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  1. Depression Medicine

    yeh i guess that stupid overmediacted me then be4 :D i really dont know cuz my best friend told me to take st. john's wort and i have since 3 days , it helped a bit but i think it takes longer...i dont want those side affects again :D
  2. Depression Medicine

    ASAlamu Alaikwam sister truth thanks. i think my case is genetics ... i do have bad concentration, i have no motivation, i get mad easily, and i tnk about things i shouldn't be thinking too much about, when i get rest it has no impact on me, when i pray it doesn't treat me. ALso can u please tell me whether or not i should take medicine because medicine makes me lose my balance in moving my hands and walking, i become unable to control my emotions and it makes me feel high :D
  3. Hello Guys I Am From Israel

    b/c u r going against ur own talmud :D
  4. Depression Medicine

    SAlamU ALakium Thanks for your help. I have good iman and I pray very sincerely, I try to do what you'ere saying but I think a lot about everything, things ppl my age shouldn't even be thinking about, and i get very angry easily (in my mind) and the stress and anger affect my mood and motivation for everything. when i pray, my mind turns a bit calm, but like when i do istikharah i get a feeling over me that i need outside help. i dont know what this exactly is maybe nervous tension :D , but i feel as if slowly everything important to me is escaping from me like slowly im going to die :D
  5. Emotional Dua

    its a good dua, but while the imam was mentioning the muslim mujahideen, he "forgot" afghansitan :D insult