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  1. Assalamualikum I have a question regarding the suhoor time. When does this end and why is it not premissible to eat after the fajar adhaan? salaam
  2. George Galloway - Palestinian Rights / Israel

    looks like George helped Alex out there..he seemed lost
  3. Assalamualikum well said Fernando.
  4. Earthquake In England ?

    Assalamualikum My sister and brother were up that night and they didn't know what was happening, things were moving in the house including my cat who fell off the bed (poor thing). I was asleep so didn't know we had an Earthquake...a bit shocked, may Allah forgive and guide us.
  5. Do You Kiss Your Parents' Hands?

    Assalamualikum I voted no, i'm a bit shy especially when it comes to my father but I do show my love in other ways, most of the time I love spending time with them, sitting and talking to them, and making them smile or laugh. I give my mother a hug when I don't see her for most of the day and I realise how much I need her and love her. I'm usually asking my mother how she is and my father asks me how I am, it's weird but I love them both and I miss my father he's away on holiday :sl: .
  6. Do You Give Up Your Seat

    Assalamualikum Yeah I always give up my seat for an old person, I feel bad seeing them standing up in a bus.
  7. Bhutto Killed In Bomb Attack

    Assalamualikum Innaa lillaahi wa innaa ileyhi raaji'oon. May Allah forgive her for her sins, ameen! I can't believe what some people are saying on this forum, we all make mistakes and we must remember it is Allah who will judge us and it is up to Him whether He forgives us or not. I make dua for all muslims, may 'Allah forgive us and guide us'. ameen.
  8. Whens Your Eid?

    Asalamualikum Eid mubarak to you to sister Aamina and every one else in the Uk.
  9. Whens Your Eid?

    Asalamualikum Thank you for that emel...that gets rid of some of the confusion....I'm going with Saturday.
  10. Whens Your Eid?

    Assalamualikum Tell me about it Aamina it's confusing but lets hope the UK celebrates on the same day. :sl:
  11. Whens Your Eid?

    Assalamualikum I'm really confused i'm not sure if Eids on friday or saturday, some say it's on saturday and others say it's on Friday. How do you when Eid is? someone help. My family celebrating on saturday so I guess that's when I'm celebrating (I'm in the UK). Eid mubarak to everyone.
  12. World 20/20

    Assalamualikum Yep heart breaking pakistan lost....that last shot by Misbah i'll never forget but he really tried hard, it really does hurt when you lose like that and when will Pakistan beat India, just seems like we never will.
  13. World 20/20

    Assalamualkium I'm soooooo happy today Pakistan are in the final...wooow come on pakistan, we're almost there...aussies v india can't wait ..want any team in the final, and oh yeah pakistan beat the aussies and bret lee looked like he wanted to kill us hahahaha
  14. World 20/20

    Assalamualikum Pakistan lost India today ...well I still see it as a draw, I think the whole 5 player thing was rubbish...looked like a bunch of school kids on a field and India were desperate to win it. They should have won the match any way, but pakistan did good and didn't have nothing to lose. I'm still happy for them and i'm gonna cheer them on the whole way. Pakistan all the waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy.
  15. The Muslim Jesus

    Assalamualikum I also watched it and I think it was very interesting for both non-muslims and muslims...some of the people i know were not aware of the christian beliefs and how different some of these were to the muslim beliefs about Jesus(pbuh).