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  1. aswrwb


    Afghans are away from the True path of the Quran and Sunnah. There is soo much innovation/shirk going on there. Grave worship, and etc...


    It's sad.


    Culture is something that is more important to them than Islam. [for most of the afghans]


    Sooo much innovation and shirk going on there...you'll know what i mean when you VISIT it.



    salam have you ever been inside afghansitan or the frontiers no one but Allah can measure faith or judge it's purity. u'r type of logic is british-engineered rubbish, that tries to segregate muslims and diminish the true meaning of Islam and muslims..shame on people like u

  2. What is confusing sweetheart..........


    The Arabic word used for intoxicant is ‘Khamr’ from the root word ‘Khamara’ which means ‘to cover’. Therefore anything that ‘covers’ the mind is prohibited. This includes such intoxicants like marijuana, heroin, cocaine, Hashish and alcohol, or anything that affects the mind


    But you are not drinking or eating it so it means that it will not effect you in a religious way.....


    But using products with alcohol will damage your skin and hairs..........so its better to avoid them.



    i dont think sooo, thank you though

  3. I will go with abuhajira and MinorityOpinions. They are right.


    But please dont use any cosmetic with alcohol...........It takes away the natural moisture and will leave your skin or hairs dry.........My mom is a beautician and she never let me use such products.

    nooo it is regular alcohol like the kind ppl drink

  4. ^lol u really dont understand what i'm saying.

    you refer to a pakistani as pakistani not paki

    just like when you refer to black or white people u say black or white people not "blacks" and "whites"


    do u get it now




    paki is a short way of saying pakistani why is that offensive, blacks is another way of saying black people and whites is another way of saying white people lolllll.... i always say whites, blacks , pakis :D :D

  5. I will go with abuhajira and MinorityOpinions. They are right.


    But please dont use any cosmetic with alcohol...........It takes away the natural moisture and will leave your skin or hairs dry.........My mom is a beautician and she never let me use such products.


    i'm still confused :D

  6. i dont find being called black offensive i am a black african and proud.

    i just find the way some people say it ex. those blacks or there were alot of "blacks" out there,things like that. instead of saying black people it is offensive it's like saying whites it just sounds wrong.i dont know how to explain it.

    but it's rude and u dont say that where i'm from"blacks" i'm just not feeling the way it's said not the word itself.


    i dont understand :D but im sorry if it hurts ur feelings because i dont know of any other word, if there is plz teach me . when someone calls me white or afghan i dont get offended hun because its how god made me

  7. Salaam,


    Do you have any stats or numbers confirming the number of non-NOI black muslims?



    wa alikum, no hun im not an ecycopedia but i do know that they're either NOI or no lol, MOST of them are not a good image for Islam because they pick and choose what they want to believe for their purposes( racial, etc.) and they leave the otehr fundamental parts of Islam out and that is very insulting to me because Islam is a way of life, not just pick and choose what you like

  8. Whats the difference between WAHABISM & HANAFISM?


    Wahabism is an idealogy that denies following a madhab. Hanafism is a madhab, called the Hanafi School. Wahabism is against following 1 particular madhab, like the Hanafi, Shafiee, Maliki, and Hanbali schools of thought.



    What seperates WAHABIS from other muslims?


    What is stated above, also their Aqeedah is not in-line with the rest of the Sunnis, or Shias. Shias and Sunnis differ in Aqeedah, but Wahabis also differ in Aqeedah from the rest of the muslims. Their fiqh (jurisprudence) also differs, as noted above. Most traditional muslims follow 1 school of thought, while wahabis mix and match, and add their own spice to things.

    In terms of Aqeedah they define god's qualities as that of the human being, stating god has a hand, finger, etc, and he SWT sits. they say he does these things, but not like humans, while the rest of the muslims do not make such assumptions.



    What is the main objection of WAHABIS against other sects within Islam?


    Their main objection is other sects are mis-guided, and they are the only true interpreters of the Quran and Sunnah. After 1400 years, they interpret the Quran and Sunnah very literally, and say the other sects have rulings that are not within the Quran and Sunnah. From an Aqeedah standpoint, they also differ as they call the other Aqeedahs of the sunnis mis-guided, and wrong. they say muslims have introduced too much innovation into religion, and many of the practices were never done by the Prophet SAW or his companions.



