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  1. Islam in Afghanistan: The Islamic state

    salam have you ever been inside afghansitan or the frontiers no one but Allah can measure faith or judge it's purity. u'r type of logic is british-engineered rubbish, that tries to segregate muslims and diminish the true meaning of Islam and muslims..shame on people like u
  2. Alcohol In Cosmetics

    SALAm~ Is it bad to use alcohol cosmetics such as makeup and shampoo ? because one line that i use has plain "alcohol" written in the ingerdients haaah :D
  3. Alcohol In Cosmetics

    i dont think sooo, thank you though
  4. Black Muslims

    ohhhhhhh shot down :D
  5. Alcohol In Cosmetics

    nooo it is regular alcohol like the kind ppl drink
  6. Black Muslims

    lollllllllllll paki is a short way of saying pakistani why is that offensive, blacks is another way of saying black people and whites is another way of saying white people lolllll.... i always say whites, blacks , pakis :D :D
  7. Alcohol In Cosmetics

    i'm still confused :D
  8. Alcohol In Cosmetics

    :D its not ethanol or isopropyl alcohol just alcohol which is extracted from grains and herbs so is it haram to use a shampoo with it b/c it wont intoxicate me will it :D
  9. Black Muslims

    i dont understand :D but im sorry if it hurts ur feelings because i dont know of any other word, if there is plz teach me . when someone calls me white or afghan i dont get offended hun because its how god made me
  10. Black Muslims

    im sorry hunny in that case why do u call whites whites? :D
  11. Black Muslims

    wa alikum, no hun im not an ecycopedia but i do know that they're either NOI or no lol, MOST of them are not a good image for Islam because they pick and choose what they want to believe for their purposes( racial, etc.) and they leave the otehr fundamental parts of Islam out and that is very insulting to me because Islam is a way of life, not just pick and choose what you like
  12. American Uni Of Beirut

    salam all . i want to go here but i'm afraid they wont accept me any suggestions
  13. American Uni Of Beirut

    darla hun thank uuuu salam zainab...no not yet :D :D i am going this summer though on a visit and i'll check the university out. thank youuuuuuuuu
  14. Wahabbism Exposed

    Whats the difference between WAHABISM & HANAFISM? Wahabism is an idealogy that denies following a madhab. Hanafism is a madhab, called the Hanafi School. Wahabism is against following 1 particular madhab, like the Hanafi, Shafiee, Maliki, and Hanbali schools of thought. QUOTE What seperates WAHABIS from other muslims? What is stated above, also their Aqeedah is not in-line with the rest of the Sunnis, or Shias. Shias and Sunnis differ in Aqeedah, but Wahabis also differ in Aqeedah from the rest of the muslims. Their fiqh (jurisprudence) also differs, as noted above. Most traditional muslims follow 1 school of thought, while wahabis mix and match, and add their own spice to things. In terms of Aqeedah they define god's qualities as that of the human being, stating god has a hand, finger, etc, and he SWT sits. they say he does these things, but not like humans, while the rest of the muslims do not make such assumptions. QUOTE What is the main objection of WAHABIS against other sects within Islam? Their main objection is other sects are mis-guided, and they are the only true interpreters of the Quran and Sunnah. After 1400 years, they interpret the Quran and Sunnah very literally, and say the other sects have rulings that are not within the Quran and Sunnah. From an Aqeedah standpoint, they also differ as they call the other Aqeedahs of the sunnis mis-guided, and wrong. they say muslims have introduced too much innovation into religion, and many of the practices were never done by the Prophet SAW or his companions. QUOTE Whats the main objection of other sects against WAHABIS? The main objection is that they are a political group, misguided in Aqeedah and Fiqh, and here to disrupt muslims and make them quarrel within each other on small issues rather than paying attention to the big picture. People in the world know they were introduced by the British, brought by them, and funded by them. The Founders helped overthrow the Khilafat, and their friends & allies are the current rulers of places like Saudi Arabia (the Saud family). also, may ALmighty Allah rid the Ummah of this curse
  15. Black Muslims

    i dont have an edit option but i want to add that the way they speak and act dont project Islam and these are ppl who set up masjids and call themselves imams
  16. Black Muslims

    no offense or anything but in america , there are a lot of former-gangster blacks who convert to Islam but sadly their image and style don't project it at all. forgive me if i'm generalizing but this is what i have seen with my own eyes and they are unfortunatley setting a bad image for Islam
  17. American Uni Of Beirut

    salam oh my bad lolll i pur Allah hu akbar instead, zeinab , is it required that i take pre calculus or calculur my senior of high school or is it fine if i take advanced math (lower level) :D
  18. American Uni Of Beirut

    :D I plan to major in medicine, I havn't taken my SATs yet but i will inshallah this spring or this summer . what is the bacclurate exam? :D
  19. ur link doesn't work...
  20. 'reconstruction' In Afgahnistan

    salam sadly that is the truth in afghanistan amongst some farsi speaking families who work for the government, its so degrading . there are so many crimes and injustices happening in afghanistan right now which makes me wonder why the soil doesnt cry
  21. Hello Guys I Am From Israel

    salam that was to da jew, not to u
  22. Depression Medicine

    Salam, My school nurse is telling me that I have signs of deppression, that i worry too much about everything, lost my appetite, motivation for daily life, etc. I feel it also and I think its very serious. I've honestly tried everything, spending more time with my friends, exercising, and I already eat healthy. Do you think I should start taking medicine or is it bad for you? thanks a lot
  23. What Am I Exactly?

    SAy There is no God but Allah and the Prophet MUhammad SAllalahu alayhi wassalam was HIs last and final messenger. Jesus is not God.
  24. Depression Medicine

    oh yes can u tel me why its bad to take st john's wort be4 i go out in the sun?