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  1. Londoners

    Salams, Ok nevermind. "I don't think no one would". I'm sure it's meant to be "I don't think anyone would".
  2. Londoners

    Salams, No replies?? :D Hey, I'm the VIP here! B) I think I'm famous enough to be on Celebrity Big Brother! :D
  3. Londoners

    Salams, Which area of London are you from? What's the predominant ethnic Muslim group there? How far away are your from the nearest Masjid? (walking time) Are Masjids segragated according to ethnic groups? How far away from the halal butchers are you? (walking time) (thinking of moving :D ).
  4. 10000th Member?

    Salams, Woah, cool! ermmm :D Welcome to the forum! :D
  5. 10000th Member?

    Salams, Wow, I've never been so popular! :D B) Anyone want an autograph? :D
  6. 10000th Member?

    Salams, Check the board stats at the bottom of the front page!
  7. 10000th Member?

    Salams, It's me right?
  8. 10,000 (almost There.....)

    Salams, Boo!