    Whats the main objection of other sects against WAHABIS?


    The main objection is that they are a political group, misguided in Aqeedah and Fiqh, and here to disrupt muslims and make them quarrel within each other on small issues rather than paying attention to the big picture. People in the world know they were introduced by the British, brought by them, and funded by them. The Founders helped overthrow the Khilafat, and their friends & allies are the current rulers of places like Saudi Arabia (the Saud family).


    also, may ALmighty Allah rid the Ummah of this curse

  9. no offense or anything but in america , there are a lot of former-gangster blacks who convert to Islam but sadly their image and style don't project it at all. forgive me if i'm generalizing but this is what i have seen with my own eyes and they are unfortunatley setting a bad image for Islam

  10. :D Actually the Talmud is more about racism than the Torah. The Torah is actually almost exactly the Qur'an in terms of the stories, with a few exceptions. Also, sis, try to control your anger. :D :D


    I agree, the problem we have is not with Judaism, but hardcore Zionism. Some jews I talk to hate what israel is doing to the Palestinians because it gives them a bad name. I would be very mad, too, if some Muslims committed genocide in the name of Islam. From what Jewish people tell me, is that the Torah forbids Jews to return to the holy land. We had an open house at the masjid a couple of months ago, and a rabbi came. He was actually very nice; we showed him around and we talked about our religions. B) We have a lot in common; for example if the Torah falls on the ground, they pick it up and kiss it, like us with the Qur'an. Also, we were talking about guys who follow one madhab to an extreme, like some Jews will put on those blocks on their forehead. Some will actually use two or three blocks. That's like some brothers won't pray behind someone who makes masah on their socks.

    salam that was to da jew, not to u

  11. Assala-u-alikum


    what do you want them to do?.....they have no means of self-defence, their lives are ruined.

    dont call them stupid....you and I are the stupid ones because atleast they are doing something for Islam unlike us.


    The suicide bombings should show us how desperate those poor people are because they only have stones to fight tanks. Suicide is haram because your life does not belong to you... it belongs to Allah.

    In the case with Palestinians,(we have to understand this that) ..they dont want to blow themselves up ..they are forced to do so. And they are doing it for Islam.


    On tv a few days back they were interviewing this muslim scholar in one of the universaties in Egypt....he is a big scholar...forgot his name though...they asked him about this and he said that it is not allowed to kill innocent people but they are among the best of martyrs.


    seriously think about it....Isreal started it and they are killing us ruthlessly...seriously man they are doing things that are not even imaginable....if children are going to school their soldiers shoot them with bullets that spread some kind of chemical in them and after a few years it kills the chidren and the soldiers use the excuse that they were suicide bombers. they go to houses and kill little innocent babies. dont listen to the western media.


    anyway even IF the suicide bombers are bad ...i would rather take their side than the non-muslims.


    and we shouldnt call them suicide bombers..they are martyrs.

    i dont think that they will go to hell because they are defending themselves with whatever they have...i agree with what mahawi said "how do you think he should blow it up?" yeah how do you want them to blow the bomb.

    and they cant attck military targets because they are well defended and perhaps impossible to reach.


    Anyway my point is that they are NOT stupid.





    i agree :D

  12. :D

    if you have clinical depression, its important to get it treated...


    but it takes a while to get used to taking them because your body has to adjust to the conditions. depression causes you to have a lack of seretonin and the meds will put it back in. however sometimes you need to adjust ur meds depending on the situation, tell you dr.

    a sign of being over medicated, which isnt good, is having clamy palms, and vivid dreams, if this is happening you need to consult ur dr.

    if the meds are strong you may experience side effects such as loss of balance, and sometimes shakes in ur hands.

    but be strong and try it out for a couple of weeks. you will start to notice a difference.



    yeh i guess that stupid overmediacted me then be4 :D i really dont know cuz my best friend told me to take st. john's wort and i have since 3 days , it helped a bit but i think it takes longer...i dont want those side affects again :D