact that there are so many of us here). masalam`
  12. Assalamualykum wa ra7mutuAllah wa barakatuhu, I am a sister currently living in the Southern California (USA). Well, my friend introduced me to this forum about 10 minutes ago...lol...so i thought i would join. Its my pleasure being around my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters (even if its just over the web). JazakAllahu Khair. yalla masalama.